Abkhazian resorts with sandy beaches and not only

Top 7 sandy beaches of Abkhazia 2022: Where is the cleanest sea?

The sea and beaches of Abkhazia are like they were created for the perfect fairy tale vacation. Turquoise warm waves. Gentle, comfortable entrance to the water. Picturesque emerald mountains around. This is a paradise, which wants to return again.

So, the top of the most stunning beaches for seaside recreation in Abkhazia right here and now.

Abkhazia beach

Captain Black.

Stylish, atmospheric beach with soft sand. Located in the Pitsundsky Bay in the village of Ldzaa.

Abkhazia beach

This ecologically clean natural area. And the picture around just unreal. Evergreen pines and light sandstone. Hammocks and exotic bungalows.

If you come to the beach early in the morning, you can catch the dolphins swimming up to the beach. It is also believed that this area of Abkhazia has the cleanest sea.

On the beach there is a hotel and bar with the same name. All is built from environmentally friendly materials. In the evenings by the sea there is live music or parties are held.

Abkhazia beach

This is an ideal place to travel with children. The coastal strip is very safe and comfortable for kids. There are water slides. You can take a ride on a pillbox or banana boat. To fly with a parachute. Or to take part in the animation program.

60m from the beach in the sea is a surprisingly beautiful coral reef. Therefore, “Captain Black” is very attractive to fans of snorkeling.

Another absolute plus of the beach is that it is never too crowded. Even in high season. Rest here is relaxed and very camphoric.

Prices: free entrance, 500rub. to rent a bungalow for a full day.

The beach next to the boarding house “Mussera”.

Another quiet, quiet sandy beach of Abkhazia in a beautiful protected area. It stretches for about 1km, and the width of the beach is 30m. There is always enough space to accommodate you comfortably.

Abkhazia beach

An emerald green hillside hides the beach from prying eyes. Here the air is amazing. And the sandy surface with fine pebbles is very pleasant for bare feet.

There is never a high wave on the beach. And the sea is unreal turquoise shade.

Abkhazia beach

For children there are trampolines and slides. There is a volleyball court. The beach is equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms.

For those who want to explore the seabed there are diving instructors. You can have lunch in a small cafe or restaurant “Mussera” with gorgeous panoramic windows.

Gold Coast

Located in the stunningly beautiful protected area. Among the picturesque hills. It is here where the filmmakers rested during the shooting of the famous “Caucasian Captive.

Abkhazia beach

The beach is sandy with small inclusions of pebbles. The sea is clean and clear. Exotic plants and trees of the reserve fill the air with unique fragrances. And in the evenings you can meet the dolphins.

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The beach is 4 km long and 25 meters wide. “Gold Coast” is equipped with changing cabins and toilets. There are a couple of cafes nearby.

Entrance to the beach is free.

Best hotels (online booking):

Sinop Beach (Mocco).

If you are vacationing in Sukhum, this beach is just perfect to visit. There is a two-kilometer long sandy strip. There are never large crowds of tourists.

Ideal place for swimming with children. Beautiful scenery – the panorama of Sukhum, the lighthouse and the hills.

Abkhazia beach

The sandy surface of the beach is occasionally diluted with fine pebbles. Therefore, for maximum comfort, it is better to take aqua shoes.

On the beach are built awnings of palm leaves. Use them for free.

Of the minuses: there are no locker rooms and showers, a paid toilet.

Entrance to the beach is free.

Best hotels (online booking):

Beach in Old Gagra.

Six-kilometer long sandy beach near the ancient fortress Abaata and the Seaside Park. The width of the strip is about 150 meters. The sea is very clean. The proof of this is the swarms of dolphins that come to the beach.

This beach is suitable for children. And for those who appreciate peace and quiet. There is no intrusive sellers of food and souvenirs. As well as noisy entertainment. An ideal place to merge with nature.

Abkhazia beach

There is always plenty of space. Beach accessories must be brought with you. Rent a deck chair and umbrellas you will not find here.

If you get tired of lying by the sea, you can take a walk in the Seaside Park. Among coconut, date palms and Himalayan cedars.

Best hotels (online booking):

Pension Kolhida.

Cozy sandy beach is located in the Old part of Gagra. A very clean place. Water is visible at any depth.

Abkhazia beach

The place is very landscape and atmospheric. Here you can feel a subtle connection to nature itself. And soak up its energy.

On the beach there is a small cafe with desserts, ice cream and drinks. You can rent umbrellas and deck chairs.

Abkhazia beach

Central beach in New Athos

It is the clearest warm sea and luxurious views. It is an ideal place for a vacation with kids. Nearby there are many interesting sights and places to walk.

The lack of intrusive commerce and noisy entertainment makes the relaxation calm and peaceful. Coverage – a mixture of fine pebbles and sand.

Abkhazia beach

The sea here is crystal clear. Never blooms, there are no jellyfish.

Here is a unique and very comfortable microclimate. The place is protected from winds by the walls of the gorge. And growing nearby pines and eucalyptus trees endow the air with curative properties.

