Traveling with Elders

Based on my experience, it is very difficult to travel with elders. They are very moody and very impatient when it comes to the time of traveling considering the heavy traffic and the not-so-good road to drive.

Elders are also prone to motion sickness and even vomit during a road trip. They also keep on urinating and so, we need to stop by to any restaurants or gasoline stations where a comfort room is available.

traveling with elderstraveling with elders (image from

Another thing which I really found very difficult to bring with you an elder is during a plane trip. Of course, plane crews would recommend to use the well-chair or helpful device for them to use like knee walkers, roll-a-bout or any. However, in my experience, many pretend that they are totally well and able to walk without difficulties on the aisles which is very far different if you personally see them — watch them chasing for the flight.

But anyways, I am missing my grandfather now. I totally missing him! How I wish he’s still here until today.

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