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How much it costs to dive in Egypt in 2022 and where to scuba dive

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Diving in Egypt in 2022 is an activity that will bring bright emotions. It is very popular in the resorts of Egypt. But even those tourists who have already made several dives, still admire the underwater world, and repeat the dive over and over again. Almost every resort has hotels with diving centers, guests are offered training and told where the best places to explore the underwater world. You can fly to the resorts for diving on your own or by choosing one of the many tours. On the features and prices of scuba diving in Egypt will tell below.

What is interesting about the underwater world of Egypt?

Diver in Egypt

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Surely many people have heard that the underwater world of the Red Sea is very diverse. But only after seeing it, you can understand how much. After diving, guests of the resort will see a rich flora and fauna.

First of all there are a lot of corals, there are about 150 species. The appearance of corals is impressive, they come in different colors – yellow, pink, blue, greenish. And between them scurry numerous colored fish, which is also a lot (about 1000 species). For example, clown-fish, butterfly-fish, parrot-fish and others. They are quick and bright, with a variety of colors – striped, spotted, monochrome. Besides fish divers meet stingrays, urchins, turtles and dolphins. The farther away from the beach, the richer is the underwater life of the sea inhabitants. At all resorts, diving opens up a surprisingly beautiful world, and it’s hard to determine where the best diving in Egypt. It may be worthwhile to visit several places. In any case, the tourist will see underwater animals and plants that do not live in the Russian seas.

How much does it cost to dive in Egypt in 2022

Examining the question of how much diving in Egypt, you need to take into account the following parameters: whether diving with a guide or individually, the duration and number of underwater excursions, whether there is an extra charge for a certain place (for example, diving in a protected area). For beginners we are interested in the prices for diving training in Egypt.

Roughly, the cost for diving instruction in Egypt is as follows:

  • Training courses, plus a minimum number of dives at sea – from $300-400.
  • For already certified divers one dive costs from 25-35 dollars.
  • Additional services, such as trips to remote areas, night dives – from $ 50.
  • Underwater shooting (additional service) – from 40 dollars.

In general, the cost of training from scratch varies depending on the duration. And for those who already have a certificate, but have not made a dive for more than a year, there are accelerated courses that remind the basic rules. They cost from $100.

Tours to Egypt for diving

The best tour offers can be found on aggregator sites. They collect tours of all tour operators at once. You can compare prices yourself and choose the best offer. The most popular aggregator sites:

The best time for diving in Egypt

Diving in Egypt in 2022 is a highlight of the country. Just as holidays in Egyptian resorts can be organized all year round, as well as diving can be carried out without reference to the season. Red Sea, even in the winter months is warm, due to this underwater world is active and flourishing. But still we can highlight the months when diving in Egypt in the Red Sea is the most successful.

As a rule, in the summer months there are a lot of tourists, which means higher prices for services, and more people. There may be lines for training.

Peak tourist season passes, and in the fall and spring, less people, the air temperature is comfortable, and the sea is still warm (about 23 ° C). Therefore, underwater excursions from October to November in the fall, and from March to May – in the spring, the most successful. Bathers do not pollute the water, and thus visibility underwater further, prices for services are reduced.

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The best places for diving in Egypt

On the coast of the Red Sea resorts of Egypt, the underwater world has some features. In addition, you can dive all year round. According to the reviews of tourists, you can highlight the best places for diving.

Diving in Sharm el Sheikh

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh – this is one of the popular resorts with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Therefore it is not difficult to find an educational center.

As for the natural features of the underwater world, in Sharm El Sheikh, almost every hotel within the beach area is a coral reef. There are many of them, the most frequently visited are Thomas Reef, Jackson Reef, Lagoon Reef, Far Garden Reef. In the vicinity of Thomas Reef, at a depth of 35 meters there is an underwater canyon. Jackson and Lagoon Reefs have a landmark – a shipwreck. Far Garden Reef attracts a cave in which many underwater inhabitants have settled. These are just a few of the large number of reefs.

Tourists often go to Ras Mohammed Reserve or Tiran Island for the beautiful underwater views.

