Home, Away from Home, in Ireland

In today’s ever increasing tough economic environment, why would anyone want to spend hundreds upon hundreds of their hard earned cash at a hotel? Do you really enjoy those odd sounds coming from the room next door? Or how about that view, of a person viewing you, from across the courtyard. And isn’t it fun waiting in line for your next expensive meal?
No, you say? Then you are the perfect candidate for a vacation home, a Holiday homes Europe. Not only will you save money on the hotel room, but you will be able to dine at your leisure, preparing inexpensive food with home cooking flavor.
If this is a family vacation, the little ones will have their own room to sleep in at night. Specifically, in Ireland, with the vast array of cozy cottages available to choose from, there is no decision to be made.
Envision yourself awakening to breathtaking views from the Dingle Penninsula. Once your up and about, a plethora of activities await you in town. Restaurants, Cafes and especially Pubs are everywhere, filled with Irish music that will delight you and may even inspire a jig or two. Afterwards, you may head for one of the many arts and craft stores or the village aquarium. If you prefer natural habitats for your aquatic friends, before leaving, stop by the harbour and say hi to ” Fungi “, the Dingle Dolphin. If you would rather catch fish, then look at them, Baltimore, County Cork, may be your desired destination. This seafarers wonderland provides for not only angling, but scuba diving too.
Your own cottage can afford you a short walk to the dock outside to catch a delicious dinner to be cooked in your very own kitchen or outdoor grill. You won’t want to miss a visit to the O’Driscoll Castle before you depart.
Speaking of castles, one of the worlds most famous awaits your arrival in Blarney. Kiss the stone and take a piece of it with you. Don’t leave without shopping at the Blarney Woolen Mills for those last minute souvenirs. You can walk to the castle from many of the available homes. I have highlighted but a few of the many fantastic possibilities you will have to choose from, all within short distances of a homey Irish cottage, that truly is, a home away from home in Ireland.
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7 Responses to Home, Away from Home, in Ireland

  1. i wanna go there! soon! thanks for sharing!

  2. Ireland has many spots that every tourist should visit, I also love their antique buildings, for me it is awesome!

  3. Mel says:

    oh wow, that is a breathtaking view.

  4. genny says:

    i would definitely want to kiss the stone there. hope to visit this place one day!

  5. PALiiiTS says:

    Pubs! Haha, kung walang ganito, di daw kumpleto ang pagpunta sa Ireland sabi ni tito. Irish are beer lovers daw? Wew, sana makapunta ako duuuuuun 🙂

  6. Phebie says:

    My question would be: When would be the best time that I can visit this kind of place? So soon? Maybe, God-willing! I really love to go in places like this with my loved-ones. 🙂

  7. adaah says:

    its nice to feel comfortable just like home even if you are away from home…. Nice one 🙂

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