Unusual Attractions in Paris

The capital of France, Paris, is well known around the world for being a city of romance and passion. Most of the people visiting the city have an idea of some of the attractions that they want to see, for example the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. While these are great sights to visit while on holiday to Paris, the city offers some unusual attractions that are off the beaten path and are not generally considered common tourist attractions.

If you are looking for something slightly different on your trip, here is a list of some of the great and different attractions Paris has to offer.

Paris Catacombs
Located under the streets of Paris, the Catacombs are one of the more popular attractions on the list attracting thousands of visitors a year. Steeped in history, the catacombs were built during the 18th century when the population of the city began to rise dramatically and the cemeteries were beginning to get full. Descending the steps into this macabre attraction allows visitors to see the bones of about seven million Parisians that are arranged in displays along the tunnels and crypts.

Paris Sewers Museum
Another attraction that is found underneath the city, the Paris Sewer Museum may not sound too appealing but is actually a great day out. The focus of the museum is the sewers and tells the history and development of the sewer system as it changed throughout time to deal with the growing number of people living in the Paris.

Paris Sewers MuseumParis Sewers Museum (image from museumchick.com)

The main features of the museum highlight the different techniques used in sewer management in the past and proposed techniques for the future, while you will also walk along some of the sewer canals. Make sure you do not eat before you head into the sewers as the smell can be quite overwhelming.

Notre Dame Archaeological Crypt
Everyone who is visiting Paris is well aware of the Notre Dame Cathedral with its stunning architecture, but a lesser known part of the cathedral is the Archaeological Crypts. Located beneath the cathedral, the crypts were created to protect old ruins that were found during excavations during the 60’s.

Getting to the crypt, you will need to descend a set of staircases close to the police headquarters and once you get inside, you will be presented with artefacts that date from ancient times all the way to the modern day. Check out Auto Europe for the best deals on car rentals in France.

Musee Dupuytren
The Musee Dupuytren exhibits some chilling waxworks showing oozing bodies and the result of various illnesses right down to the last detail. This collection was made during the 1800’s and subsequently almost lost due to a lack of funds but fortunately most of the collection was saved. These days you can wander past jars of brains and look at various wax models afflicted with different diseases such as tumors.

The museum is only open on weekdays except university holidays so be sure to check ahead before you set off otherwise you may arrive to the disappointment of it being closed.

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