100 Mysterious Dungeons and Subterranean Mysteries of the World

Dungeon Mysteries

You don’t have to go to the Bermuda Triangle to encounter the unknown. It is enough to go under the ground in Moscow or in the closest suburbs. According to speleologists, 90% of Russian caves and dungeons have never set foot in a modern man. And meanwhile the underground is a special world, where the phenomena unexplainable by science happen.

In one of the caves researchers regularly observe the spontaneous combustion of matchboxes. In another – slowing down and speeding up the passage of time. In a third, they find “traces of unknown beasts on unknown paths”.

Even encounters with ghosts under the ground do not look so unreal. Advanced science, however, for some reason does not hurry to go underground.

Gold on Blue

Victor Emelyanov calls himself a professional treasure hunter. He prepares his treasures, disappearing for months in libraries and museums. On his account are half a dozen successful expeditions and only one unsuccessful one. He tells reluctantly about it. Apparently, he is afraid of being considered insane.

He finds out about the treasure near the village of Rumyantsevo from a pre-revolutionary newspaper during his studies. Legend has it that the treasure was hidden in the underground passages under the church by one of the merchants of Volokolamsk. In Soviet times there was a cowshed in the church, and now only ruins are left of it.

– I arrived there with a spade and a biolocation frame,” says Viktor. – I set myself to search: put all extraneous thoughts out of my mind and imagined a scattering of ancient coins. Started to slowly bypass the ruins.

The place was promising: the frame began to rotate several times. But then suddenly it spun like mad. There was no doubt: there is a treasure, we just need to find the entrance to the dungeon. Victor tried digging near the altar, but then his gaze fell on the ruined bell tower: a bright blue glow appeared right above it. There was nothing threatening in it, but the treasure hunter was horrified. He ran several kilometers to the station without stopping.

Almost every treasure hunter will tell you about something similar. Mentions of fire over treasures are found even in ancient chronicles. Thus, in the Old Russian “Tale of Boris and Gleb” we read: “If bo bo or silver, or gold will be hidden, many will see the fire burning in that place, showing the devil, for the sake of the covetous.

Modern science, however, rejects the devilishness. Roughly such a picture is characteristic of the Scythian burials. The Scythians hid their looted goods during the crusades in large pits. And to avoid attracting undue attention of their comrades, they staged it as a funeral of a horse: the horse’s carcass was placed over the treasures. Over time, methane was naturally released in such a burial ground. Under certain conditions, the gas could come out and ignite. It burns with that bright blue flame.

If Victor had known the materialistic version of the glow, his secret collection would have been enriched with the treasures of another treasure. But he considers himself lucky, he got off easy. After all, among “black archaeologists” there is a belief about the “blue background” that can pull all the bones out of a person and leave only a shapeless pile of bloody meat on the ground.

In the world of animals

…Once a year, the animals of the Moscow Zoo enter the underground passages beneath the zoo at midnight and scatter around the city to take revenge on people for their “happy childhood. This, of course, is from the category of digger tales. But the fact that the underground and underwater world in the capital is crawling with mutants is a medical fact, as they say.

Even 10 years ago the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a study of fauna of the Moscow River and found that within the city almost no fish remain without genetic changes. Scientists came across freaks without eyes, fins and scales. But the river is a powerful ecosystem, capable of self-cleaning for some time. What to say about the inhabitants of underground sewers, which dissolve the whole Mendeleev’s table.

According to Vadim Mikhailov, leader of the Moscow diggers, the underground has its own peculiar fauna: from mutant worms thriving in alkaline solutions to cockroaches as large as turtles. And giant rats, the size of a good dog, have been seen many times by completely different people.

– All their proportions are rat-like,” says one of the eyewitnesses. – The only thing is that the mutants are a little tapered at the withers and don’t have the rounded ass of their classical relatives. Such a creature looks like it could easily chew off a leg.

Culture, traditions and customs of the peoples of the world.

According to one version, these are mutated common rats that lived in the communications near the nuclear reactors of the “Kurchatnik” and other institutes.

Cave explorers also encounter animals unknown to science. In the Koltsovo system near Kaluga, speleologists noticed that food was disappearing from their underground camp. Soup concentrates were especially popular. And then one day cave explorer Konstantin Nosov had a chance to meet an unusual little beast, as they say, nose to nose. The animal from his words and under his guidance sketched by an artist. So, in the atlases of the Eurasian fauna nothing similar could be found. The speleologists made several attempts to photograph the stranger.

– We set a tension-action photo trap, – tells Andrey Perepelitsyn, a member of the expedition. – In the morning we found out that it didn’t work, although the bait was gone – the string has been cut in 50 centimeters from the bait, and the tip was washed up.

