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Travel Website Builders

I have a friend who used to blog about personal, food and other stuff which we both build but he don’t have a travel blog yet. Lately, since I am not so busy yet in school, he asked me if I could help him build a new blog. However, both our summer schedules wouldn’t meet, I just give him a link where he could look for website builders and have him ideas on how to create a new blog specifically travel blog.

Website BuildersWebsite Builders (image from be-an-online-travel-agent.com)

Hopefully the website builder links I shared him could help him.

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23rd Philippine Travel Mart

Though I am very busy with school stuff, I am still itching to attend and visit the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex in Pasay City because of the 23rd Philippine Travel Mart.

23rd Philippine Travel Mart23rd Philippine Travel Mart

In this event, one should expect a number of travel investors and agencies showcasing their travel deals and more both for local and international travel and tourism. This is really the very reason why I really wanted to go to SM MOA and check for the 23rd Philippine Travel Mart.

How I wish I could still catch even on the last day of the event.

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How to create a travel blog

A lot of my friends who are into traveling are fascinated to try travel blogging. They shared that since they love to travel and explore new places, why not to share those breath-taking tourist destinations they have traveled through blogging. And the one and only question they used to raise after me is how to create a travel blog.

travel bloggingimage source and credit

And here’s some and the very basic information I could share. Just bear with me if I forgot others. LOL!

  • You should have a domain URL of your own. I suggest you pick the one’s that really interests you most and very catchy domain name related to travel.

In my case, I chose FreeTravelsandTours.com domain since this blog will be about my free travels and tours. Feel free to read the About page of this blog to learn more why.

  • After you’ve chosen your domain name, I recommend you to get a hosting provider for your travel blog like joomla hosting. It is paid hosting where you can keep your online travel stories and through that hosting also, everybody can access your blog.

But if you are in a tight budget yet, you may opt to make use of free blog hosting like wordpress.com or blogger.com and other platforms.

  • Once these two mentioned important stuff for blogging are done, then you can start posting and sharing your articles online.

That’s how easy to create a travel blog. Hope these easy steps and information I have shared could really help newbie travel bloggers.

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Deborah’s First Fly with AirPhil Express

If only Deborah is a human, she’d surely be very excited Smiley for her first fly with me going back home on March 31, 2012 via AirPhil Express. Smiley Yes! She was, because I was even more excited than her. LOL!


Days before our flight, I bought her accessories. She already had flash with speed-lite, lens hood, lens UV filter, a new bag and a new cleaning set. However, there’s just one thing I totally forgot to buy — Deborah’s fragrances. She’s just used to share mists with me and so, we have the same scents. But off course, I still plan to buy her own scented spray.

While on board, it was kind of blessing in disguise that no one’s sitting the seat next to me. So I let Deborah sit beside me and had her seat belt on as well.

Isn’t she looking cute with the seat belt on? Take a look at the image above.


A FAB time around the world with Smeg appliances

Smeg is an Italian domestic appliance company that started in Italy. But they didn’t stay there. Like any brand worth its weight in brilliance they branched out and you can now see them in all corners of the world. This is particularly true of their amazing FAB range. A selection of 1950s influenced designs that look great and bring a real sense of style to the home.

Bright, vibrant colors such as cherry red and powder blue can be found adorning Smeg FAB fridge freezers and dishwashers. They look very cool and retro, kind of like something you might find in a classic American-style diner.

What’s amazing is just how much the world has taken these appliances to heart. You can find them on almost any continent (I’m not sure Antarctica has got these yet!), and in so many different countries. Taking a look this Smeg 50’s style map you can see that people have taken pictures of their Smeg and just where it’s located in the world.

For example, don’t be surprised to visit Bejing, China and see a FAB fridge from place to place. Or traveling through Europe you might chance across a FAB in a trendy Parisian nightclub or Belgium cooking studio. A New York apartment might wow you with its great taste in kitchen appliance design as a glossy black Smeg fridge enhances a super stylish decor.

We have always had an affinity for our past. It seems nostalgia and modernity can exist side by side, and this is clear when you see the FAB range. A classic look for the contemporary world.

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