Souvenirs To Buy When Traveling

When visiting places, buying a souvenir or two tops the list of every traveler. Here are some of the souvenir ideas you can buy.

Key chain – this is one of the most popular souvenirs travelers buy when visiting places. Aside from these items are small, these are pretty cheap too.

Shirt – souvenir shirts are also one of the popular items travelers buy for souvenirs. Normally, they bought it for close family members and friends as shirt is a little expensive compared to key chains.

Postcard – if you are the collector type or has a collector friend, a postcard can be a good souvenir to buy. Surely postcard printing is widely available worldwide as this is one of the best way to promote a place, buying one or two is definitely dead easy.

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To Celebrate 77th Araw ng Davao 2014 or NOT?

Before, I told myself not to miss any Araw ng Davao celebration. However, since I started schooling out of town — Davao City, I haven’t catch even one celebration then. So just count then by yourself how many years I was absent celebrating Araw ng Davao then.

77th Araw ng Davao

This time around, I know it is very impossible to catch the cheapest — or should I say, a promo fare, airline fares to fly then to Davao City. And though you’ll tell me I am just self-pitying, yes I do, I still won’t deny to everybody that I really wanted to fly, and celebrate Araw ng Davao 2014 then.

Hopefully I could celebrate the Araw ng Davao a year or two from now with my family.

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Must Have Travel Gadgets

Travelers always have must haves when they travel from clothing to personal hygiene to gadgets. If you are new to traveling, we have listed below some of the must have gadgets when you travel.

Watch – having a watch allows you to keep track of your time to avoid getting late on your appointments and schedule. Movado watches will not only keep you on time but also makes you look fashionable.

Must have travel gadget: watches

Camera – having a camera allows you to capture every precious moment you can create when traveling. It also allows you to take photos of beautiful places you have been.

Headphone – entertain yourself while on travel without disturbing others. A headphone obviously allows you to listen to your favorite music while I travel.

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Go Places With Your Exciting Fender Electric Bass Guitar

When talking about guitars, Fender is of no doubt made it to the hearts of many musicians, Pro and amateurs alike. Professional guitar players who used Fender include Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney to name a few.

Playing the guitar can give you lots of benefits. It will be an added wow factor to the opposite sex. You can easily get a partner especially if you are good at playing the guitar.If you are with a band, you can certainly go places with your exciting fender electric bass performing in your series of concert tours and similar events.

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Cebu Pacific Air ‘PISO Fare’ Seatsale and Promo 2014

Admit it, every one of us is waiting for this PISO FARE seat sale and promo offered by Cebu Pacific Air. Don’t you? Because, I really do!

Cebu Pacific Air 'PISO Fare' Seatsale and Promo 2014Cebu Pacific Air ‘PISO Fare’ Seatsale and Promo 2014

Yes! You heard it awesomely right!

Cebu Pacific Air offers a PISO FARE on base fare on all domestic or local flights to and from Manila and Cebu flights. The most exciting thing is that Cebu Pacific Air also offers this exciting promo to selected international flights.

The international flights available are:

  • Bali
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Brunei
  • Busan
  • Dubai
  • Guangzhou
  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Hong Kong
  • Incheon
  • Jakarta
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Macau
  • Osaka
  • Phuket
  • Shanghai
  • Siem Reap
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Xiamen
  • Nagoya or Tokyo

Travel period of this PISO FARE will be between June 1 until December 15, 2014. And the selling period is only from January 26 until seats last.

So guys, don’t miss this exciting seat sale and promo offered by Cebu Pacific Air. Have you travels booked today!

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