Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

If any among you didn’t know it yet, I am a vagabond, I consider myself. But not fully yet. I just want to roam anywhere I think something new, spectacular, exciting things yet to be discovered are there. However, because I am a student still and I am determined enough to pursue this dream, my being an itinerant is hindered by such. Obviously, looking by merely just looking at those tempting excitements over the internet of those must-experience festivals and adventures in the country, is what I am overtly contented this time.

At the moment, my feet is pushing me hardly to take a plane ride to Clark, Pampanga, Philippines to experience myself the colorful Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012.

Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Even how crazy I am getting in to that event now, I have nothing else to do but to watch uploaded videos from or simply browsing those images from uploaded and made available over Google pages.

If you’re in my shoes, what do you think to do to enjoy Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012? Smiley

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