“Bon Voyage!” Banner Printing

I have a friend who will be traveling or should I say migrating to the US in the last week of July 2013. And of course, as one of her close friends, I am thinking of organizing a farewell party for her with the whole circle of friends. I actually have already mentioned this idea to other friends of ours and they agreed with me.

So, in as early as, maybe Monday next week, we will be dividing our tasks. And one of the tasks which I am anticipating to be assigned to me is the banner printing of the “bon voyage” banner for our friend.

Bon Voyage

Though I am not sure if the task will be assigned to me or not, I am fetching banner ideas from the internet now and the banner above is what I am thinking to print. The image above which I just found over the internet is what I chose to use for the said banner. What can you say about the image above? Would that be good, or not? If my friends will agree with this image to be used, then I will be looking for vinyl banners printing press to cater our printing needs. And hopefully, I can find one just nearby and offers low rate in printing.

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