Prices for diving in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt start from $35-40 for a single dive.

Diving in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada

Hurghada is another popular Egyptian resort. It is recommended to come here on vacation for those tourists who are planning to make their first dives. There are many schools and centers in Hurghada, it is believed that the prices for services are more democratic, there are many Russian-speaking instructors.

As for the underwater world, near the coast diving is almost not organized, snorkeling is better suited for leisure. We have already told you the difference between diving and snorkeling.

And only when you swim away from the shore, all the beauty is revealed. The famous reefs are Hamada, Abu Ramada, Carless. On the reef of Hamada depth of ground reaches 60 meters, the corals hide many colored fish. Around the reef of Abu Ramada are grottos and cliffs, and Karless is quite far from Hurghada – an hour’s journey from the resort. But at the expense of this there is a lot of wildlife and vegetation.

Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Unlike Hurghada, where for underwater excursions you need to go by boat from the shore into the distance. In the resort of Dahab you can dive near the shore. Dahab is also considered the most famous and largest place for learning to dive. Therefore, there is a wide choice of centers for renting equipment or training schools.

For example, you can see turtles, octopus, and moray eels on the Layhouse Reef. Also, this resort is popular night diving excursions. Roughly, prices start at $40 for a single dive. In short, many vacationers recommend coming to Egypt and diving for the first time is in Dahab.

Diving in Marsa Alam

Diving in Marsa Alam

Diving in Marsa Alam

Located south of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada at a fairly long distance, the resort of Marsa Alam is called the pearl of diving. In this resort, too, many diving centers, vacationers will certainly teach how to dive, and show the interesting places. Tourists will see in the area of Marsa Alam bizarrely grown coral wall and tunnels near the reef of Malacca, and at the reef of Shaab Abu Galawa sunken boat, to which you can descend. The price for one dive is in the neighborhood of $25 to $30.

Excursions with diving in Egypt

It’s best to buy excursions online at trusted sites:

Here are the top 3 excursions with diving in a beautiful place in Egypt:

And here is a visual of popular diving excursions in Sharm El Sheikh with tourists:

Diving Training in Egypt

Scuba diving in Egypt in 2022 will be within the reach of both beginners and experienced scuba divers. From a wide selection of centers and schools you can choose the right one. As a rule, the training takes from a couple of days for professionals (they need to refresh their skills and knowledge) to 4-5 days for beginners. Choose best those diving centers in Egypt, where Russian-speaking instructors work – so better to hear and understand all the subtleties of diving. For beginners first test dive in a special pool or directly into the sea under the guidance of an instructor. After completing the course a certificate is issued. The cost of training ranges from about $ 400.

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Best hotels in Egypt with a diving center

It is not necessary to go far to the diving school, each major hotel has its own. For example, in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh in the hotel Hilton Sharks Bay Resort tourists will be taught how to properly dive. In addition to professional diving school, tourists will enjoy excellent views, relax by the pool, massages and spa.

In Hurghada, Sunrise Holidays Resort -Adults Only also has its own diving school. A well-located hotel offers guests a variety of services: relax in the spa or eat in the restaurant and lounge bar, go for a massage or go to the gym. The hotel staff will teach you how to dive and help you relax.

The instructors at the private diving club at Red Sea Relax Resort in Dahab teach you the finer points, and the hotel itself is located close to the stunning reef. There is also a swimming pool, restaurants and bars, and animation.

Among the best hotels in Egypt for diving in the resort of Marsa Alam reviews of tourists include Steigenberger Coraya Beach. This five-star hotel has its own diving school. In addition to diving guests can visit the spa and sauna, a relaxation area. How much does it cost to scuba dive in Egypt is better to clarify in the hotel, before buying diving tours in Egypt for beginners.

The best sites for self-booking hotels:

    (you probably already have an account here) (compares prices across all booking systems, even with the same buking)

Diving in Egypt for Kids

Many tourists wonder how many years old are allowed to dive in Egypt. In general, diving is allowed from 10 years, some centers take on the training of children from 8 years. Children are provided with equipment, training, and necessarily accompanied by a guide carry out excursions.

