Disneyland Philippines

Wouldn’t it be great to finally have a Disneyland Philippines, right?

Disneyland Philippines Gagay

Of course YES!

A big smile to every Filipino kids and parents as well if this Disneyland Philippines be physical in the country. Aside from the fact that there is no need to have a passport, which actually would take a month to acquire after a long queue of these and those requirements, it is much easier for us to travel then. Flying or traveling locally is more convenient than going abroad or outside the country just to experience Disney adventures. One may only need a hand bag when Disneyland Philippines be made real rather than carrying with you a luggage full of stuff that are enough for a three to five days spend outside of the country just to enjoy Disney world.

Moreover, the chairman of The Walt Disney Company, Andy Bird, just recently announced, that was on Friday that the company has set aside $350 million to be invested in the Philippines for the Disneyland Philippines. Possible areas where the Disneyland Philippines be

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To Travel in 2016

Since I knew I was pregnant, that was some time in 2013 and I was even advised not to travel because of a critical pregnancy condition, and up until now that I am a hands-on and breastfeeding mother, I rarely travel, or if I could, I surely am with my little boss.

So this year, 2016, I and my little boss will hopefully fly elsewhere our each pairs of shoes would lead us to and with God’s blessings and providence, we really could have a vacation together. And why only I and my little boss? This is because my hubby is not allowed to travel outside the country, as per work-related terms. But this is still okay with me since our little man is over 2 years old now and he follows instruction carefully, so I am pretty sure, I can manage long distance travel with him alone.

Travel 2016Image from cloudfront.net

Moreover, that basically was my reason then why I haven’t travel for a long time which, my blog, this one – Free Travels and Tours, has been in hiatus as well. Of course, what should I blog about travel if I don’t even ride a bus from one place to another?

As I have just mentioned above, we are looking forward for a travel-full 2016 for our family, or perhaps just for me and my little boss this time. Crossing fingers for this one and hopefully, for this blog to have more exciting and fun-filled photos and experiences to share.

Enjoy blogging and traveling guys!!!

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Cebu Pacific Air 2015 Promo — PISO Fare on Domestic and International Flights

I’m back!!! And hopefully this is for good! I know its been almost a year that I haven’t updated this blog. Pardon me guys because I am literally busy with my chosen career and with my family. But today, I am here for a very good news to all of you. Here’s a PISO Fare on Domestic and  International Flights brought to us by Cebu Pacific Air.

Cebu Pacific Air 2015 Promo -- PISO Fare on Domestic and  International Flights

This PISO FARE seat sale is available only between January 28 until seats lasts. The travel period is between June 15 to December 10, 2015.

What’s more good to this news is that there is not fuel surcharges now. Isn’t that great? So guys, what are you waiting for? Book now and have a safe travel then.

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77th Araw ng Davao 2014

In as much as I wanted to celebrate 77th Araw ng Davao 2014, I can’t!

77th Araw ng Davao 201477th Araw ng Davao 2014

My excitement in the celebration of the 77th Araw ng Davao 2014 extremely went down. This is because I can’t steal a time, a day or two to fly to Davao. So I better make the best today — better yet watch the live streaming then on television so for me, at least won’t be too late and behind from the latest happenings and events in the said celebration.

Happy 77th Araw ng Davao everyone! Enjoy the celebration and seize the day!

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Souvenirs To Buy When Traveling

When visiting places, buying a souvenir or two tops the list of every traveler. Here are some of the souvenir ideas you can buy.

Key chain – this is one of the most popular souvenirs travelers buy when visiting places. Aside from these items are small, these are pretty cheap too.

Shirt – souvenir shirts are also one of the popular items travelers buy for souvenirs. Normally, they bought it for close family members and friends as shirt is a little expensive compared to key chains.

Postcard – if you are the collector type or has a collector friend, a postcard can be a good souvenir to buy. Surely postcard printing is widely available worldwide as this is one of the best way to promote a place, buying one or two is definitely dead easy.

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