Abandoned hotel in Kemer, Turkey

Abandoned hotel in Kemer

Abandoned hotel in Kemer

Kemer with its long beaches, pine forests, coastal mountains and picturesque sea bays has long ago become the epitome of a calm and carefree all-inclusive holiday. It seems that here you will not find anything unexpected. And the more acute are the feelings of tourists who stumble upon an abandoned hotel in Chamyuva, on the outskirts of the village. A huge territory, stretching from the sea to the mountains, partly overgrown, many incomprehensible buildings, huge figures of some creepy animals, stairs, bridges, inoperable funicular and rooms that look like they have just left the guests.

All this is an abandoned hotel in Çamyuva, not far from Kemer. Previously called Holiday Area Eco Dream Club Sea Resort (Naturaland chain), the hotel officially ceased to exist in 2014. 2 of the 3 buildings closed back in 2010, and the decline, judging by tourist reviews, began back in the mid-twenties.

Abandoned hotel in Kemer

History of the abandoned hotel in Kemer

The hotel was built in the mid-90s. The owner is a German, who built the hotel for German and other Western European tourists. Recall that Russian tourists in those days were not yet on the Turkish resorts. According to one version, it was the owner who was the author of the idea of decorating the hotel area in a similar style, and the designers brought his ideas to life. As correctly stated in the name, it is not one hotel, but the whole area – Area. Its size is impressive – 140 000 square meters. Location – from the sea up the mountainside, overgrown with pine trees. There is even its own bridge stretching across Turism Boulevard for almost 100 meters towards the beach. According to some reports, 1,000 people were needed daily to serve it.

You can take a look at the hotel grounds using Google panoramas

There were three hotels throughout the area:

  • “Sea Resort” – first line with its own beach;
  • “Forest” and “Country” were in the shade of the trees across the street.

The Country had eco-huts for those who wanted to live alone. Each eco-hut was made in its own unique style. To get here, you had to drive an electric car, a cable car or walk about 1 km on winding paths.

The word “Eco” in the hotel name indicates the entourage of the hotel, its interior and exterior. However, according to the designers’ concept the “eco-style” is designed mainly for children. Moreover, this design evokes thoughts of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Jumanji” at the same time.

Abandoned Pioneer Camp, Russia

Abandoned hotel in Kemer

The hotel had its own farm and mini zoo. Several restaurants with different cuisines, several cafes (including a “sky cafe” on the very top of the hill with a 270 degree view), swimming pools (including indoor), water park, children’s railroad, cable car, disco and much more. All this is surrounded by the most bizarre figures of animals and plants. Huge caterpillars, a deer head three stories high, gorillas two feet tall hanging from trees, people in cowboy costumes, and cable cars in the form of a clown’s head (Stephen King’s books come immediately to mind). And then there’s a real “Noah’s Ark” with pairs of animals, caves, underground passages, and other childhood joys.

What Happened

There are several legends as to why the Naturland Hotel closed and was abandoned. Here are the most popular of them.

Financial problems

The most common version. The owner of the hotel took too many loans, which he could not pay back due to the failure of the original business plan. In addition, in the process of construction, the area grew and new facilities were added, which the hotel’s budget could not bear. According to unconfirmed reports, the Holiday Area Eco Dream Club Sea Resort cost about $3 billion to build. Judging by the scale and level of facilities, this amount does not seem unrealistic.

Abandoned hotel in Kemer


Another version is that the children did not share their father’s inheritance. Allegedly, the owner died, and his sons still can not decide who should own the hotel. The version is not very believable, because the problems of the hotel began back in 2010, but it finally closed only in 2014.

All problems because of love

There is another interesting legend about the reasons for the fall of the hotel. Allegedly the owner fell in love with a certain mysterious woman, gave her a “dream” (dream in the name of the hotel), that is, made her the owner, and he left for the town of Zonguldak on the Black Sea coast. Why so many details in this legend is difficult to say. Nevertheless, the rumor is that the woman did not cope with the hotel and, as a result, the business died out. She didn’t have time to pay her loans and credits.