Is diving dangerous in Egypt

Underwater World of the Red Sea

The Underwater World of the Red Sea

Choosing where the best diving in Egypt is very problematic. But in general we can say that if the hotel may not like the service, the dive into the underwater world will give a vivid and memorable experience. On such excursions, meetings with marine animals are not dangerous, small fish, turtles, and even moray eels do not attack people. But it is better not to touch unfamiliar species of fish and animals, bypass the jellyfish. In the area of the resort of Marsa Alam can meet with sharks, but today it is a rarity. Also, before you dive you should check your gear for any defects. Familiarize yourself with all the dangers of Egypt before you go scuba diving.

Diving insurance in Egypt

Diving requires careful training to avoid accidents, as well as adequate behavior during the underwater excursion. Therefore, it is necessary to insure your health while on vacation. You can buy the policy online, the cost of insurance with diving in Egypt in 2022 starts from 2000 rubles. It is important to take out insurance with marking diving or extreme holidays, so that in case of an accident there was coverage.

You can arrange medical insurance at popular aggregator sites, which show the prices of all insurance companies at once. Do not forget to add the option of active recreation, to engage in snorkeling or diving under the protection of the insurance.

Diving in Egypt in 2022 is not losing popularity. Underwater excursions allow you to see a world that is invisible to the human eye and choose the best spots for you. Before diving, future divers are trained in the center at the hotel. Each large hotel has its own diving school. You can go on your own, or you can buy one of the proposed tours. It is important to remember that the prices for diving depend on many parameters.

Diving in Egypt: 11 best places for diving

Diving in Egypt is a touch of wild underwater life, from sharks to Red Book dugongs, watching underwater reefs and fish scurrying back and forth. There are options for everyone from beginners to professionals. Nature has graced the coastal waters of the Red Sea with beautiful underwater landscapes populated by colorful exotic underwater flora and fauna.

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Thousands of tourists flock to these places to enjoy the beauties of the Red Sea. The most famous diving centers are Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Taba. Where to stay, you choose – either in a hotel or on a special boat, from which it is very convenient to look around the nature and sights. This article presents the TOP best places for diving in Egypt.

Abu Dabab

Abu Dhaba, Egypt

Abu Dabab is a cozy cove full of sea turtles and dugongs, or sea cows, the peaceful inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. It has a sandy bottom and a beautiful lagoon. The uniqueness of the place is due to the fact that there is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of underwater life under natural conditions. The corals at Abu Dabab are also delightful and considered some of the best in Egypt.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole, Egypt

The Blue Hole is an underwater cave near Dahab that is 130 meters deep and surrounded by coral reefs. Descended to a depth of 55 – 60 meters, it is possible to swim out of it through a crevice in the open sea. The passage is topped by an Arch (a curved upward arc of coral).

The Blue Hole is extremely popular with experienced technical divers. The attraction with a convenient entrance to the sea is located in the neck of the bay, so there is almost never a strong swell of water on the surface. The absence of underwater currents creates a comfortable environment for novice underwater travelers. At the center of the gap the depth is 80 meters, but the descent continues down the slope for another 100 meters.

The route offered by local instructors begins with a dive at the Bells site (200 meters north of the Blue Hole). Then the dive team moves along the reef wall and enters the hole through the isthmus called the Saddle of the Arch (7 meters depth). Passing through the hole along the wall, it is possible to reach the surface, avoiding a dive to a depth of 20 – 30 m.

On the shore there is parking for cars and buses. Here are a few small restaurants and souvenir shops. Also here you can find a few observation points. Almost all of the coastal infrastructure near the Blue Hole belongs to the local Bedouin.

Dahab Canyon.

Dahab Canyon, Egypt

Located in the Gulf of Aqaba near the town of Dahab. The canyon is a giant rift in the coral reef. It was formed as a result of volcanic activity in ancient times. The local underwater attraction is a long narrow corridor inside the coral massif, stretching from north to south, going down from ten meters depth.

