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Cebu Pacific Air 2012 Promo — PISO Fare on All DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL Flights

The Cebu Pacific Air just recently announces their PISO Fare on All DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL flights.

Cebu Pacific Air 2012 Promo -- PISO Fare on All DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL Flights

This is extremely an exciting airline promo — the lowest base fare, PISO fare, for every travel to, fro and within the Philippines. But this is yet the base far, as mentioned earlier. The travel taxes, insurances and other fees like booking fees and more are not yet included here. But more or less, this is way cheaper especially if you’ll be carrying a lot of baggage including your joe rocket boots. LOL!

Anyways, if you wanted to avail on this Cebu Pacific Air 2012 Promo — PISO Fare on All DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL Flights, just visit the official webpage of the airline and book your seat now!

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World’s Best Nude Beaches

Just recently, I and my friend has planned and talked about spending some time at a beach. We have mentioned a lot of beach resorts in the country but we found them almost looking the same from each other. We mean, there’s no “new” to look forward to for us to get more excited.

But because of our eagerness to tackle about beach resorts, we ended up talking about nude beaches. So here below are some of the nude beaches from all over the world that we have discussed.

1. Cap d’Agde Beach in France. This beach is considered to be one of the many leisure spots in French Mediterranean. Naturism/nudity in this beach is legal and even in some areas in the city where this beach is located and in restaurants and shops as well.

Cap d’Agde Beach in FranceCap d’Agde Beach in France (image from

2. Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida. This beach is considered one of the naturist beach in US where nudity, skinny dipping is allowed.

Haulover Beach in Miami, FloridaHaulover Beach in Miami, Florida (image from

3. Hedonism II in Jamaica. This resort is operated by Superclubs and is reserved for naturism.

Hedonism II in JamaicaHedonism II in Jamaica (image from

Whew! These are just three (3) of the many best nude beaches in the world. But I don’t think I can do skinny dipping on those beaches! LOL!


Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families

Keeping the whole family entertained during a holiday can be an arduous task. Finding even one activity that moms, dads and kids enjoy is tricky. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly holiday destination, it may seem like a thankless task, but there are places you could visit where everyone can enjoy themselves together, coming back home with priceless memories and big smiles. By booking family holidays with Mahlatini, you could be able to find the vacation of your dreams in Africa, where adventure, excitement and relaxation come as standard.

Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for FamiliesWhy Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families (image from

Africa has so much to offer for visitors, meaning that boredom that often occurs during family vacations is impossible. South Africa in particular is perfect, as you can do so much there. You could go on safari and see the local wildlife, visit Table Mountain near Cape Town or even go shopping in the city itself if you want to go and so something a little more sedate. There are also spectacular views wherever you go too.

When visiting Africa with, you could so much more. You could do something adventurous like mountain climbing, scuba diving near the Cape of Good Hope, swim off the South African coast or visit the nearest museum or art gallery. If you want to get a real flavour of day-to-day life in the continent, you could visit the locals and see how they live, or perhaps you could visit the countryside if you want something a little more peaceful. Wherever you decide to visit in Africa, the family will be entertained throughout your vacation.

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Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu

It was my first time to have a different kind of spa — a fish spa with my friend, Ernhez at Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu, but up until now, I still can feel the giggles each suck of the fishes brought to me.

Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City CebuTibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu

Each 30-minute spa session cost each of us 150.00 PhP. But I could say, for a first timer on a fish spa, the experience was really great. We were more than relaxed because of the tickles of those little fishes on our soles.

Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu with ErnhezTibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu with Ernhez

Hopefully, we can still get back and have another fish spa session there soon in Cebu City.

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A friend’s visit at the Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City

A classmate since elementary and high school and a friend as well, Babe, visited Cebu City last April 2012 as part of her job. As soon as she arrived, she immediately rung me and together with my other friend working in Cebu City also, we met and toured a number of tourist spots in the locality.

At the Magellan's Cross in Cebu CityAt the Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City

The very first spot we stopped by at was the Magellan’s Cross just approximately 50 meters away from the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu which was our meeting place.

So here it was. This was one of our pictures taken at the Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City. That was Babe, the one second lass from left. She was with her co-nurse, at the left-most; pardon me for I forgot his name. The lad on my right side is Erik, he was also our classmate since high school and he’s working in Cebu City.

We were not able to roam around the city more since the two nurses have had work to be done yet and I and Erik had other things to do also. That time, I still need to look for an application to clean up computer’s hard drive.

Nonetheless, our day was fun and full of laughs.

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