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Let’s go to Bali, Indonesia!

Accordingly, the most romantic place in Asia where a newly wed couple should spend a holiday together, or perhaps anybody can do, is Bali, Indonesia. And yes, I also do believe that. In fact, I had been dreaming and wishing to spend at least three days to relax and feel the fresh and calming noise and air of the resort in Bali, either with my hubby and son or just me alone. Anything will do, but of course, getting there with my family is better than having myself solo backpacking.

There are several activities to do in Bali, Indonesia. Things range from relaxing in a resort alongside the seashore in front of the calm waves of the oceans, do exciting water sports under the kisses of the heat of the sun, trying out all those sumptuous exotic food offered in the city and a lot more. These are all can be experienced in one of the cities of Bali, the Seminyak.

Seminyak is the city capital of Bali. It is one of the most popular holiday destination islands in Indonesia. There, you will not only enjoy the sands and waters, but also the mountains and jungles. Seminyak Bali things to do are a lot even more than you could imagine.

Seminyak Baki IndonesiaOne of the resorts in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (image from

If you are traveling alone and you opt to just stay in a resort, there are a lot of luxury resorts to choose from. You could also choose to better stay in a budget-friendly stop if you are on a really tight budget. Food is not a problem. There are many restaurants and food stalls that offer local, exotic as well as international food to try on. These are all pocket-friendly as well.

For a family travel with kids, there are also great places to try where kids will sure to enjoy while the mommy and daddy will not be left outcasted. Food for the picky eater kids is not a problem as well as for the kids-at-heart because there are food stops that serve a variety of food to choose and to enjoy.

Tourist life experience in Bali doesn’t end as the sun sets. There are a lot more to enjoy during the night for the whole family. Kids can enjoy the night shows of fire dances and more while the adults can have their thrifty and pocket-saving experience in the night market. The whole family can also try the food best served during the night, which are perfect for the ambiance and relaxing places in Bali.

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