My New Place Means Expensive Plane Fares

Moving to my new place meant that I had to leave my old scrubs uniforms. I have new uniforms now and I hope that I won’t be changing new ones anytime soon.

Plane FaresMy New Place Means Expensive Plane Fares (image from

I was a bit glad though that when I traveled and moved to my new place, I did not have to bring a heavy luggage. I made sure that I brought with me the most important and necessary things only. It saved me a lot of space and was not even able to pay for excess baggage. Now that I live a bit farther from my hometown, that also means plane fares a bit expensive too and traveling time is a bit longer also. I hope that the next move will be a few years from now.

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2 Responses to My New Place Means Expensive Plane Fares

  1. Asa naman diay ka karon Sis? Where are you located? Wala naka sa Cebu?

  2. genny says:

    so so so….living in the kangaroo city is a bit expensive eh? 🙂
    come back soon and bring kangaroo instead of danggit….

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