100 most interesting and beautiful waterfalls of the world

The most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Waterfall – is the most beautiful creation of nature in this world. Waterfalls can be different: from classic and cascading to ribbon and multi-level. But they all have one thing in common – they can be admired for a lifetime. No one in this world, who remained indifferent when watching the fall of water from the ledge and how every second changes the picture of water and the stream.

Now it is difficult to surprise tourists with natural monuments, but the waterfall Merdven Tobe and grotto Koba-Chair have a special charm, are in the Crimea, in Balaklava district.

Geography, nature and useful tourist information about the highest waterfall in Europe – Norwegian Winnufossen.

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  • Norway

Smolnye waterfalls – a landmark of Primorye, located in the heart of the taiga, impressive majesty and mystery.

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  • Russia

Angel Falls are 979 meters high, so it is recognized as the highest waterfall in the world. The sight is included in the UNESCO list.

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  • Venezuela

To understand where Victoria Falls is located, it is enough to look at a map. It is located on the border of two African republics, so you need a visa to visit it.

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  • Zambia

Arwalem Falls are small in size, but located in a picturesque place, next to the Indian shrine (one of the shells of Shiva) in the temple of Rudreshwara.

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  • India

Dudhsagar Falls translates as “milk banks,” a beautiful waterfall falling from a huge mountain, with a working railroad bridge in the middle.

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  • India

Niagara Falls gets its name from the Iroquois (Thunder of Water) tribe, it is a true masterpiece of nature that has no equal in the world.

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  • United States

Orekhovsky waterfall – the most famous and most spectacular natural landmark in the vicinity of Sochi on the river Bezumenka.

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  • Russia

There are not many waterfalls in the Moscow region, the rivers in this region flow along the plain without significant drops, but still there are waterfalls.

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  • Russia

Waterfall Datanlah in Vietnam – a very beautiful and scenic falls, stretching for 350 meters.

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  • Vietnam

Niagara – a river in North America, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and separates New York State from the Canadian province of Ontario.

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  • United States

Murchison Falls is in the lower reaches of the Victoria Nile River in Uganda, located 32 km east of Lake Mobutu-Sese Seko.

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  • Uganda

Dettifoss, a waterfall on the Jökülsau-au-Fjödlum River in Iceland, the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

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  • Iceland

Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall in Tennessee, 45 meters high, located inside Mount Lookout, USA.

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  • United States

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Burkina Faso is a state in West Africa Burkina Faso

‘By the fire’

This review was originally intended as a simple translation, so the first half of the photos were used from there. Then the notes on those waterfalls that have already been mentioned before were taken out. Then the names were googled as they were translated, and sometimes the descriptions were supplemented with new interesting information. And finally we decided to not limit ourselves to just one photo per waterfall as it was in the original (sometimes so unimpressive that you have to stare for a long time to find the waterfall), but we tried to provide as many different views as possible, for which we doubled the number of photos. After that, Internet Explorer started crashing with an error, so we had to split the review into four parts.

Yes, we know that place names are not translated, but firstly, this often leads to names that look after translation like “so-and-so waterfall waterfall”, only the word “waterfall” from different languages. And secondly, a name is not just a point on a map, but also the roots of the name and the sound. Example: if you write down the name “Stony Creek” properly, in Russian letters, you get “Stony Creek” – which makes a very different impression on the reader than the “illegal” translation of “Stony Creek”.

In general, something came out, but good or bad, it is for you, our esteemed readers, to judge. If you have any comments, suggestions for improving the text or translation options – write in the comments, we’ll be happy to correct the text.

After studying more than 400 waterfalls around the world, we chose the hundred most beautiful and amazing waterfalls, which seemed to us the most interesting. They were not necessarily the highest or largest, but rather the most beautiful or most unusual waterfalls in the world. We will tell you about the amazing wonders of nature, giving you the opportunity to marvel with us at the beauty of nature on our planet. Note that this list simply cannot be complete, so feel free to post links to other amazing waterfalls. The information sources used are listed at the end of this article.

Alamera Falls, California

This 40-foot (12-meter) high waterfall is located on a cliff that blows steeply into the ocean in Reyes National Seashore Park, just north of San Francisco, California, USA. Falls that fall directly into the ocean are very rare, and this one falls directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Falls at Alfred Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Alfred Creek, once known as Glacier Creek, flows from the eastern slope of Mount Alfred, flowing into the Skwawka River (Skwawka) near its mouth in Jervis Bay, which is on the south coast of British Columbia, Canada. The site is unofficially called Alfred Creek Falls, which cascades 700 meters (2,297 feet) down a steep stone wall atop an escape cone and is one of the highest waterfalls in North America.

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Augrabies Falls, South Africa

Augrabies Falls on the Orange River, South Africa, is located in the National Park in his name. It is about 60 meters high. The natives call the falls Ankoerebis, “the place of great noise,” from which the Boers, who later settled here, derived the name Augrabies. The gorge at Augrabies Falls is 240 m deep and 18 km long, and is an impressive example of granite erosion.