Made several more attempts, but the result was the same all the time. And no wonder, because we used the most that neither is amateur equipment: camera and home video camera. The official science with the advanced technics doesn’t hurry up to go under the ground. And in vain. Since the 1960s, speleologists have talked about bats dwelling at a depth of 100 meters. Then no one believed them either. Until 1995 in the caves went down to the biology department of the Pedagogical University.

…Miners from the Tula settlement of Staraya Vasyukovka tell about animals with big eyes, which they call kobeasa. Kobeas have more than once warned people about rockslides.

In the caves and quarries one can also meet an underground inhabitant, covered with hair from head to toe. He looks like a snowman, but he’s no more than a meter tall. According to Gatchina speleologist Pavel Miroshnichenko, it is a shubin. Bypassing the tunnels, Shubin coughs in an old man’s way. Anomalists consider him an underground house-dweller, and biologists, having crossed various descriptions, believe that cobeas and shubin are unknown species of relict lemur. But how did these inhabitants of Africa end up in our average strip.

If the glitch turned out to be suddenly

…In a small mountain village on the Kelassuri River in Abkhazia there lived a boy. He grazed sheep in the mountains. One day some Moscow speleologists came to the village and asked the shepherd to take them into the cave. They spent the whole day underground, and in the evening the boy decided to show the guests one of the passages in a hard-to-reach place. He was the first to use a rope to go down into the well, when suddenly a rock jumped off the wall and broke his leg. The speleologists threw down a backpack with food, and they went to the village for help. But there they were afraid to tell about the accident and quietly escaped. The whole village looked for the boy for many days, but found only a backpack with untouched food. Since then, a ghost has appeared in the cave.

This is one version of the legend of the White Caveman. In fact, there are as many versions as there are caves. Every dungeon has its own White. The tale is a lie, of course… However, the very persistence of the legends tells us that there is not enough scientific knowledge to explain the strange things that happen under the earth.

– Unexpectedly you wake up in an underground cave in a very good spirits, – tells Sergey, a speleologist with 30 years of experience. – Suddenly you see the contours of the cave, lit with greenish light, or a pattern of glowing dots, reminiscent of the starry sky. And this at a depth of tens of meters in complete darkness. Or you hear footsteps approaching. It’s as if someone enters the grotto, walks around it and goes back out.

Scientists reduce their explanation to hallucinations. Indeed, the underground environment is atypical for humans. It is believed that the brain, experiencing information and sensory hunger in the complete silence and darkness, itself retrieves images and sounds from the subconscious. If suddenly someone begins to hear the Red Banner Chorus of Alexandrov under the ground – well, that’s all right: the poor man has caught his glitch.

But how to explain that in the same cave in the middle of the night for unknown reasons at the same time five people wake up, and each of them observes the same greenish glow? After all, as they say in the cartoon about Prostokvashino, it’s only the flu all together, everyone goes crazy on their own. And these collective “glitches” happened more than once or twice.

Brazil country

Researchers of dungeons keep their own collection of speleoanomalous phenomena. In the category of these SAYA already got three dozen inexplicable events. And it is only repeated, observed by more than one person and in more than one place.

…In the summer of 2003 the German cave-dweller got lost in a cave in Spain. When he was rescued after two days, he spoke clear Spanish with the rescuers. Although he had not known the language before! There are dozens of such examples when stress experienced in the cave gives rise to an abnormal exacerbation of one’s creative abilities.

Another phenomenon – cave transgression. A man in a far corner suddenly finds himself without light: the batteries are discharged. Of course, he experiences severe stress. And then he finds himself in the very place where he was originally going. In this case, all the way through is erased from memory. And if you believe the clock, it was not even spent time on the road. Only in the Nikitah cave system near Moscow 20 cases of speleotransgression have been registered and three of them were group ones.

One cannot help thinking about the White speleologist, who is famous for helping good people find their way out and leading bad ones under rockslides.

Ancient legends, by the way, sometimes tend to come true.

…In the 14th century, the impregnable mountain fortress of Cufut Qale in the Crimea was besieged by enemies. People in the fortress began to die because it had no water of its own. The girl Janyke saved everyone. She was so small that she was able to squeeze into a mountain crevice and make her way to an underground spring. Janike carried water with a bottle to the town waterhole all night long, and at dawn she died.

For many centuries this story was considered as a fairy tale. Believe in the water in the middle of red-hot rocks of the Central Crimea is not easier than the cave ghosts. But in 1998, speleologists dug the entrance to the ancient well. … Today the tourists are led through the cave serpentine to a huge grotto, in which splashes a real lake.

