Early Travel Preparations

In as early as today, because of the consecutive toxic days we had, I and my close friends are already planning to go out of town for the coming break in school. Smiley It is yet so early, but at least, we have something to look forward to and for us to be inspired to do good.

Early Travel Preparations (image source and credits)

So this morning, because of our excitement, since the day we decided to have a trip together, we have talked about specific stuff to carry with us — to include in our baggage. One of which are those small very important things like cotter pin and other very useful kits for us like sewing kits. This is because every time I have a trip or tour for more than two days, I almost always experience missing buttons of my shirts. So having with us those stuff, is such a very helpful thing.

For now, the only early travel preparation that we are doing is to save our pockets. I know that this will be a trip that is beyond my parent’s budget, so should I take the best and ideal move for this travel for us.

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  1. I am sure it will be fun trip specially you are with your good friends..

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