Baatara Falls, Lebanon

The Baatara (or Balaa) Throat Falls are located in Tannourin, Lebanon. The waterfall descends into the Baatara Pothole, located in the mountain range of Lebanon. Discovered only in 1952, the waterfall falls 255 meters into a cave of Jurassic limestone. The waterfall and the surrounding cavities were completely mapped in the 1980s by the Lebanese Speleoclub. The cave is also known as “the cave of three bridges.” During the snow melt in the spring, a 90-100 meter cascading waterfall passes behind the three bridges and falls 250 meters down into the abyss. In the 1980s, an experiment with water staining was conducted and it turned out that the stream emerges from the ground near the village of Mgharet al-Ghaouaghir.

Bareheepani Falls, India

The Barehipani Falls are located in the central area of Simlipal National Park in the district of Mayurbhanj, Orissa, India. It is the second highest waterfall in India. The waterfall is located on the Budhbalanga River flowing from Mount Meghasan. Nearby is the Joranda Falls. The Barehipani Falls have a total height of 399 meters (1,309 feet), and consist of two cascades, the tallest of which is 259 meters (850 feet).

Barron Falls, Australia

Barron Falls is where the Barron River descends from the Atherton Plateau to the coastal plain of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and is a national park. The volume of water visible in the photograph occurs only after substantial rainfall during the rainy season. During the rest of the year, only slightly more than a trickle is visible, due in part to the presence of a dam in front of the falls.

Basaseachic Falls (Basaseachic Cascade), Mexico

The Basaseachic Falls (Cascade Basaseachic) in Mexico on the Basaseachic River, is the second highest waterfall of Mexico. It is located in the (again ) Basaseachic National Park in the Cañón (again) Basaseachic in the Copper Canyon region of northwestern Mexico, near Creel, Chihuahua. It is 246 meters (807 feet) high, and is second only to the Cascada-de Piedra Volada (Flying Stone Falls) in Mexico.

Beaver – Montana’s premier waterfall

The total height of Beaver Falls (Beaver, “beaver” or “visor”[armor]) is: 1,291 feet (393 meters), highest cascade: 517 feet (158 meters). It is one of the highest waterfalls in Montana’s Glacier National Park “Lake Helena Wilson Park,” USA. It is also known as Diamond Falls because the stream of water first splits into two channels and then converges before reaching the valley floor to form a diamond-shaped figure in the rock. Until 1939 it was called Lincoln Falls.

Kiribati - Republic of Kiribati or Christmas Island
Blanche Cascade, Reunion

Cascade Blanche (translates as White Waterfall) is one of the most famous waterfalls on the island of Réunion. It is formed by the fall of the Brasse de Caverne River into a valley, and consists of four cascades, the first of which is 400 meters high. Some estimates put its height at 2,100 feet (910 meters), but there are several comments online that the height may actually be in the 800 meter range.Normally the waterfall has a relatively low flow rate, but during the rainy season it is quite impressive, and can be quite powerful.

Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

Blue Nile Falls is located on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. It is known as T Issat in Amharic, which translates to “smoking water” It is located on the upper reaches of the river, about 30 kilometers downstream from the town of Bahr Dar and Lake Tana. The waterfall is considered one of Ethiopia’s most famous tourist attractions. The Blue Nile Falls are estimated to be 37 to 45 meters high, and consist of four streams, with flows ranging from trickling in the dry season to 400 cubic meters per second in the rainy season.

Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite Park, California

Bridalveil Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Yosemite Valley, California, and is visited by millions of visitors annually in Yosemite National Park. Bridalveil Falls is 188 meters (617 feet) high and flows year-round. The glaciers that have cut through Yosemite Valley have left many flatlands that have produced waterfalls that fall into the valley. During the dry season the water often does not reach the ground, which is why the Ahwahneechee Native Americans call this waterfall Pohono, which means Puffing Wind Spirit.

Burney Falls, California.

Burney Falls on Burney Creek, in MacArthur-Burney State Memorial Park, Shasta, California. The water comes from underground springs above the falls, and falls from a height of 129 feet (58 meters), having a near-constant flow of 100 million American gallons per day (4 m ³/s), even during the dry summer months. President Theodore Roosevelt called the falls “the eighth wonder of the world,” and in December 1984 it was declared a National Natural Monument.

Marble Falls, Italy

Marble Falls (Cascata delle Marmore) is an artificial waterfall created by ancient Romans. Its total height is 165 m (541 ft), making it one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, and the highest artificial waterfall in the world. Of its 3 sections, the upper one is the highest at 83 m (272 ft). It is located 7.7 km from the town of Terni, capital of the province of the Italian region Umbria. Its source is part of the waters of the Velino River (the rest of the river flows into the HPP), after flowing through Lake Piediluco near the community of Marmor. The waterfall flows into the valley formed by the Nera River. Its flow turns on and off according to a published schedule to meet the needs of tourists and power companies. Tourists try to be there when the floodgates are open to see the powerful flow of water.