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Most likely, the truth, as usual, was somewhere in the middle. The project was too gigantic, the loans and payments on them were too big, the business plan was not very carefully calculated, so even good attendance at the hotel (and it was quite popular), could not help pay off the debts. The reality is that the hotel is now confiscated and offered for sale for $150 million, but nobody wants to buy it. Because it will cost several times more to restore the hotel. However, its destruction will also cost a lot of money.

Conditions and safety

According to the latest data from the reports of tourists, in 2018, near the hotel there is no security at all (although there used to be), a lot of looters have already plundered. But it is all the more surprising to see some rooms intact, as if they are waiting for new guests. Beds are made, bathrobes and slippers are waiting in the closet.

Although everything looks very sturdy, care must still be taken when visiting. Plaster, brickwork, giant animal dummies, and trees can collapse.

There may be broken glass on the floor, so it is best to wear closed shoes. Take water with you. According to reports, tourists spend at least three hours here. During this time, you won’t be able to see all the corners of the territory.

How to get there

The abandoned eco-hotel “Naturland” is located in the southern part of Chamyuva at the exit in the direction of Tekirova. The easiest way to get to Chamyuva from different nooks of Kemer is by cab. The cost of the trip from Kemer – up to 10 dollars, from Tekirova – about 15-17 dollars. The reference point for the driver is the corner of Turisma Boulevard and Tinaz Street. In Turkey there is an application for calling a cab BiTaksi.

There are at least three entrances to the abandoned Naturland Hotel.

Entrance from the promenade/beach.

It is necessary to cross the bridge of the river flowing into the sea. Continue along the beach to the private beach area of the hotel. The bridge to the right of the whale figure leads to the hotel. Note that the hotels, whose beaches are on the way to the abandoned hotel beach, periodically close their access.

Entrance from Tourist Boulevard

Boulevard of Tourism meets Tinaz Street. From the intersection to the left about 400 meters. A great landmark is a huge caterpillar in boots behind the fence. If you walk along the boulevard under the hotel bridge, which is across the street, you will see an arch with the name of the hotel. This is the second entrance.

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You can use these coordinates when traveling by car.

This is the entrance on the Google panorama

Entrance from Tinaz Street.

From the intersection of Tinaz Street and Tourism Boulevard, go right down the street. This entrance is clearly visible when passing by by bus from the Tekirova side.

Abandoned Turkish Holiday Area Eco Dream Club Hotel: a tour of a lost paradise


The giant Turkish hotel with the heavy-handed name Holiday Area Eco Dream Club Sea Resort in the early noughties was one of the coolest and most unusual tourist complexes of the whole Turkish Antalya-Kemer area. But in June 2014, the hotel received its last tourists and closed. Since then, no one owns it, it has long been looted, but that has not stopped it from becoming one of the most popular unofficial attractions of the Anatolian coast of Turkey . It’s all thanks to a complicated history and stunning psychedelic architecture.

A story with phantasmagoria

The ruins of Çamyuva, as the hotel is popularly known, are situated on the southern outskirts of Çamyuva, about 9 km south of Kemer. The history of this place is riddled with unbelievable and contradictory legends, in which even the locals can no longer distinguish truth from fiction.

zabroshenniy-otel-Eco-Dream-kemer-turcia zabroshenniy-otel-Holiday-Area-Eco-Dream-Club-Sea-Resort

The locals tell such a story. A German billionaire fell in love with the Turkish beauty and built her a gift Eco Dream. The construction cost no less than five billion dollars. But then the beauty either died or fell in love with the German, and the hotel was taken over by a Turkish businessman. He, in turn, took loans for the development of the complex, did not pay them off, and fled abroad, or maybe he died. The heirs of the oligarch who either died or ran away quarreled among themselves and were unable to divide the property, and while they quarreled, the business fell into decay, went bankrupt, and after a while became so deplorable that it was shameful to even talk about its restoration.

It is said that during the last few years of the hotel’s existence its employees, of whom there were over a thousand, were almost not paid a salary. Tourist service was correspondingly poor. Therefore, the staff took from the hotel everything that was bad, and then began to scatter.

