18 interesting facts about Japan, photo and description

20 interesting facts about Japan that will amaze you

20 interesting facts about Japan that will amaze you

For many years, Japan has been considered one of the most interesting countries in the world. Its unique culture, delicious food, and cutting-edge technology fascinate and inspire the entire planet.

Nevertheless, some of the customs and habits of the Japanese are often misunderstood, misunderstood and even confusing to people. These 20 interesting facts give us a chance to see Japan for what it is: a mysterious and strong country with a rich cultural heritage.

Facts 20-16.

20 interesting facts about Japan that will amaze you

20. Raw horsemeat is a popular dish in Japan. It is thinly sliced and eaten without cooking. This dish is called “basashi” which is what is shown in the picture.

19. More than 70% of Japan is mountainous. There are also more than 200 volcanoes.

18. A musk melon can cost over 31,473 yen ($300) here.

17. The literacy rate in Japan reaches almost 100%.

16. Japan has vending machines where you can buy draft beer.

Facts 15-11.

20 interesting facts about Japan that will amaze you

15. Life expectancy in Japan is 4 years longer than in the United States.

14. Some men in Japan shave their heads as a sign of apology.

13. Japan has the second lowest murder rate in the world. That said, it is home to a forest of extremely gruesome suicides. The photo shows one of the suicide victims in this location.

12. Japan is the birthplace of 15 Nobel laureates (in chemistry, medicine and physics) and one winner of the Gauss Prize.

11. young sumo wrestlers traditionally wash veteran wrestlers, including all the “hard-to-reach” places.

Facts 10-6.

10. Japan’s unemployment rate is less than 4%.

9. Japan consists of more than 6,800 islands.

8. One of the most popular movies in Japan is Tetsuo the Iron Man. It is a science fiction movie that deals with the fusion of man and machine and the terrible consequences it can cause. The movie was based on a play and was made in college.

7. The first inhabitants of Japan date back to the Paleolithic culture, which originated around 30,000 B.C.

6. The prolific Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike has made 50 films in the last 10 years.

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Facts 5-1.

20 interesting facts about Japan that will amaze you

5. Japanese anime accounts for about 60% of all animated entertainment in the world.

4. 21% of Japan’s population is elderly. This figure is the highest in the world.

3. In the past, the Japanese judicial system has been convicted 99% of the time!

2. Japanese prisons (as of 2003) are operating at 117% capacity.

1. Double floors help determine when to take your shoes off. At the entrance to the house, the floor is usually raised by 15 cm. This means taking off your shoes and putting on your slippers. If there are tatami rooms in the house, their floor may be elevated to 5 cm. In that case, the slippers should also be removed.

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50 Fun Facts About Japan

50 Facts about Japan

Japan is an amazing and unique country which has preserved its color and customs. It has a very developed economy and technological progress, although in the last century it was in decline.

This country is built on contrasts, here is a harmonious blend of modern European foundations and ancient culture. Tall skyscrapers neighbor with blooming cherry trees and medieval castles, and on the streets – business suits and national Japanese clothes.

What other interesting information about Japan do you know? This compilation contains 50 of the most fascinating facts about the country of the rising sun.

