Dengue Threat to Southeast Asian Travelers

If you are planning to travel in any of the Southeast Asian countries, be aware of the recent outbreak of Dengue Fever. Some noted Southeast Asian countries where Dengue is in high threat to travelers now a days are Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

In fact, Taipei government has reported (via CNA) on August 15 the 14 confirmed dengue cases.

According to the Focus Thailand News Channel, there are 82 confirmed cases nationwide. Of which, there are 65 imported dengue fever. Imported dengue fever means that the case is not originally from that specific country but just been transported by an infected carrier from a place recently visited but the signs and symptoms showed only during the arrival of such dengue patient in his country.

To prevent dengue fever infection, but can’t stop to travel, a traveler is advised to wear proper outfit against mosquitoes like long sleeves. The use of mosquito repellents are also advised.

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2 Responses to Dengue Threat to Southeast Asian Travelers

  1. Martin Epperson says:

    That’s bad news. We are planning on traveling to Manila this Holiday. It’s a good thing Dengue isn’t around when I had my Great Nazca Tours!
    Martin Epperson

  2. Swexie says:

    I got Dengue twice. The first one was when I was in second year high school and the most recent was last year in Manila. An inset repellent is a must for travelers. I use a DEET-free bug shield.

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