The crevasse has three entrances. One of them, called the Fish Bowl, is located at a depth of 12 meters, the second at 20 meters and the third at 52 meters, accessible only to technical divers. Here you can swim along the plateau with numerous flocks of colorful fish, or you can go straight to the bottom of the Canyon and swim at a depth of 17 meters in a small picturesque cave filled with fish fry.

If a diver is lucky, he or she might see a crocodile fish lazily following the frisky fish at the cave’s entrance. Experienced divers can get from the cave into the narrower hall with a maximum width of 4 meters at a depth of 23 to 40 meters. Only technical divers are allowed to enter the next hall. Amazing night show, where underwater you can admire the light extravaganza of a thousand lanterns.

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone Reef, Egypt

This is one of those rare places where you can meet in natural conditions one-on-one with a real hammerhead shark (Hummerhead). You can also see longimanus sharks and giant rays called mantas from May through August. In addition to these giants, there are a great many exotic marine animals such as caranx, tuna, and barracuda.

Elphinstone Reef consists of two plateaus, each with distinctive underwater flora and fauna. The northern plateau is about 100 meters wide and goes down in depth in steps from 5 to 20 meters, then follows a sharp drop to 40 meters. This is where you can find giant caracas and reef sharks.

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As for the South Plateau, it begins at a depth of 25 meters and gently decreases to 40 meters, and then abruptly drops. This place is beloved by longimanus, accompanied by pilot fish. The sharks patiently tolerate the photo sessions of the divers. For professional divers there is an opportunity to visit at a depth of 60 meters a through tunnel between the two walls of the plateau, which is called the Arch of Elphinstone.

Brothers Islands

Brothers Islands, Egypt

This is one of the best dive sites in the country. Two small islets (Big Brother and Little Brother) are famous for the amazing beauty of the corals and the possibility of diving with sharks. You can meet longimanus, hammerhead sharks, gray reef sharks, and fox sharks in these areas. Barracudas, giant carancas, manta rays and tuna are a sight to behold.

Around the islands were formed 12 dive sites. Among them the two most interesting are Aida Wreck and Numidia Wreck. The first site is the Italian ship Aida, which sank in 1957. The ship is quite well preserved and is home to many schools of fish. Divers enjoy doing photo shoots in front of the ship’s dilapidated structures covered in beautiful soft corals.

The second route is a visit to a British dry cargo ship that sank in 1901. Numidia was carrying railroad wheels to India. Some of them can still be seen at the bottom. The ship rests on the steep slope of the reef in a nearly vertical position. While the bow of the ship is eight meters deep, the stern goes very deep.

Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed, Egypt

The name of Ras Mohammed National Park can be translated from Arabic as Mohammed’s Head or Bay. It is located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. The resort is considered the most beautiful place on the entire Red Sea coast. Tiran Island in the reserve of Ras Mohammed is one of the centers of underwater tourism in Egypt.

All diving groups go on a dive only accompanied by instructors. Before this amateur diver for an hour must pass a detailed briefing. The first dive for beginners occurs at a depth of 8 – 10 meters. Diving is also organized for children aged 8 to 10 years. They are given special equipment for diving to a depth of two meters. The starting platform is located on a beautiful beach coral ridge.

The underwater park is divided into several sectors, which are called dive sites. The most visited routes are Shark Yolanda Reef and Anemone City. Swimming through them, dive participants can enjoy the view of a huge “garden” of anemones at a depth of 14 meters. The Shark Observatory, Eel garden, JackFish Alley, Ras Za’atir and Ras Ghazlany dive sites are no less picturesque.

Marsa El Alam

Marsa Al Alam, Egypt

The resort town is famous for its sandy beaches, and most importantly, its coral reefs, which attract divers from all over the world. The horseshoe-shaped Abu Jabab Bay is home to such rare mammals as sea cows, which all diving enthusiasts are eager to see. El Nab’s lagoon is separated from the sea by a coral reef.

This feature creates the ideal conditions for a relaxing pastime in the underwater world of the lagoon. Nearby is the Wadi el Ghimal National Park with islands, reefs and amazing algae plantations. The local natural attractions in the sea have been preserved in pristine condition, thanks to the discipline of numerous fans of underwater travel.