Northern Mariana Islands - Mariana Archipelago
Comet Falls, Washington

Comet Falls is a high waterfall located on Van Trump Creek in Pierce County, Washington. The falls are considered the best in the Mount Rainier region. At first glance, the drop is about 300 feet (91 m) from the plateau into the valley in one high cascade. But there are actually two other much smaller cascades below the main waterfall, as well as one upstream. The two lower drops are 40 and 20 feet (6.1 m) high, but the height of the upper drop is not yet known. In any case, assuming the upper drop is at least 20 feet (6.1 m) high, the total height of the falls is probably about 400 feet (120 m).

Coomberland Falls, Kentucky

Cumberland Falls, sometimes called Little Niagara, or Niagara South, or Great Falls, is a large waterfall on the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky. Located on the river on the border of McCreary and Wheatley counties, the falls are the centerpiece of Cumberland Recreation Park. Averaging 68 feet (21 m) in height and 125 feet (38 m) in width, the waterfall flows at an average of 3,600 cubic feet per second (100 m ³/s) over a stable sandstone bed.

Cummins Falls, Tennessee

Cummins Falls is located on the Blackburn Fork Creek, Jackson County, Tennessee. Cummins Falls is the largest private waterfall (with a swimming bowl) in Tennessee. At 75 feet (26 meters) high, it is the eighth-largest waterfall in Tennessee by volume.

Della Falls, Canada

Della Falls is located in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. With a maximum drop of 440 m (1,443 ft), Della Falls is the highest waterfall in Canada. It is located 60 km (37 miles) from the city of Port Alberni, British Columbia.

Depot Creek Falls, Washington

Depot Creek Falls is a tall – 967 ft (295 m) waterfall in North Falls National Park, Whatcom County, Washington. The waterfall is located where the creek falls along a nearly steep wall from a plateau. It begins with a step 200 feet (61 m) high, followed by a long descent of 767 feet (234 m) into the valley below.

Detian Falls – Banyue, China – Vietnam

Detian – Banyue Falls, also called Ban Gioc Falls, are two waterfalls on the Gui Xuan River on the China-Vietnam border, located in the Karst Mountains of Dasin District, Chongguzo Prefecture, Guangxi Province, on the Chinese side, and in Trung Han District, Caobang Province on the Vietnamese side, 272 km north of Hanoi. The waterfall is thirty meters high. It consists of three cascades divided into many streams by rocks and trees, and the thunder it produces can be heard from afar.

Sao Tome and Principe is an island nation in Central Africa
Dettifoss, Iceland

Dettifoss is a waterfall in the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park of northeast Iceland, near Miwatn. It is located on the Glacier Mountain River (Jökulsá á Fjöllum river), which flows from the Vatnaekul glacier and collects water from a large area in northeastern Iceland. The waterfall is about 100 meters wide, the drop is 44 m to the bottom of the canyon Jökulsárgljúfur. It is the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of flow, the average water flow is 200 m3/sec. The waterfall can only be accessed by a dirt road. There are no facilities on the west bank, and the view of the waterfall is somewhat obstructed by the spray of the waterfall. On the eastern bank there is an observation platform with an information board, maintained by the staff of Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður National Park.

Dudhsagar Falls, India

Dudhsagar Waterfall (means “sea of milk” in Marathi and Konkani languages) is a multi-level waterfall located on the Mandovi River in Goa, India, on the border with the state of Karnataka. It is 60 km from Panaji. The waterfall is located high in the Mandovi River basin and is not particularly spectacular during the dry season. However, during the monsoon season the waterfall turns into one of the most powerful waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar Falls has a height of 310 m and is considered the fifth highest waterfall in India, and about 227th in the world.

Engstligen Falls, Switzerland

The Engstligen waterfall (Engstligen, Norwegian for “Alarming”) is located near the town of Adelboden in the Bernese Alps and is the second largest waterfall in Switzerland. It is mentioned in the Swiss list of landscapes of national importance. Numerous mountain streams from the Engstliggen plateau join together near its northern side, and fall in two stages over rocks from a height of 600 m into the Engstliggen valley, where they give rise to the Engstlig River. In winter, Jengstligen Falls is a paradise for ice climbers.

Erawan Falls, Thailand

Erawan Falls, found near Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is not one of the most dangerous or lively waterfalls on earth, but the seven cascades of falls flowing gently down the slopes, ranging in height from 10 to 70 feet (3.5 to 24 meters) create a soothing atmosphere like no other. Deposits of natural limestone make the water in the pool beneath the waterfall a sparkling blue color.

Feather Falls, California

Feather Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the United States, falling at a breathtaking 640 feet (224 meters). It is the most beautiful waterfall in California, outside of Yosemite Park. It is located in Plumans National Wildlife Refuge, Butte County in Oroville.

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