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Near blooming magnolias and oleanders. And a little higher you can walk through the groves of tangerines and olive groves.

On the beach there is a rental of deck chairs and umbrellas. You can rent a boat for fishing or boat trips.

The best beaches in Abkhazia: top 10 beaches for holidays with children

The best beaches in Abkhazia: Top 10 beaches for children

Abkhazia is famous among tourists for its seaside resorts – Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta, New Athos, Mussera, where there are many beautiful beaches. The beaches of Abkhazia are of pebbly type, as in the Caucasus. But the pebbles are much finer than in neighboring Adler or Sochi. Further I will tell you about the best beaches in Abkhazia for recreation with children and what entertainments are available at each beach of the Abkhazian coast.

The main advantage of Apsny (the second name of the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia) is the long holiday season. You can swim from May to late October. At this time, numerous hotels and guest houses of Abkhazia are ready to take all the tourists and vacationers. And in addition to the sea, tourists will be able to visit other attractions, which are rich, for example, Pitsunda and Gagra.

Abkhazian beaches reviews

Beaches of Abkhazia for recreation with children.

At the beginning of the review I will tell about the beaches of Abkhazia, which are suitable for holidays with children. And then you can choose exactly where to go on holiday and choose among the beaches on the coast of Abkhazia the best option.

New Gagra

The size of the beaches of New Gagra is not large, the largest of them is Central. The beaches of Abkhazia in Gagra are made of fine pebbles, but sandy areas can also be found here. Gagra offers attractions for children such as a water park and water attractions. The sea is shallow, swimming is good even for kids. Infrastructure is developed, there are catering outlets and stores nearby. It’s possible to buy everything you need plus refreshments and ice cream.

Abkhazian beaches with descriptions 2022

In the high season there are a lot of people. Especially young people like to sunbathe here. If you want to relax in comfort in a relaxing atmosphere, it is better to visit the private beaches belonging to resorts and hotels. But these beaches will be paid.

Old Gagra

If you like relaxation and peace, then you are here. The beach of Old Gagra is pebbles of different sizes. The sea is clean. There is a public section of the beach, and private they belong to holiday homes and boarding houses. Entrance is for a small fee. It is worth to visit the beaches of the boarding house “Energetic” and the rest house “Abkhazia”.

Abkhazian Beaches for children 2022

There are not many entertainments for children – photographers with animals and sellers. There are practically no attractions. But near all sights of the old part of the city – colonnade, restaurant Gagripsh, Palace of Prince of Oldenburg.

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Central beach of Pitsunda

The largest and cleanest beach of the resort. Central beach is located on the shore of Pitsunda bay and vacationers are protected from the winds. Strong waves during storms are infrequent here. The water is clean, the sea does not “bloom”. On the shore – a fine pebble. A child can be occupied with the search for beautiful, painted pebbles. Infrastructure is developed. There are cabins for changing and showers. You can rent an umbrella. Nearby there is a cafe. Beaches of Abkhazia and Pitsunda in particular offer a large number of entertainment – it is easy to ride a boat, fly a parachute, rent a mask and snorkel, flippers, scuba diving and snorkeling in the sea.

Abkhazian beaches photos

Nearby there are many cafes, tents with souvenirs, sunscreen, ice cream, drinks. Photographers are working. In the vicinity grows famous healing pizundskaya pine, which is so much in the Crimean resorts – on Cape Aya and Novy Svet. Beach season begins in late May. Adults enjoy swimming even in early October. In the high season – in July and August – it’s crowded. To occupy a free place, it is worthwhile to come to the beach early.

Beaches of Abkhazia – video 2019 from Youtube about Pitsunda:

Sinop beach in Abkhazia.

This is a free beach. When it comes to benchmark sandy beaches in Abkhazia, Sinop Beach is a perfect example. It belongs to the most visited in Sukhumi. It is located 6 km from the capital. Sinop Beach is covered with golden sand. There are few pebbles, and the entrance to the sea is gentle.

Abkhazian sandy beaches - Sinop beach

It is convenient for those looking for beaches in Abkhazia for holidays with children. It is comfortable for kids and those who can not swim. The length of the beach is almost 2 km. There is a cafe. On the shore rent chairs and umbrellas. Rent catamarans and jet skis. Water attractions are available.

A special area is allocated for nudists. There is a shady park nearby. But there are no changing booths on the beach. And lifeguards do not work here.

Beaches of New Athos

Local beaches of Abkhazia belong to boarding houses and small hotels. The beach of the hotel “At the monastery” is covered with fine pebbles. The sea is clean, shallow, the entrance to the water is convenient. Vacationers are offered sun loungers and umbrellas. Ride a boat, catamaran, sit in a cafe. Beach boarding house “Mandarin” is three in one. On one beach they have a coarse pebble, on the other – fine, the third beach is sandy.

