Waters of the Pacific Ocean

I am not done yet sharing our family photos during our Enchanted River escapade in Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. But as promised, I really will. So for now, I will show you how the waters of the Pacific Ocean amazed me. And believe it or not, I really literally tasted it.

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

The waters of the Pacific Ocean tasted….mmmmm..of course, salty. Nyahahaha.. The family was really laughing at me when I showed to them that I really tasted the waters.

This is an entry for me to the Blog Photo Challenge.

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12 Responses to Waters of the Pacific Ocean

  1. Girl you took very good pictures, it looks so proffesional. Haha gitilawan jud haha..Ok ra na d bitaw makahilo.Agi lng ko diria from BPC.

  2. amiable amy says:

    My bro is in Caraga region and he covered Surigao. Been there only once but not explored the place. Speaking of Pacific Ocean… love the view in Mati…surfers go there. Gay, right now … we live in the coastal area too… facing the Atlantic Ocean.

    Thanks for stopping by in my Yummy Sunday entry…and the comment…im lost …diri ko gipadpad hahaha

  3. seny says:

    hehehhe well ofcourse nyhahah..you are kinda me I really tasted my first snow when I first got here heheheh thanks for visiting me amiga!

  4. Chie says:

    hehehe..abi kog murag mineral water og lami Gay. Beautiful photos!

  5. Rcel says:

    The water of the Pacific Ocean is called seawater! Nyahaha. Abi ko ni-tam-is pagtilaw nimo Gay! 😀

    BPC hop!

  6. Violy says:

    Nice shots Ms Gay!! seawater in the beach nearest to us too salty too! Sumasakit ngipin ko everytime I swim sa sobrang salty..hehe

  7. awww! you are one cute and sweet Sis G 🙂 I miss the taste of the Pacific Ocean, our lake is not salty 🙁 beautiful pictures, the water looks so refreshing 🙂 I want to jump in…Returning from the BPC

  8. Dhemz says:

    hahhaha…siaw jud ka dok ba…lol! love the water effects…nindot kau pagkakuha…aw tsada diay…lol!

    visiting from BPC!

  9. Leah H. says:

    Hmmn, yummy pwede na pansabaw..he,he,he!!

    Visiting for 110 challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  10. Adin B says:

    hahahaha…. you’re funny. 🙂 It’s like when we went to the Salt Plains the other day and my husband keeps saying that it is white like this because of the salt and so I asked if I can taste it and I did. hahaha… I get you! 🙂 Visiting very late on this BPC.

  11. KM says:

    Thanks for confirming that the waters are indeed salty! I’ll keep that in mind 😀 Hehe!

    Late visit back for 366 BPC 🙂

  12. emzkie says:

    im sure the water in the Pacific taste much better than the atlantic. hehe

    #110 BPC hop!

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