New Train in Kuwait for Hajj Travel

A very convenient and fast travel for Kuwaiti Hajj pilgrims is now open and you can even get cheap tickets since a new train is now operating between Makkah and other holy cities in Saudi.

Mashair Train in KuwaitMashair Train in Kuwait (image from

As mentioned above, this indeed provides a faster travel time compared to the previous years where pilgrims need to travel longer hours. This is also a more stress-free than commuting from one place to another.

Have a blessed and safe travel pilgrims!

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3 Responses to New Train in Kuwait for Hajj Travel

  1. Arlene says:

    Hello Doc Gay. and yoru comment went to the spam folder jud. anyway, thank you for leaving a comment. Tara uban ta Spain sakay ta ani nga train?

    Bitaw, I am dying to go to Kuwait to visit my love but the process is a headache. So never been there pa. Id like to take this train and go to other arabian cities to buy their postcards. ^^

    Again, thanks.

    I love your blog. GFC follower nako nimo but i will also click like this blog on awbhile.

  2. Hey i glad to read this ..This is just awesome work and first of it all i would like to thank you for the informative post. Really nice work I am waiting for the next post to come..Keep posting dude..

  3. sir rob says:

    This is indeed a good help to the pilgrims. They always come up with new ideas.

    BTW, you had a new theme. Was wondering if changing themes would affect the PR?

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