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Travel Website Builders

I have a friend who used to blog about personal, food and other stuff which we both build but he don’t have a travel blog yet. Lately, since I am not so busy yet in school, he asked me if I could help him build a new blog. However, both our summer schedules wouldn’t meet, I just give him a link where he could look for website builders and have him ideas on how to create a new blog specifically travel blog.

Website BuildersWebsite Builders (image from

Hopefully the website builder links I shared him could help him.

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A Splashing Experience at Splash Island

This morning, I, mom, my aunts and uncle went to Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna to experience the splashing water thrills brought by the water slides and off course to beat the heat of the summer sun. So here some of the exciting photos I took during our one-day Splashing Experience at Splash Island.

Splash IslandAt splash Island; mom and aunt.

There are a total of nine (9) splashing water thrill experience at the Splash Island that include Agos Grandes, Big Bam Boo, Water Wahoo, Balsa River, Rio Montañosa, Curl of the Orient, Magellan’s Drop, King Pilipit and Tausug Trails. However, because of the limited time we had, of the nine (9) exciting water thrills, we only tried five (5).

Take a look at the images below.

The Balsa River was the first water adventure we tried dipping at since it is the only water adventure which allows resorts’ guests to dip as early as 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Splash Island Balsa RiverEnjoying the flowing water at Balsa River; mom and aunt.

Splash Island Balsa RiverOne curve trail of the Balsa River; mom and aunt.

Below shows the Agos Grandes at the back of mom and the nipa hut cabana.

Splash Island Agos GrandesMom at the Agos Grandes

One thrilling water slide we tried was the Rio Montañosa, which allows not more than five (5) guests per water slide experience. But I failed to take a picture of the water slide from top because I wasn’t able to go upstairs.

Splash Island Rio MontanosaGoing to Rio Montañosa

Splash Island Rio MontanosaConquered Rio Montañosa!

The Water Wahoo, for me, is just for kids, but since it has a fountain that also allows adults to enjoy, we tried it also, then.

Splash Island Water WahooAt the Water Wahoo

Another thrilling water slide we tried and I was fortunate enough to go upstairs and able to observe how guests prepared before sliding down was the Tausug Trails. If I am not mistaken, it measures as high as 52-feet; really adrenaline-boosting water slide.

Splash Island Tausug TrailsPreparing to slide

Splash Island Tausug Trails

Splash Island Tausug Trails

Splash Island Tausug TrailsSplash Island Tausug TrailsSplash Island Tausug TrailsFinally slid!

These are what we have enjoyed in our day-tour at the Splash Island. Hope you guys enjoyed checking on our pictures.

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Horse Back Riding in Tagaytay

Can you still remember when I, mom and M went to Tagaytay last September 2012? If you did so, one of the things we missed enjoying was horse back riding.

Horse Back Riding in TagaytayHorse Back Riding in Tagaytay (image from

Yes! We weren’t able to do horse back riding because of the weather which was so foggy and a rainy as well. Though I loved to try it, mom didn’t allow me. So what I did, I just made fun watching the people who are enjoying horse back riding then. One of them, if I identified and remembered it right, wore an equestrian riding jacket which was so fashionable to look at. Some kids were afraid of the horse while other didn’t want to stop riding on it.

Hopefully, if I can visit Tagaytay back, I can do horse back riding then.

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2Go Travel eTicket Unavailable

After I purchased 2Go travel tickets for my mom and aunts’ travel this coming April 13, 2013, I needed some clarifications on how I could print the travel tickets and their confirmation letter. I asked mom about it and she just advised me to better ask the agency thru their customer service page. Since I couldn’t find their customer service page also, I just visited their eTicket page, thinking and hoping that thru it, I can print the tickets.

However, when I visited the page, the image below welcomed me.

2Go Travel eTicket Unavailable

The only thing I asked myself when I read the advisory above was ‘how can I print the ticket then?‘.

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