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  1. Rcel says:

    Gay, I added you na. I followed, too! 😉

  2. ian chavez says:

    Lingating Beach Resort. It is located at the eastern coastal area one of the front beach resort in Caramoan. A white sand cove with coconut trees. The area is still very isolated so it is very seldom reach by the tourists.

    The sea at the beach is full of marine life such as fish, live corals, starfish; etc.which is very good for snorkeling and fishing. The resort’s back is a nipa and mangrove swamp forest which houses crabs which can be spotted by lights roving the beach during dark nights. The mangroves trees are full of fireflies at night so firefly watching is a must at night or just simply strolling at the beach during full moon or dark moon which millions of stars above you in a clear night sky can make you full of wonders and excitement.

    Since its opening last may, 2009 up to the present, we brought pioneering groups to the island and all of them were simply amazed of the place.

    The difference of this resort with the other resorts in caramoan is the nature itself and the exclusivity of the guests. The island is yours alone or with your group alone once you are booked with us. You can swim at the beach, stroll, or just simply relax, rejuvenate, or smell the pure, fresh air.

    During the night socials, you can also sing your heart out loud till you drop at their videoke without thinking of the other guests sleeping or disturbing them with your singing because the night is your group’s alone.
    Another is the location.

    Most of the hotels are located at the town which is a 15 minutes rides by jeep or tricycle from the port and 15 minutes ride again by jeep or tricycle to the coastal so you need to hurry going back to the town after island hopping before dawn and stay at the hotels at the town during the night.

    But at the resort island, no need to worry, you are at the beach resort even at night.
    Your meal at night and lunch is fresh sea foods such as fish, squids or crabs which are freshly catch at the sea. It can be served grilled, fried or juice it with coconut milk (gata).

    The Lingating Beach island resort also will give you tremendous serenity, tranquility and peace that the only noise you can hear are the chirping of the birds, sometimes cicadas or splashing of the waves which you will be persuade to do meditation or reflection.

    So, If you want to go back at nature and experience it at most, the island resort is your choice. It s simply a paradise by itself.

    If you are interested to be at the Paradise, just contact us and we will bring you there.
    But because of the distance of the place, we require at least 10 to 20 pax per guests at the given or schedule date at the island resort for 2 days and 3 days package.

    Booking is per group only for every package date at a time to give every group an exclusivity to experience the island resort in their own.
    See you and thanks for letting us are serve you.

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