Inside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

I just had my first ever flight with — operated by SeaAir Aircraft on December 16, 2012. As a first time flyer with them, I was very ecstatic to experience their services. By far, everything went good as expected; from the flight attendants’ services, a smooth flights and up until we arrived earlier than the expected arrival time. However, there’s only one thing which really bothered me much in the duration of our flight — the very small aisles and spaces in-between seats. Take a look at these images I took inside the aircraft.

Inside TigerAirways --- SeaAir AircraftInside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

The image above shows more or less three (3) inches space between the tip of the knee of the passenger to the back of the seat in-front of her.

Inside TigerAirways --- SeaAir AircraftInside TigerAirways --- SeaAir Aircraft

Inside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

The two images above were taken where I seated at. Just take a look how my knees were almost to touch the back part of the seat in-front of me.

For now, I don’t have booked and scheduled travels with TigerAirways — SeaAir yet. I can’t say I won’t fly with them again since they offer very affordable airfare. Only the too

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