So fairy tales may be a lie… Or may not be a lie – it just takes time to understand their truth.

A Private Affair

Yuri Pavlovich Suprunenko is a candidate of geographical sciences, an employee of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the Russian Geographic Society and the National Geographic Society of the USA, corresponding member of the All-Russian Research Public Organization “Kosmopoisk”. He is engaged in the issues of recreational development of mountains within the framework of the problems of rational use of natural resources. Scientific interests are combined with the popularization of knowledge, he regularly appears in the periodical press. Member of the Union of Writers of Russia. Author and co-author of several books, including: “The latest encyclopedia of mysterious places of Russia “(Moscow, 2006),” Land mysterious: The places of power on the map of Russia “(Moscow, 2007),” Domestic travelers and seafarers “(Moscow, 2010), and others. P. Suprunenko published several books in the series “I learn the world” and “Popular encyclopedia”, “The newest encyclopedia of mysterious places in Russia.

Mystical horrors of the caves

In 1992, an expedition of the famous anthropologist David Waddle did not return from the jungles of Thailand. To determine the cause of the disappearance of the explorers, the American Association of Anthropologists formed a group of brave men, led by Perry Winston and Roy Clive – experts familiar with the rugged and mysterious wilderness of Indochina.

Adhering to the route Waddle and his companions were supposed to have taken, the new expedition reached the densely bushy hills northwest of the River Kwai. Beyond these stretched a valley, on one side of which lay swampy marshes inhabited by poisonous creatures, while on the other lay the river.

These places were considered cursed by the local population. And this opinion was based on a legend according to which the place had once been inhabited by cannibalistic sorcerers. For this reason, Winston and Clive were unable to find local guides, and they, along with the rest of the group, continued through the unfamiliar terrain on their own.

In his diaries, shortly before his tragic journey, Waddle described the lowlands in a few lines and also mentioned a mysterious cave where cannibals performed their ritual rites.

Winston and Clive felt that it was most likely the unknown cave that held the mystery of the disappearance of Waddle and his companions. Therefore, the scientists’ main goal was to search for this mysterious place…

Great Britain - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

As soon as dense twilight fell on the valley, the scientists, tired from a long and nervous journey, climbed into their tents. But before they even had time to close their eyes they were suddenly disturbed by incomprehensible sounds similar to the monotonous knocking of many wooden sticks on an empty container. They came from the southwest side of the valley.

Instinctive fear shrouded everyone in the tent in a clammy veil. Certainly, no one ventured in the direction from which the strange clattering sound had come.

The hills near the River Kwai, where the Wodla expedition had disappeared

After lying in the tent till morning, as no one could fall asleep soundlessly after such a surprise, the scientists set out in search of the source of strange sounds.

And now, with several miles of trail behind them, the explorers unexpectedly stumbled upon the cave that Woddle had most likely mentioned in his notes.

Winston and Clive had no doubt that the mysterious sounds came from there.

But it was absolutely unclear whether they belonged to a bird, a beast, or … a ghost. Or maybe a man? But it was hard to believe it, because many signs indicated that people had not been here for a few years.

When explorers began to examine the nearby surroundings, they soon found almost decomposed bodies of the members of Woddle’s expedition. They were recognized by their special equipment, as well as by other signs that were known to Winston and Clive.

In addition, the cause of death of the explorers was also established almost immediately: they had clearly been killed by cutting their skulls and chests open with blunt instruments. There was one oddity in all this: the intact property. If humans had committed the murder, they would undoubtedly have taken the items with them.

After all these gruesome finds, as well as the nocturnal “castanets,” scientists entered the cave cautiously. And for good reason. Inside the grotto they found a large number of human skeletons. Some of them were lying on the floor, others were leaned against the walls, others were hanging from the ceiling.

Moreover, all the skeletons had fractured skulls and ribcages. Another curious fact was that most of the skeletons had obviously been here for decades or even several hundred years.

We settled down to rest away from the cave filled with human skeletons. They were anxiously waiting for the night to come. And the premonitions were soon justified. Suddenly, somewhere around midnight, rhythmic sounds similar to drumming could be heard. But now they were almost nearby, and there was no doubt that they were coming from the cave.

With their rifles cocked, the men stayed awake until morning. Only when the sun flooded the surroundings with bright light did the explorers set off again for the cave. But during the previous night nothing had changed here. There was not even the slightest sign that someone had been near the cave.

But inside the cave itself there was an unexpected surprise for the archaeologists: they immediately noticed that almost all the skeletons had changed their position. This could only mean one thing: at night someone moved them from place to place. But why and by whom?

