20% Discount AVAILED on August 2011 Flights

I am so happy to be able to avail the 20% discounted fare offered by AirPhil Express to all students who could present a valid identification card.
Tomorrow, I will be flying back to Davao City to have my long weekend be celebrated there!
Yay! for my discounted fare!

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AirPhil Express 20% Discount

Noting much more exciting to travel aside from FREEbies but also on DISCOUNTED fares.

AirPhil Express is giving 20% discounted fares on all students provided to present recent valid ID upon purchasing any travel tickets on any AirPhil Express ticketing offices.
For more information on ticket discounts, feel free to visit AirPhil Express Discounts.

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AirPhil Express ‘Ilo-ilo Trips’ Promo Fare

Starting August 23, 2011, AirPhil Express is having an ‘express sale’ on ‘Ilo-ilo trips’ from November 1 until December 15, 2011.
For more details, head on to AirPhilExpress.com now!

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Cebu Pacific ‘Every JUAN must go’ Promo Fare

Planning to travel between October 1 to December 31, 2011?
Grab the ‘Every JUAN must go‘ promo fare. Selling period is until August 25, 2011.
For more details regarding the Cebu Pacific promo fare, head on to Cebu Pacific promo fare.

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Dengue Threat to Southeast Asian Travelers

If you are planning to travel in any of the Southeast Asian countries, be aware of the recent outbreak of Dengue Fever. Some noted Southeast Asian countries where Dengue is in high threat to travelers now a days are Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.
In fact, Taipei government has reported (via CNA) on August 15 the 14 confirmed dengue cases.
According to the Focus Thailand News Channel, there are 82 confirmed cases nationwide. Of which, there are 65 imported dengue fever. Imported dengue fever means that the case is not originally from that specific country but just been transported by an infected carrier from a place recently visited but the signs and symptoms showed only during the …

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Blog Banner

Want to exchange links with the travel blogger?

Feel free to grab the code below and save in your sidebar.
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After doing so, come back here and leave some comments in this form:

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Don’t worry, I will confirm the links’ exchange by, off course, dropping some love in your blogs too! Happy Blogging!

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After a long mind-setting, I finally came up with a travel blog.
Honestly, it took me months to push thru with this. My very first reason? I still am a medical student, and I don’t have much time to travel as what other travel blogger do even though traveling, touring, being a tourist, stranger and a foreigner is what I loved to do.
But a lot of my travel blogger friends advised and shared that it doesn’t mean that you’re a travel blogger, then you need to travel all the way. Being a travel blogger is like blogging, as the first hand hobby, the travels and trips experienced. Travel and then blog about the travel, that’s it!
And oh, you might be asking …

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