Machu Picchu the ancient city of the Incas, the whole truth

And here is how the Russian tourists commented on the Eco Dream’s collapse.


July 2009. Five years before the collapse. “Great beach, gorgeous area, free “hikes” by kayak on the magnificent bay, great animation and all the charms of the “all-in…” system.

June 2013. One year before collapse. “The once beautiful hotel is completely in decline. The room was okay, only the shower clogged constantly. In general, living in the hotel is characterized by the following: you want to live, know how to spin! Want new towels? Find the cleaning lady’s room and get them! Take out your own trash and clean your room! About the elevator we were immediately told that it is better not to go there, as it gets stuck. The food is okay, but scarce, and you have to find it. Fruits, chocolates, juices and water were bought in local stores. Went upstairs in the park for a walk, beautiful view, you can make cool shots. But, of course, everything is abandoned. It’s creepy at night.


May 2014. One month before the collapse. “Horrible!!! I never thought a tour operator could do this to tourists and send people to this hotel! There is nothing to eat. Nothing in the room from the electricity does not work, the elevator does not work, the pools all do not work and stand broken, the area is not lit at all, total darkness, if you fall and break a leg, there will be no one to treat, as there is no staff at all. In the lobby, all broken, from the ceiling hang bulbs, and also half-dark, funiculars broken, and there in the mines squawk toads! I’m completely shocked! If I were to describe everything, it would take days to describe this nightmare.”


June 2014. The hotel finally closed. “Went on a tour to this hotel. there is no one there, went into the hotel itself – no one. On the territory – no one. It was empty. But it seemed strange: the toilets have soap and paper, there are hookahs in the bar, but no one.”

July 2014. A month after the final closure. “Vacationing in a nearby hotel. Went to this hotel. The hotel is abandoned. No one is there. The rooms are open. It’s a complete shambles. It feels like it’s been abandoned for 10 years. I never would have thought there were tourists there this year. Poor souls…”.

Ostia Antica, city sights

Abandoned, but still beautiful.

If you take the shuttle bus from Kemer to Faselis, you can see the ruins of Eco Dream from the road. So, the author of this review, who knew nothing about the hotel before, noticing the strange figures flashed between the trees in the window, shouted to the driver: “Fool! Fool!” (which is Turkish for “Stop! Stop!”) and got out right in front of the entrance to the hotel grounds.


No fence. No guards either. In three hours I met seven people on the territory, all of them Russian vacationers who lived in nearby hotels. People visit the picturesque ruins of “Eco Dream” several times, because it is impossible to go around all the sights in one visit.


What is there to see? – You ask, because it takes a while to see the beauty in all this ugliness and destruction. Here you may enter abandoned hotel rooms, look into the romantic tree houses, wander along the pool floor, go down and up the stairs of amphitheater, among the chairs, covered with pine, on which once sat admiring spectators, wander between imaginary tables of former cafes and restaurants, imagining how life was boiling, boiling and foaming here…

But especially striking is the “children’s sector” of the complex. Whether it was a lion peeking out from behind a pillar, a giant gorilla lurking in wait, or a giraffe or an elephant peeking through a window, the little guests were most welcomed. On the territory of the complex drove half-toy cars, ran trains and fancifully painted funiculars.

otel-Holiday-Area-Eco-Dream-Club-Sea-Resort-kemer turcia-kemer-zabroshenniy-otel-Eco-Dream

Instead of a fence around the “children’s sector” coiled a giant caterpillar, and on the artificial trees, which in some places could not be distinguished from the real, “grow” unprecedented fruit. There are deer mixed up with huge fly agaricans, goats, rams, monkeys, penguins, turtles wandering here and there… There is a real Noah’s Ark with numerous inhabitants, of which, however, only horns and legs remained.

In general, “Echo Dream” – is a Disneyland for the insane. Naturally, in the best sense of the word.

turcia-kemer-zabroshenniy-otel-Eco-Dream turcia-kemer-otel-Eco-Dream

And here you can watch a video from Echo Dream, shot by the reviewer in the summer of 2021.

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