Winston and one of his colleagues decided to set up an ambush near the cave to get to the bottom of what was going on. And to avoid dozing off, they had brought with them a sizeable supply of coffee and whiskey. They also carried weapons and a movie camera, so they could film in the dark. The rest of us made our way back to the parking lot.

Again in the middle of the night the familiar knocking was heard. No other sounds were heard. As soon as it dawned everyone rushed to the cave. They were greeted by a deadly silence. And soon Clive found the crushed and skull-pierced bodies of Winston and his companion.

This horrible picture so affected the expedition members that the surviving explorers, taking the corpses of their companions with them, immediately left the vicinity of the horrible cave.

No one dared to look into the grotto of horror when they left. But there was one brave man in the team. True, he did not enter the cave, but only directed the beam of a flashlight into its black mouth. According to him, he saw the blood on one of the skeletons … But to what extent the facts set out here are real, it’s hard to say.

The world's 100 most beautiful and famous islands

Those horrors that the researchers had to experience in the mysterious Kashkulak cave, hidden in the spurs of the Kuznetsky Alatau in Khakassia, do not exist, but nevertheless bad glory has been passed on about it from generation to generation for centuries. This is a cult cave of the ancient Khakasses. Here they made sacrifices to their gods, including people. “Kashkulak” in Russian means “cave of the Black Devil”…

Participants of many scientific expeditions, who explored the cave with half-dead human and animal remains, were mostly experienced and courageous people. But practically all of them experienced a sense of panic fear and dread as soon as they descended into this cave.

It happened that suddenly at some point people, without any agreement, dropped their equipment and rushed to the exit. And often they were experienced speleologists.

But, besides a sense of psychological discomfort and inexplicable horror, with people happened and even more strange and mysterious cases. One of them happened in 1983 with Konstantin Baulin, speleologist, a member of the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

After many hours of stay in the cave people moved to the exit. Konstantin was the last in the bunch. And suddenly he felt that his back “drills” someone’s gaze. And then a wave of panicked fear overwhelmed him. For a moment the scientist, as if obeying someone else’s will, turned around and… froze in terror: five meters away from him he saw the figure of an old man in fluttering robes and a furry hat with horns, who called him after himself. The distance between them was short, and the researcher could clearly see his burning eyes and smooth inviting movements. At the first moment the scientist wanted to rush to run, but his legs did not obey him, and he even took a few steps toward the vision. Suddenly, accidentally pulling the rope that bound him to the other participants, it was as if he was free of charms and rushed to the exit. After this incident, the scientist never went down into that cave again, and the visionary man long dreamed of him and called after him.

Local legends say that in one of the grottoes of the cave dwells its keeper – an ancient Khakass shaman. And those tourists who violated his peace, he punishes, appearing to them in a dream or in reality in the form of an old man in waving robes, and beckons them into the depth of the cave. Perhaps it is all about hallucinations.

There is certainly merit in such an assumption. And the hallucinations in the cave could be explained by the unusualness of the environment and the influence of the confined space under the ground on the psyche. But it is difficult to say why different people who have been in the cave have the same hallucinations.

Nevertheless, a number of interesting observations, which may shed light on this phenomenon, have been made. So, for example, in the cave the instruments recorded a constant fluctuation of the electromagnetic field.

Moreover, scientists found that among the various signals, a strictly defined pulse remained almost all the time. Sometimes it was a single signal, and sometimes it manifested itself as a whole series, for example during an hour with intervals of two minutes. But always the signals came with the same amplitude. And there were days when the pulse did not manifest itself at all, but then the instruments recorded it again.

Where did these signals come from and what was their source? The fact that they came from the bowels of the earth became clear after a series of studies. But even the most advanced equipment could not determine what was their source. The scientists presumed that the signals recorded in the cave were not natural and could only come from an artificial transmitter. If it is a radio beacon, then to whom are its signals sent to the sky?

In the course of further research it was found that nervousness, depression and fear covered people only when strange signals were recorded. Moreover, the magnetometer was silent when there was no one on the upper platform, but as soon as people appeared on it, it immediately began to react. It was as if the cave guessed that it had someone to show its secrets to.

Further analysis showed that the bats and birds in the cave also became restless during the same moments.

Trying to explain everything that is happening in the cave, the researchers suggested that this phenomenon is based on some external physical factor, the appearance of which is associated with the presence of man. Most likely, it is a man who becomes a catalyst of those very unstable processes, for the realization of which an external impulse is needed.

Norfolk - Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean

This text is an introductory fragment.

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