Dubai as Travel and Shopping Destination

Dubbed as “The Shopping Capital of the Middle East,” Dubai is indeed one of the best places in the world to shop. For the world traveller who also loves to shop, he or she (well, it’s commonly the woman who loves to shop more) will enjoy her time in Dubai .

Dubai as Travel and Shopping DestinationDubai Shopping Mall (image from

It must be noted that the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, is also found right there in Dubai . Numerous shopping malls, some sources say, more than 70 are waiting for the excited shopper in Dubai .

While there are malls and shops that await the traveller in Dubai , the traveller might also be happy to learn that one can also have the option to stay in Apartments in Dubai. Yes, one can have this option instead of staying in hotels.

Nevertheless, travellers can also rent Dubai furnished apartments instead. These apartments are great for a family or a group of friends together. Their rates are also great in your budget as well. And having some savings could also mean more travel money. This could mean more opportunities to shop as well as more places to check out in Dubai .

Furthermore, Dubai has 12 hours of sun everyday! How good is that for someone who loves time in the beach under the sun or during daylight? Other than swimming, you can also go snorkelling, scuba diving, paragliding, jet skiing and even fishing! And if you are worried that you don’t have the needed gear, you really shouldn’t. You could rent the gear you need for your beach or sea adventure.

If the beach or sea is what really captures your heart whether in Dubai or elsewhere, then you may want to consider staying near it. And the perfect place for you may just be one of the Dubai beach apartments. Let it be known that renting an apartment in the beach while in Dubai is an option for the traveller. You don’t have to stay in the hotel if you indeed prefer a more “homey” feeling while on your trip.

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