Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences — Overlooking Dumaguete City

Last February 05, 2012, I, M and her cousin, had a chance to visit the Tierra Alta Resorts and Resicendes that is overlooking Dumaguete City even though the weather was gloomy and had some few rain showers. But it didn’t stopped us to really step the place.

Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences — Overlooking Dumaguete City, indeed one can see the city of Dumaguete is located almost between borders of high terrains of Dumaguete City and Valencia, Negros, Oriental.

Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences -- Overlooking Dumaguete City

I and M at the Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences

I am not pretty sure how high above sea level Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences is, but sure thing to see the beauty of Dumaguete City. However, during our visit, since the weather didn’t dance with us, we have hard time and couldn’t even appreciate the real beauty of nature because of the cloudy sky and very slippery steep road. Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences is best visited during summer season or any days that has fine weather.

There were also other nature-adventures that is supposed to be exciting to do in the resorts, but as I’ve said, the weather was so bad that we could only do site-seeing and a few picture-taking.

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4 Responses to Tierra Alta Resorts and Residences — Overlooking Dumaguete City

  1. Looks like a nice place! Haven’t been to Dumaguete yet, I hope to visit this place one day. :)

    blog hopping…saw your site via ‘Snapshots as they happen’. :)

  2. Tina says:

    Sus hapit diay ta mag abot sa Dumaguete Gwapa.. Nilaag pud me diha pero wala jud ko nitry atong ilang zipline.

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  4. anncash says:

    Wonderful place! You are lucky to visit it.

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