Rest at the resort is suitable for all categories of tourists. There are diving equipment for children from 8 to 10 years old. Under the supervision of instructors children can make their first dive into the beauty of the underwater world to a depth of 2 meters.

The Dunraven shipwreck

The Dunraven Shipwreck, Egypt

In 1977, the sunken ship Dunraven was discovered near Sharm el-Sheikh. Built in Newcastle, England, the ship Dunraven was launched in 1873. And in 1876, while sailing from Bombay, the ship wrecked, colliding with the reef through the fault of the captain. Today, the remains of the shipwreck are a popular site for its divers to visit.

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Scuba divers observe the ship upside down. The broken bow beams open a passage inside the ship. Twilight with glistening air bubbles from the scuba tanks, flocks of silvery fish, all create an eerie but romantic atmosphere of an underwater walk. The wooden hull of the ship, once lined with iron, has retained its shape despite over a hundred and thirty years in the sea water. The beauty of the soft coral that occupied the noble wood brings to life the tragic picture of the shipwreck.

You can reach the site of the wreck by boat two hours after leaving the port of Sharm el-Sheikh. The bow of the Dunraven is at a comfortable depth for divers of 19 meters, while the stern reaches depths of up to 30 meters.

The wreck of the Tistelgorm

The Tystelgorm Shipwreck, Egypt

The wreck of the British Armed Forces ship Tistelgorm was sunk by German aircraft in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea on October 6, 1941. It is now a tourist attraction for divers. The warship rests at a depth of 35 meters three miles from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Until recently, visiting the ship was strictly forbidden.

This was due to the large accumulation of munitions in the holds. The slightest blow to the ship’s hull would have detonated the shells. A few years ago the ship was demined and the largest shipwreck in the Red Sea became accessible to amateur divers. For 80 years, the Tystelgorm, broken in half, has been lying on its port side on the sandy bottom of the Gulf of Suez. Overgrown with soft corals, the ship has become home to numerous schools of fish.

A 102 millimeter cannon and a 76 millimeter anti-aircraft machine gun are perfectly preserved on the aft deck. On one of the decks is a large number of trucks, motorcycles and other equipment. Some of the Maurice brand cars were lifted upstairs. The restored vehicles have become collector’s items and are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jackson’s Reef.

Jackson Reef, Egypt

Located in the northern part of the Gulf of Tyrann the Red Sea. A natural underwater attraction has become world famous thanks to the results of the 1981 shipwreck of the Cyprus merchant ship Lora. Its wreck rests at shallow depths. Therefore, you can admire the wreck, armed not only with a scuba diver, but also with a mask, snorkel and flippers.

The reef is populated with bright fiery red corals. Jackson’s waters are inhabited by cararks, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, barracudas, and huge mantas. Sea turtles and dozens of different species of fish can be seen here. For divers, there are restrictions on access to the northern part of the reef.

Due to the strong underwater currents, only experienced divers with documented technical qualifications are allowed to swim and dive to depth there. The site is reached by water transport from Sharm el-Sheikh. There are no conditions for overnight stay. Therefore, tourists spend the night on yachts, boats or spend the day here and return to the city for the night.

Shaab Abu Nuhas

Shaab Abu Nuhas, Egypt

The reef is located in the eastern part of the Strait of Gubal in the Red Sea, 11 kilometers from the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada. The reef is famous for having four shipwrecks on its bottom. These ships Chrisonla K, Ghiannis D, Carnatic, and Kimon M. The sandy bottom is at a depth of 18 to 35 meters. This is the most visited place by divers coming here from all over the world.

The shipwrecks attract underwater tourists because all 4 ships belong to different historical times. Barracudas, mantas, and reef perch live here. You can also see a huge number of butterflyfish, sweetmouths and mullets. There are white tip reef sharks.

Every diver just have to visit Egypt, because this country, with its amazing underwater nature, provides for divers a lot of opportunities and dozens of wonderful places. But all, of course, not to travel around. So we have compiled a top list of the most heavenly places for diving. They will appeal to the taste of the professional and will lure the novice divers into the ranks.

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