Horse Back Riding in Tagaytay

Can you still remember when I, mom and M went to Tagaytay last September 2012? If you did so, one of the things we missed enjoying was horse back riding.

Horse Back Riding in TagaytayHorse Back Riding in Tagaytay (image from

Yes! We weren’t able to do horse back riding because of the weather which was so foggy and a rainy as well. Though I loved to try it, mom didn’t allow me. So what I did, I just made fun watching the people who are enjoying horse back riding then. One of them, if I identified and remembered it right, wore an equestrian riding jacket which was so fashionable to look at. Some kids were afraid of the horse while other didn’t want to stop riding on it.

Hopefully, if I can visit Tagaytay back, I can do horse back riding then.

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