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Insano, Wildest Water Slide in the World

I, myself, haven’t tried the wildest water slide in the world, INSANO, yet neither popped in my mind to try even once.

Insano, Wildest Water Slide in the WorldInsano, Wildest Water Slide in the World

Insano is located in Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil. It stands 41-meter high. Just imagine a 41-storey building; and Insano is like that. Then imagine yourself to go and take the slide from that rooftop of the building to the ground. Isn’t it really stomach-churning?

That’s one absolute answer why I would never ever try to slide on this water slide.

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AirPhil Express 2012 Promo — 88 Pesos on All Domestic Flights

If any of you are planning to have a trip between July 01 to November 30 this year, this is the right time to avail for the AirPhil Express 2012 Promo — 88 PhP fare on all domestic flights. But this is just the base fare, kindly take note on that.

AirPhil Express 2012 Promo — 88 Pesos on All Domestic Flights

Personally, I really have a lot of travel plans between these dates. I even included in my list to buy food carts, even the small one, the very handy and affordable one, for me to keep and store foods for any travels especially land trips. On these mentioned dates fall my birthday and other anticipated celebrations that needed to be well-planned to.

Going back to the promo fare, this is only available — its selling period, will be between May 28 until May 30, 2012 only. Hence, this is something to rush to when it comes to booking and purchasing tickets online at

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Preparing for the Long Land Trip

I and some of my old friends are planning to have a 4-day vacation. Since this plan is a very exciting one after more than 10 years that we didn’t see each other, we have decided to make this trip a very long land trip for us to have a longer time to bond and enjoy each other.

Long Land Trip (image source and credits)

Of course, since this will be a long land trip, I am already making a list of what I need to bring and pack for these 4-day trip. Aside from the most basic personal necessities, I am thinking of handing with me laptops notebooks or any portable gadgets that could connect to the internet for me to monitor my online obligations even if I am on a trip. Or maybe, I will just bring with me my iPad then.

Other things I already packed are foods and drinks and maps also.

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Safe Fireplaces

Some of my friends in the United States have installed wall mounted fireplace. They find this household stuff or gadget to be space-saver and really cool. There is no need to chop firewood to keep the fire burning and there is no worrying of embers flying and falling into carpets causing fire and all. The fact that it can save space, it has the same effect as those with the traditional fireplace. To any modern home, it is a perfect addition and will definitely warm the house with its soothing and strong fire.

The ones I have seen online are really cool and if only can it be used here, I would certainly buy one. There are so many stylish designs and the sizes vary too depending on your need. I am glad that my friends have decided to install these kinds of fireplace because they can really be of use especially during the winter season. It has also saved them from buying firewood, thus saving millions of trees from being cut down. These kinds of fireplaces are also safe for families with small children. The risk of getting burned and other accidents are lowered. I am happy that these too have been innovated, making our homes safer and more conducive, for a happier living.

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To Travel for Gold Bars

If we talk on gold bars, it’s really an interesting thing to do and even more if we could find or own a number of it. And yes, it really is because I have known a man who just travel to find and discover where those gold bars are deposited in the world.

Gold Bars (image source and credits)

That man is not a friend of mine. I just knew about his travels from a friend who happen to be that man’s friend.

At first, I was kind of amazed and pretty interested to know about his endeavors. But when my friend shared some info about him, I then thought to myself that to travel for gold bars is not for me. It is such a very dangerous and a critical thing to do for a lady like me.

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