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Expedia coupon codes for Summer 2012

Summer, as we all know, is by far, the most exciting month to look forward to in a year because of the getaways, escapades and other fun things to do in the beach, mountainous areas and other places with the families, friends and loved ones. And I should say, yes! it truly is the most anticipating month of a year.

For these months of April and May when Summer season in the country falls, and these are also the months where most of the private or even government workers are having enough time to leave the workplace and enjoy the summer heat. Many opt to enjoy and feel the heat yet cool breeze of beaches and resorts in the nearby localities. While others are thinking of spending the months abroad.

One of the best thing these days when planning to spend a holiday, specifically summer holidays abroad is the fact that travel coupons are just available online. Such of these travel coupons is Expedia coupon. They provide cheap, affordable and discounted holiday coupon codes and deals. In fact, these year, they have Expedia coupon codes 2012 that was featured in SciTechDaily.

For the rest of the summer days that are left to enjoy, this is the best opportunity that everyone should grab for.

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Furniture at Kamalig Restaurant, Dumaguete City

As I have mentioned in my other blog, I guess in my food blog, that I had my first ever lunch at Kamalig Restaurant, a Filipino restaurant in Dumaguete City last Sunday, April 21, 2012 with my close and an old friend, Aicy.

Aside from the foods that we had, some small things that caught my attention include the furniture at the restaurant. Those were made of bamboo and were very homely-designed place to dine at.


However, when my friend mentioned the place, I didn’t expect it that way, I just thought of other modern-style restaurant though its name is kinda giving me a clue already. This is because Kamalig, in the local dialect is like a garage area at home. So when I tried to imagine the place, I thought of some techie modern and more advanced Kamalig place with luxurious Lexington furniture on it.

Nevertheless, the place has a cozy environment and a conducive one to dine and hang out with friends and family.

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Blame it to ‘Traveling’

I should say, I’ll blame it to ‘traveling’ why I missed a lot of parties and events just this month of April 2012. One of which was the birthday of my precious niece, Didang. I was already here in Cebu City days before her birthday. And even if I’ll get the most recent fly back to our hometown, I still couldn’t make it since that was a mid-week day and there were a lot of things to do in school.

image source and credit

So for me not to totally feel how I missed the birthday of Didang, I created her a banner for her birthday. That was a Snow White-inspired party and so was the banner.

Another event was the baptismal ceremony and party for my close friend’s only son, TJ. I was able to attend the pre-baptismal seminar for godmothers but I missed the baptismal ceremony itself.

I haven’t sent any gifts for TJ yet. I thought of sending flowers online but I doubt if TJ would love it because of the fact that he’s still a baby and a boy too. Until now, I am still thinking of a presents to give for TJ.

These are just two of the events that I totally missed this month. And I am blaming it to traveling. If I didn’t fly back here in Cebu, sure thing, I’d able to attend and enjoy those days with them.

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Waters of the Pacific Ocean

I am not done yet sharing our family photos during our Enchanted River escapade in Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. But as promised, I really will. So for now, I will show you how the waters of the Pacific Ocean amazed me. And believe it or not, I really literally tasted it.

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

Waters of the Pacific Ocean

The waters of the Pacific Ocean tasted….mmmmm..of course, salty. Nyahahaha.. The family was really laughing at me when I showed to them that I really tasted the waters.

This is an entry for me to the Blog Photo Challenge.


Road Car Problem

During the family’s escapade on April 8, 2012 in Enchanted River, Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, on our way going there, we have passed by two road car problem incidences. Both of them experienced flat tires.

image source and credit

Most of the autos and cars passing the road and coming in and out of the area were either private cars — family-used or those that carry loads of logs going to the town. So to those who experienced road car problem there, their would be less chances of receiving help from other travelers.

The two cars needed to be pulled out from the road using trailer hitches for them to be moved to the nearest auto shops because they didn’t bring with them extra tires.

To experience having flat tires in a road trip is really one of the most common road car problems which travelers or any road adventurers should always take a note especially when going to an almost forested area.

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