Amsterdam’s Top Budget Hotels and Hostels

Amsterdam is a popular destination for a long weekend break and the city also has plenty of budget hotels and hostels available for you to avoid spending a fortune on your accommodation. There are plenty of options in different locations, such as the red light district or being in the quieter uptown area. Here is a guide to some of the best budget hotels and hostels in the city.

Amsterdam’s Top Budget Hotels and HostelsAmsterdam’s Top Budget Hotels and Hostels (image from

Flying Pig Uptown Hostel

Located just off from the Vondelpark and the museum district, the brother hostel of the Flying Pig Downtown is slightly less hectic. Recently refurbished in 2010, the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel still gives you the party atmosphere but also gives you the opportunity to relax and detox in the nearby Vondelpark.

The bar is always full at the hostel, as is the kitchen with groups of guests making friends over the stoves. September is a particularly good time to fly out to Amsterdam, in terms of cost, and flight comparison sites now often have dedicated pages for Amsterdam like also has a strictly under 35’s guest policy meaning it’s even more of an excellent and vibrant place to end your summer on the cheap!

Backstage Hotel

This hotels name gives away the fact that the owners are big on their music and the decor inside only highlights this fact. Various musical instruments such as guitars line the walls along with other memorabilia such as t shirts and pictures. The theme is largely inspired by the location as the hotel is situated close by to the music venues of Melkweg and Paradiso, the theatre district and numerous blues bars.

The hotel also has a room where guests can indulge in some four player guitar hero gaming, while the mirrors in the rooms and bathrooms have light bulbs around them to give you that dressing room vibe.


If you are looking for budget hotels and hostels around central station then you will probably end up finding somewhere that is unclean and uncomfortable. A short five minute walk from the station however, and you will find Chic&Basic which is both clean and, as the name suggests, basic.

Although there is an Ikea feel to the furnishings in the rooms, the hotel is a solid, value for money option with great bonuses such as being clean, a great location and free internet terminals.

Stayokay Hostel

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam before or you are heading back again, then you will eventually find yourself heading over to the Vondelpark for some relaxing, picnicking, drinking, cycling or skating. The Stayokay Hostel was once a school house but is now a hostel that is practically inside the hipster’s park with many of the rooms looking over the grass.

As budget accommodation goes, the rooms here are modern and refined with plenty of uniformed staff ready and willing to look after the many guests the hostel can house. Even though it is a popular choice and sees many people come and go through its doors, the hostel is extremely clean making it a great option.

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