Most Popular Australian Dishes to Try

Australians love to cook and with the country’s excellent climate, much of this cooking can be done out of doors on the barbeque. From meat pies to pumpkin dishes, Australia has an excellent global cuisine, much of it adopted from the various peoples that have inhabited its shores over the last couple of hundred years. Most of the dishes are easy to cook and delicious to eat. In recent decades an influx of immigrants from many parts of the world has brought their own cultures and recipes. In Australia’s main cities you can find dishes with flavors from all over the world. However, there are some dishes that the country is proud to claim as part of its heritage.

A popular dish is pumpkin and most restaurants will serve it as a vegetable to accompany meat or pies. Cooking pumpkin is really easy. You can steam it or bake it. Either way, once it’s cooked after about 10 minutes, you just mash it with butter and pepper. It’s so delicious and can be used with or instead of potatoes.

Traditional Aussie Bread

Often prepared by drovers and swag-men in days of old, damper is traditional bread with a wheat flour base, which would have been baked in campfire coals in the Outback. The basic ingredients are water, milk and flour with some baking soda. When the damper sounds hollow, it is done. It can be eaten with cooked meat or with golden syrup as a sweet dish. It is still popular today and is a very easy recipe, particularly suitable for a barbeque.

Aussies seem to really love savory pies. In fact the humble meat pie is known as Australia’s national dish. They can be bought almost everywhere and it is easy to make yourself if you fancy having a go. You can use minced beef, steak or lamb tucked inside a pastry outer. Another popular pie is one filled with good old eggs and bacon. Served hot with some red or brown sauce, you’ll see Australians everywhere tucking in.

How about trying a Lamington.This truly Aussie culinary experience consists of two big slices of chocolate sponge cake filled with whipped cream and maybe jam too. The whole lot is then topped with a topping of chocolate together with some sprinkled coconut. To Australians, Lamington is their equivalent of America’s apple pie. Most cafes sell Lamingtons and you can get a commercial version in supermarkets, but it’s best home made.

The Wild and Exotic

If you fancy a taste of something you probably haven’t experienced before, then Australia offers you emu or crocodile, although kangaroo meat is definitely the most popular. The meat of these animals can be made into bangas (sausages), minced up into burgers or sprinkled on pizza. Kangaroo tastes somewhat like game and is really lean healthy protein. You should not feel too guilty about eating kangaroo meat as these animals do multiply rapidly, so you’re helping to keep the population in check.

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