Abkhazian beaches in Novy Afon photo

On the beach cabins for changing, sun loungers rental, near grocery stores. And in the town itself there is New Athos Cave and New Athos Monastery.

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Beautiful beaches of Abkhazia – photo with description

Here we will talk about less famous, but no less beautiful beaches of Abkhazia. These beaches are worth paying attention to tourists who choose to rest in the resorts of Abkhazia and looking for something new and interesting.

Abkhazian beaches with sand photo mintrips.ru

Beach White Cliffs.

This place is located near the village of Tsandripsh. It is only 5 kilometers to the border with Adler. If you go by highway, the sign will show where you need to turn downhill. The place is very beautiful. Dark large pebbles contrast with the white rocks. Locals call them “marble”, although they are limestone. The cliffs are about 200 meters long and about 5 meters high.

White rocks Tsandripsh Abkhazia photo

The rocks have taken on a bizarre shape under the influence of wind, waves and rain. The sea is pure azure because the bottom is covered with basalt rocks. The white rocks are not heated by the sun’s rays, the stones remain cool. It is worth coming here to sunbathe and swim in the clearest water.

Alakhadze Beach

You can even walk from Pitsunda or Gagra to Alakhadze. Or you can take a bus or a cab. Alakhadze is a small village, there are not many holiday-makers and you don’t have to occupy a place on the beach from the early morning. There are pebble and sandy areas. These beaches of Abkhazia for a holiday with children are also quite suitable. The sea is clean, but in some places almost immediately becomes deep, so that the children need to watch out. Around the picturesque mountains of the Caucasus. The coast itself also looks very beautiful.

Beach Alakhadze Abkhazia photo

Palms and cypresses, magnolias and catalpas grow in the settlement. Entertainments are minimum – here go only for bathing and sunbathing. In the cafe there are no queues, the prices are very low. Young people don’t usually come to Alakhadze. At the resort rest families with children, married couples.

Lidzava Beach

Lidzava is located next to Pitsunda, but prices are lower. The local beach of Abkhazia is excellent. Its length reaches 4 km. The beach is sandy, but in some places there are pebbles. There are no big waves here. But the water is so transparent that swimming with a mask will give great pleasure. Small fish are easy to see near the shore. There are places where the depth begins almost immediately. Closer to the Monash Gorge – shallow water.

Abkhazia pebbly beaches photo reviews 2022

Entertainment for tourists on the beach is almost absent. But in the neighborhood grows a lot of pine trees, making the local air is particularly pleasant and healing. On the beach there are palm canopies, which can be rented for money.

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Mussera – beaches of the resort

This wide beach is located 50 meters from the resort. Closer to the sea there are fine and medium pebbles, further there is sand. You can go down the path or use one of the elevators, they work all day long. There is also a cafe “Near the sea” where you can enjoy the delicacies of crabs and fish. There is a cafe with national Abkhaz cuisine. On the beach there are sun beds or loungers and a volleyball net. Traditional entertainment for tourists is available: trips on a scooter, banana, paraglider flights.

Abkhazian beaches for children

The sea is very clean. It is possible to go scuba diving. The depth grows quite quickly. For children and beginners will do the coastal zone – up to 4 meters from the shore. At the bottom you can meet the stones.

Beaches Sukhumi

Local beaches in Abkhazia are mostly pebble. But in the east of the city appear and sandy. The sea is clean. At the entrance to the sea is worth stocking up on special slippers.

Abkhazia beaches Sukhumi photo where the best

The most popular beaches are as follows:

  • Gumista – a pebbly, unequipped beach with beautiful nature.
  • Lighthouse – a coarse pebble. In its eastern part there are cabins for changing and a cafe;
  • Central – a coarse pebble, there are breakwaters. On the territory there are showers, sun loungers, umbrellas, booths for changing clothes. Nearby there are rides, kiosks. But because of its popularity and location within the city limits, the water here is not always clean.
  • Sobachy – near the river Basla, pebble. There is no infrastructure.
  • Beach of the sanatorium “Sukhum” – fine pebbles, showers, there are awnings, sun loungers. Entrance is free for holidaymakers of the sanatorium, others have to pay to get to the beach.
  • Aitar is a small pebble beach near the hotel of the same name. There are showers, sun loungers, nearby there is a parking lot.

Sandy beaches of Abkhazia for recreation

The main sandy beach of Abkhazia is Sinop, which I have already mentioned above. The best sandy beaches in Abkhazia are in the following places:

  • near Pitsunda, 6 km. from the city at the resort “Rybzavod”;
  • near New Athos;
  • In Gagra – near the sanatorium “Sunny”;
  • In Sukhumi, near the sanatoriums of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Ministry of Defense. These are the two most modern beaches in the mountainous republic.

Hopefully with this detailed guide you can easily find suitable beaches in Abkhazia for children and adults. Come to the sea in Abkhazia in 2022, and if you liked my essay, then book accommodation right here, through my website MinTrips.Ru!

When writing the article used materials from sites travel-picture.ru and guruturizma.ru

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