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Inside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

I just had my first ever flight with — operated by SeaAir Aircraft on December 16, 2012. As a first time flyer with them, I was very ecstatic to experience their services. By far, everything went good as expected; from the flight attendants’ services, a smooth flights and up until we arrived earlier than the expected arrival time. However, there’s only one thing which really bothered me much in the duration of our flight — the very small aisles and spaces in-between seats. Take a look at these images I took inside the aircraft.

Inside TigerAirways --- SeaAir AircraftInside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

The image above shows more or less three (3) inches space between the tip of the knee of the passenger to the back of the seat in-front of her.

Inside TigerAirways --- SeaAir AircraftInside TigerAirways --- SeaAir Aircraft

Inside TigerAirways — SeaAir Aircraft

The two images above were taken where I seated at. Just take a look how my knees were almost to touch the back part of the seat in-front of me.

For now, I don’t have booked and scheduled travels with TigerAirways — SeaAir yet. I can’t say I won’t fly with them again since they offer very affordable airfare. Only the too

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Fitted Table Covers For Travel Trade Shows

I used to attend travel trade shows since then. Of course, as a trying hard traveler, I want to check personally myself the latest travel deals that each travel agency, which attended the trade show, is showcasing.

Some of the things I always make sure to have me updated for are the year-round discounted offers on hotels and accommodation offered in any local resorts in the country. It is not necessary for me to stay in not-so familiar and not numbered-star hotels but for as long as it could provide the comfort, ease and satisfaction I always expect for a vacation, I always grab that such opportunity to fly and travel then.

Included also in the above mentioned staycations are discounted fare rates to avail at and other perks in traveling like the newest local travel destinations and fun spots.

Not just the travel details I am checking for but I also keep an eye on how each travel agencies showcase their deals including their fitted table covers for trade shows if it fits on the agency’s invites for people to patronise them.

Fitted Table Covers For Travel Trade ShowsFitted Table Covers For Travel Trade Shows (image from

The fitted table covers for travel trade shows are what I usually take an eye at so to see how presentable, customer-friendly and inviting travel agencies are. Do you? Smiley

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Flight Cancellations

I am not feeling good today. This actually started two days ago. But since a lot of school stuff I need to make them done, illnesses shouldn’t be put in mind and felt this time. And much that I am going home today, I need to feel good and so no flight cancellations for me.

Flight CancellationsFlight Cancellations (image from

As we all know, once we cancel our flights and decided to rebook and reschedule it, it would cost us more than twice the original fare. I actually has experienced this before. And if this going to happen this time, I think it’s not a clever idea to have this again.

So, for now, I need to make myself kicking for my travel today.

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First Time To Travel with — TigerAirways Philippines

I am used to travel going home utilizing the local airline companies in the country such as AirPhil Express, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines. Hence, this coming Sunday, December 16, 2012 will be my first time to travel with — TigerAirways Philippines.

No one from the family has tried the services of yet so I don’t have anybody to ask at about any idea how they provide and take care of their customers. I’ve been asking some friends also who used to travel but none of those I talked to has tried this airline company as well.

Tiger Airways is one of Asia’s leading low cost carriers. First established in 2003 with Tiger Singapore, it rapidly grew its paw print with Tiger Airways Australia in 2007, and associate airlines, Mandala Airlines in Indonesia and SEAir in the Philippines in 2012.

Operating from Singapore and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Tiger’s network extends to over 30 destinations in 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Tiger is committed to offering customers great value fares and friendly service while maintaining the highest standards of safety, security and reliability.

The airline has won several awards, including the Low Cost Airline of the Year Award at CAPA’s Aviation Awards for Excellence in 2010.

I am just hoping that for this coming travel of mine, I would have the best experience that I am expecting from them. And oh, speaking for travel, this reminds that I need to buy new name plates and tags for my new luggage. I already have one before but since mom asked me to have her the luggage, I just give the luggage to her including the tags.

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When traveling solo, Where to go? Travel Ideas: 4 Top Cities To Travel Solo

Sometimes, we prefer to travel solo. Isn’t it? With the stresses we inevitably experience every day, it is not unusual we see people traveling solo. This, most often than not, is not because they don’t have someone to accompany them but because being solo is gives them a time to think, decide for something, plan for anything of their own. For some, it’s something like a “me-time” especially wif things seemed flowing out of what it is expected.

Here are the top 4 cities ideal for a solo travel according to Forbes Travel Guide.

  1. Berlin, Germany. From my knowledge in history way back high school years, Berlin in Germany is a very historical place wherein big universities, museums and research institutes are homing. And when talking about Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is what always popped out in my mind. It is one of the landmarks in Berlin and a highly-visited tourist spot as well. Why ideal for solo travel? For me, Berlin is a safe place and as what some friends who visited the place shared, people are also friendly.
  2. Sydney, Australia. Aside from the fact that some of my relatives are living in Australia, though not really in Sydney, what I wanted to experience in Sydney myself are the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi Beach. Why ideal for solo travel?  Aussies, the people in Australia, are tourists friendly.
  3. Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica is abundant in natural beaches and a lesser polluted environment than the urban area. Why ideal for solo travel?  Guanacaste is located at the border of Costa Rica along the coast of Pacific Ocean. Hence, its scenic and breath-taking picturesque of the calm ocean provides serendipity to the soul and mind of the solo traveler.
  4. Singapore.  Singapore is located in Asia and having a tropical climate. It is also known for its Singapore Botanic Gardens which showcases the country’s natural resources.  Why ideal for solo travel? Aside from the fact that Singapore is the nearest city mentioned in this post from the country, Philippines, a solo traveler who wants to learn different languages and culture, Singapore is the best to explore.
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