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  1. The area of Japan is only 377 thousand square kilometers. In comparison, the territory of Russia is more than 17 million square kilometers.
  2. But in population size Japan is not far behind Russia – it has almost 127 million people. But almost 147 million people live on the vast territory of Russia.
  3. The official name of the country is Nippon Koku, the place where the Sun rises. The country of the rising sun was also called by China in ancient times, as Japan is located closer to the east, and therefore earlier meets the rising sun.
  4. Japan is steadily among the countries with a life expectancy of more than 80 years. On average, men live 79 years and women 85.
  5. The flipside of longevity – low birth rate and demographic crisis. Experts are seriously engaged in this problem, as according to calculations in 2050 the country’s population will reach 95 million.
  6. But Japan has the highest adoption rate! In 2011, there were 81 thousand cases of babies being adopted. However, there is one peculiarity – in Japan they often adopt single adult men from 20 to 30 years old. One reason is the transfer of a business as an inheritance or the continuation of the family when there are no male heirs in the family.
  7. Japan is located on islands, of which there are more than 6,800 in total. However, the largest of them is only four, on which are located the largest cities of the country.
  8. Because of this location, Japan is often threatened by natural disasters. The greatest danger is more than 1,500 earthquakes that occur every year. They can be as big as magnitude 4 to 6, with the most powerful reaching magnitudes of 8 to 9.
  9. Japanese farmers created square watermelons in order to save space and make them easier to transport and sort in the store.
  10. Japanese trains are recognized as the most punctual in the world. On average, their maximum delay is only 18 seconds!
  1. An interesting story describing the Japanese spirit happened to Masabumi Hosono, the only Japanese survivor of the Titanic. After returning home, he was condemned by the public as a coward and even lost his job. Until his death, he endured the disgrace, which then passed on to his children and grandchildren. Experts believe that this situation occurred because the Japanese considered Hosono to be someone who destroyed the traditions of the samurai spirit.
  2. In Japan, technology is very advanced, which is why 90% of smartphones are waterproof. You can even use them in the shower!
  3. There are more than 5.5 million vending machines, where you can buy almost anything.
  4. The Japanese use more than 24 billion disposable chopsticks every year. And more than 90% of chopsticks come from China, which makes more than 45 billion of this product every year.
  5. Many public bathhouses and hot springs prohibit entry to customers with tattoos in remembrance of the fact that tattoos used to be worn by members of criminal gangs.
  6. There is a local tourist attraction in Japan, the rabbit island of Okunoshima. During World War II there was a secret military base, which was then closed down. The lab rabbits were released into the wild, and over the years they have bred to incredible numbers!
  7. Most of the streets in Japan do not have a name. Visitors simply get directions from their hosts or directions to the navigator in the car.
  8. Karoshi is the official medical term for death on the job from overwork. More often than not, a worker dies of a heart attack caused by stress and irregular working hours.
  1. Japan hosts an annual Naki Sumo festival in which wrestlers do not wrestle at all. During this event, two sumo wrestlers take babies under a year old and make them cry by making faces and making noises. Whoever brings the baby to tears first wins!
  2. In 2015, the monster Godzilla officially became a Japanese citizen.
  3. Mihara Volcano is a popular suicide spot in Japan. More than 2,000 people have jumped into its vent, and the country’s government had to build a fence near the active volcano to avoid suicides.
  4. More than 70 flavors of Fanta soda water are sold in Japan.
  5. Hikikomori is the biggest medical problem in Japan. More than a million people (1% of the population) suffer from this disease, mostly men. This is the name given to those who do not leave their room for years, immersing themselves in games and the Internet. These people have no jobs or friends and are completely cut off from society.
  6. In Japanese, there are more than 20 ways to say “excuse me.
  7. The first Frenchman and priest to enter Japan in 1636 was canonized after his martyrdom. Christianity was forbidden in Japan in those years, so he was tortured.
  8. The Snoopy Museum was opened in Tokyo in 2016.
  9. Tipping is strictly forbidden in Japan because the cost of the service is already included in the bill. A waiter can consider it rude to give more money than he or she is entitled to.
  10. Homeless people in Japan who cannot afford to buy a place to live use McDonald’s motto, “The doors are always open!” At night they are comfortably housed in 24-hour cafes, and even have the special name of McRefugees.
  11. The emperor’s voice has been considered divine in Japan for centuries. For the first time the Japanese heard it on August 15, 1945 – he announced the surrender.
  12. In this country are very popular cat cafes, in Tokyo alone there are more than 50. They are even divided by category of fluffy cats – one has only black cats, the other has only rare breeds or formerly homeless cats.
  1. Japan has a museum of rocks that look like faces.
  2. In Tokyo, there is the Henn-na Hotel Japan, which is serviced only by robots. At the reception desk, visitors are greeted by an electronic velociraptor.
  3. In this country, you can officially pay in bitcoins. However, it is not recognized as currency.
  4. Tokyo’s Meguro District is home to the world’s only Parasitological Museum. It has a collection of more than 45,000 different species of parasites.
  5. The Japanese justice system has a record 99% conviction rate.
  6. Every Japanese has a personal seal called an Inkan. There are two kinds of this seal: jitsuin, for large transactions and opening a bank account, and mitomein, for everyday simple transactions. They do not have signatures like in other countries.
  7. There is a cafe in Japan where you can talk to owls.
  8. Between 1608 and 1945, Tokyo was destroyed by a tsunami every five years on average.
  9. The chance of being killed by a gun in Japan is the same as in the United States by lightning.
  10. Fujiyama Volcano is the highest mountain in Japan with a height of 3,776 meters. It is considered sacred and becomes a place of pilgrimage for a million tourists every year.
  1. The first geisha were men who worked in the Kabuki theater.
  2. There are extremely few immigrants in Japan, 98% of the population is Japanese.
  3. In Japanese kitchens, rice cookers are more common than cooktops.
  4. The Japanese restaurant chain Kiyomura bought the most expensive tuna in the world weighing 222 kg. The purchase cost the owner in the amount of 1.8 million dollars.
  5. In this country there is the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants outside the U.S. – more than 3 thousand. There are also elite restaurants of this network: here there is a completely different interior design, comfort level and, accordingly, the price tag on the dishes.
  6. The Japanese eat more fish than other people in the world – over 17 million tons per year.
  7. Sushi was created in the II century as a way to preserve fish and in the XVII century it became a full-fledged meal.
  8. More adult diapers are sold in this country than for children.
  9. Yaeba, or crooked teeth, are very popular among the Japanese. Girls even go to the dentist on purpose to have their teeth crooked or at least to have their teeth padded.
  10. Inemuri is a special concept in Japan that describes sleeping at work or on public transport. The bosses will not scold you for this; on the contrary, sleeping in the workplace is considered a sign that an employee works hard and does not sleep enough.
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These, of course, are not all the facts about Japan – this unique and amazing country never ceases to amaze! It is definitely safe to say that much of what is in Japan cannot be found in other parts of the globe!

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