When Technology and Cost Collide, 3 Tools to Bridge the Gap

Technology is a godsend. Even baby boomers who’ve been retired for some time know that for a fact. Technology allows for the dissemination of information in the blink of an eye and makes complicated processes a lot simpler. For businesses to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace, technology implementation is a must. Despite having said all that, always remember, this endeavor doesn’t have to cost way too much. There are online services that can help you do just that for little or no money. Here are three online tools to help you bridge the gap when technology and cost collide:

1. Bitrix24.com

If you’re a business owner, you recognize that running an efficient work environment requires the use of tools to expedite processes, meet customer needs, keep your employees informed and yourself apprised of everything that’s going on real-time. It is for this reason that a lot of businesses employ the use of intranets and CRMs. They get the job done. Everybody’s satisfied. But as in anything worth mentioning, there’s a catch. These tools usually don’t come cheap, and small business owners, especially those with zero-to-low budgets, may feel incapacitated in this area.

Bitrix24.com is a corporate communications and collaboration platform that combines the use of a free messaging system, free and fully functional CRM, free real-time streaming, free calendar and activity planner, free photo uploading, free workforce monitoring and many more – essentially, your one-stop workplace in a single application. Bitrix24.com is cloud-based and therefore doesn’t require any installation. It has mobile capability, meaning, you can take your workplace with you anywhere you go. Plus, it’s totally free for small businesses with a total of 12 people in its payroll. An upgrade to unlimited users is a nominal $99 per month.

2. JetRadar.com

Competition among low-cost carriers has changed the way cheap tickets are obtained nowadays. It used to be that the best and cheapest airfare promos offered by airlines are all over price-comparison websites. The threat of losing a potential customer to a competing airline has prompted most airlines to confine their deals in their own corporate websites and/or partner third-party sites, thereby, forcing the regular customer to go from one airline website to another in search of the promo that fits his needs. If there are two words to describe such an ordeal, they’re taxing and time-consuming.

JetRadar.com is a search engine intent on aggregating all the best and cheapest airfare deals available via 728 individual airline sites, hundreds of flight and ticketing sites and makes them available for public use in a single site. This dramatically cuts down on the time and effort an individual has to utilize to pick out the best airfare deal for his budget and flight needs. JetRadar.com aspires to become the ultimate online destination for the best and cheapest airfare deals.

3. PickyDomains.com

In the business world, a name isn’t just a name. Business owners know that the name they choose to assign to their company, product or service is the name where their branding, marketing and advertising campaigns will evolve, hence, the need for thoughtful consideration. Sometimes, however, coming up with a unique, catchy, relevant name that speaks volumes about a business, product or service is easier said than done. Branding agencies are there to help. But on the cost side, they definitely don’t help. They actually even charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for their services. If you’re strapped for cash, you can go ahead and do the brainstorming yourself, or invite somebody over to help you burn the midnight oil for ideas that just might give you that “Eureka” moment. Now, if all else fails, there’s crowd-sourcing to turn to.

Having been in business since 2007, PickyDomains.com is a naming service focused on helping individuals and small businesses come up with unique, catchy, relevant and easy-to-remember names or domains (or slogans to go with them). PickyDomains.com has a huge contributor base totaling more than 50,000 registered namers. To avail of the service, register with the site as a client, pay the required $50 down payment for a name or domain ($75 if it’s a slogan) and designate your naming specifications. If none of the suggestions matches your needs, you get your money back. How’s that for risk-free?

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