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Life Is about Living and Learning, Not Winning or Losing

Life isn’t about winning or losing. The most important thing is to learn from your experiences and gain wisdom. Where you are today is a direct reflection of your personal outlook on life. Many people know the importance of their attitude on everyday life. Your thoughts really do shape the life that you will lead. Consistently positive thoughts and behavior will help you feel good about yourself. Being a positive person is difficult. When dealing with depression and negativity, it is important to consider your perspective. Are you seeing the glass half empty or half full? You could think of mistakes and failures in your life and feel regret. However, this wouldn’t accomplish anything but enveloping you in a negative emotion. Mistakes and failures are common and can teach people important lessons. Everyone makes mistakes and has failures. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how they perceive their own lives.

Seeing Things in a Positive Light

 Using failures and mistakes as stepping stones instead of roadblocks is a great way to pursue success. Even the most challenging problems can be overcome. Even devastating and difficult problems like addiction can be overcome with the right attitude. Sometimes an obstacle cannot be surpassed on your own willpower alone. Willingness to accept help when needed is a part of having a positive mindset. Oftentimes the solution to one of your problems is waiting for you just outside your comfort zone. Many people are uncomfortable when seeking aid. Asking for help takes courage and willpower. Friends and family may not be able to help you with an addiction problem. Seeking assistance from professionals at a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort could greatly improve your chances for a successful recovery.

Mistakes Are Rungs on the Ladder to Success

No matter how bad your problem seems, there is a way to overcome and progress. No matter how steep the obstacle blocking your path to success, there is always a way through. Mental barriers can be much more difficult to overcome than physical ones. Being able to see your obstacles is a major advantage. That is why help from a team of professionals at a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort can be valuable for many people recovering from addiction.

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A Splashing Experience at Splash Island

This morning, I, mom, my aunts and uncle went to Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna to experience the splashing water thrills brought by the water slides and off course to beat the heat of the summer sun. So here some of the exciting photos I took during our one-day Splashing Experience at Splash Island.

Splash IslandAt splash Island; mom and aunt.

There are a total of nine (9) splashing water thrill experience at the Splash Island that include Agos Grandes, Big Bam Boo, Water Wahoo, Balsa River, Rio Montañosa, Curl of the Orient, Magellan’s Drop, King Pilipit and Tausug Trails. However, because of the limited time we had, of the nine (9) exciting water thrills, we only tried five (5).

Take a look at the images below.

The Balsa River was the first water adventure we tried dipping at since it is the only water adventure which allows resorts’ guests to dip as early as 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Splash Island Balsa RiverEnjoying the flowing water at Balsa River; mom and aunt.

Splash Island Balsa RiverOne curve trail of the Balsa River; mom and aunt.

Below shows the Agos Grandes at the back of mom and the nipa hut cabana.

Splash Island Agos GrandesMom at the Agos Grandes

One thrilling water slide we tried was the Rio Montañosa, which allows not more than five (5) guests per water slide experience. But I failed to take a picture of the water slide from top because I wasn’t able to go upstairs.

Splash Island Rio MontanosaGoing to Rio Montañosa

Splash Island Rio MontanosaConquered Rio Montañosa!

The Water Wahoo, for me, is just for kids, but since it has a fountain that also allows adults to enjoy, we tried it also, then.

Splash Island Water WahooAt the Water Wahoo

Another thrilling water slide we tried and I was fortunate enough to go upstairs and able to observe how guests prepared before sliding down was the Tausug Trails. If I am not mistaken, it measures as high as 52-feet; really adrenaline-boosting water slide.

Splash Island Tausug TrailsPreparing to slide

Splash Island Tausug Trails

Splash Island Tausug Trails

Splash Island Tausug TrailsSplash Island Tausug TrailsSplash Island Tausug TrailsFinally slid!

These are what we have enjoyed in our day-tour at the Splash Island. Hope you guys enjoyed checking on our pictures.

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The Clubhouse at Tierra Alta, Dumaguete City

This is what I failed to enjoy during our visit at the Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences in Dumaguete City, The Clubhouse of Tierra Alta.

The Clubhouse at Tierra Alta, Dumaguete CityThe Clubhouse at Tierra Alta, Dumaguete City

During that visit, I and M, it was actually an unexpected plan since it was raining really hard that time. Only when M’s cousin mentioned that the Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences is only a kilometer or two from where we were, at Valencia, Negros Oriental. By that said, though still raining, we didn’t hesitate to drive to the place. But as mentioned, it was raining and even gotten hard when we reached the top of the resort. We end up nothing to do there.

The image above was taken during my second (2nd) visit together with my friend, Aicy, but we still didn’t enjoyed the clubhouse because when we arrived there, the place was already closing. 🙁


World’s Best Nude Beaches

Just recently, I and my friend has planned and talked about spending some time at a beach. We have mentioned a lot of beach resorts in the country but we found them almost looking the same from each other. We mean, there’s no “new” to look forward to for us to get more excited.

But because of our eagerness to tackle about beach resorts, we ended up talking about nude beaches. So here below are some of the nude beaches from all over the world that we have discussed.

1. Cap d’Agde Beach in France. This beach is considered to be one of the many leisure spots in French Mediterranean. Naturism/nudity in this beach is legal and even in some areas in the city where this beach is located and in restaurants and shops as well.

Cap d’Agde Beach in FranceCap d’Agde Beach in France (image from

2. Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida. This beach is considered one of the naturist beach in US where nudity, skinny dipping is allowed.

Haulover Beach in Miami, FloridaHaulover Beach in Miami, Florida (image from

3. Hedonism II in Jamaica. This resort is operated by Superclubs and is reserved for naturism.

Hedonism II in JamaicaHedonism II in Jamaica (image from

Whew! These are just three (3) of the many best nude beaches in the world. But I don’t think I can do skinny dipping on those beaches! LOL!


Lalimar Beach Resort

It was the quickest visit I ever had on May 2012 with mom, nephew, Didong and niece, Didang in mom’s province, Tayasan, Negros Oriental when my aunts and uncles decided to bring us at Lalimar Beach Resort in La Libertad, Negros Oriental.

Lalimar Beach Resort Reception AreaLalimar Beach Resort Reception Area

I wasn’t really sure how far our travel was but it only took us less than thirty (30) minutes travel time from Tayasan, Negros Oriental to La Libertad, Negros Oriental where Lalimar Beach Resort was located.

The resort was cozy and suffice to say, conducive for family, friends and other gatherings and events.

Lalimar Beach Resort Swimming PoolLalimar Beach Resort Swimming Pool

We didn’t take longer time staying in Lalimar Beach Resort since we had kids with us and we were not prepared for an over-night stay there. But at least, we enjoyed the resort and the kids as well.

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