Breathing can be hard after you’ve had surgery. When you lie in bed for a long time while recovering from abdominal surgery for instance, you tend to take shallow breaths and not cough as often as needed in an attempt to decrease the pain felt that’s associated with the surgery. Breathing that way makes it harder to get air into your lungs and can cause fluid and mucus build up that may eventually lead to serious lung infection like pneumonia.

The use of breathing device like incentive spirometers will help improve your condition. It encourages you to take slow, deep breaths until you return to the normal breathing rhythms. By inhaling deeply, you also help mobilize secretions and open areas of the lungs that may have collapsed. After major surgeries, it’s important to take your spirometer home with you and continue your breathing exercises at home. Not only will this help restore your regular breathing rhythm, but it will also help you avoid lung complications like pneumonia.

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