Independence Day 2012: A TOUR in the City of Manila

I actually don’t know how to start my blog posting of all our (mine and M’s) visit at Manila’s big and historical places. However, seeing myself with this image below where a life size statue of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal at my rear back, I just decide to share this as my ever preface of all our trips.

So here it goes!

Since that was M’s birthday, we decided to visit the Intramuros first which is the very historical place in City of Manila and where most of the tradings and wars happened before. We toured the place — we visited even the smallest and very steep areas and tried to discover and recall what we both learned from our History classes. LOL! That tour lasted for more than four (4) hours.

After which, we went to the Luneta Park and other places in Manila.

As I have said, this is yet the very beginning of my posts or series of stories about our tour. Hence, there are more coming which you guys should check for.

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