Abu Dhabi sights: photo and descriptions

Abu Dhabi sights

The catalog contains the main attractions of Abu Dhabi with photos, videos and descriptions, and a map of their location. The following material will show you what to see in Abu Dhabi on your own – monuments, museums, parks, where to go and where to relax with children in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is a unique Arabian metropolis where ancient mosques coexist with high-rise buildings, the desert climate supports oases of green parks, and traditions coexist with the rapid modern pace of life.

Like any major Oriental city, it is impossible to imagine Abu Dhabi without a large and bustling bazaar with spices, sweets and ornaments, and shopping areas. In Abu Dhabi it is the Central Bazaar, decorated in classical Arabic style and combining more than 400 stalls and stores. As is customary, bargaining is not just appropriate, but obligatory as part of the ritual.

During the Spring Trade Festival guests will enjoy a variety of themed events, entertainment, discounts in major malls.

For an introduction to traditional crafts it is worth visiting the Heritage Village Museum Park. The real and original in this place is not much, but the technology itself has been preserved: weaving, blacksmithing and pottery.

What to see in Abu Dhabi

Al Husn Palace is considered one of the most important historical landmarks of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The Corniche waterfront is located on the northwest shore of the main island of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates has long established itself as one of the best shopping destinations in the world.

Ferrari World Theme Park is an incredibly popular indoor touring and entertainment park.

Yas Waterword is a water park located on the artificial island of Yas in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, is home to a local attraction, the Heritage Village, which.

Abu Dhabi sights on the map

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    Abu Dhabi’s main attractions

    An important historic landmark in downtown Abu Dhabi is Al Husn Palace. Today, the architectural complex, surrounded by skyscrapers, houses the Documentation and Research Center and a historical museum.

    The largest mosque of the capital and one of the most famous attractions in the UAE in Abu Dhabi is the majestic Mosque of Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahyan, officially opened in 2007. Entrance to it is free for all comers, unlike most mosques in Abu Dhabi accessible only to Muslims.

    Some skyscrapers are so unusual that they inadvertently grab the attention of tourists more than museums and historical sites. The Al Bahar skyscrapers, for example, combine modern construction with traditional Arabic Mashrabiya style, and the sloping Capital Gate Tower is one of the capital’s most photographed landmarks.

    A popular walking route runs along the Corniche promenade. It offers a picturesque view of the bay, and there are numerous restaurants and cafes on the street itself, with a beach park and bicycle rental station nearby.

    In addition to small but very cozy green parks, there is also a real national reserve – Eastern Mangroves Lagoon – within the city limits. You can take an eco-friendly kayak tour through the mangroves to see herons, flamingos, crabs, and other native fauna.

    Panoramic View of Abu Dhabi’s Sights from Airpano.com

    Things to see in Abu Dhabi with kids

    Entertainment in grandiose theme parks make the Emirati capital a popular destination for families. And it remains to be seen who enjoys the “children’s” route more: young travelers or their parents.

    The main attractions and entertainment for recreation are concentrated on the artificial island of Yas, which is relatively close to the airport.

    Universal destination for a vacation in a hot country – a day of fun at the water park. The island has a huge new water park Yas Water Park, decorated in Arabic style. On its territory there are 45 attractions (water and roller coaster, playgrounds for children) and a spacious pool.

    The luxurious Abu Dhabi is a center of attraction for all those who are not indifferent to races and cars. And it’s not just the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – one of the stages of Formula 1 races. On Yas Island, where the track is paved, in addition there is the world’s first theme park “World of Ferrari” with educational, interactive and extreme attractions, exhibition vehicles.

    One of the most famous museums in the region is also devoted to automobiles. It is located 50 km south of the capital in a pyramid-shaped indoor complex. The National Automobile Museum has a large and impressive collection of cars, even including cars from the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Private Guides in Abu Dhabi

    Russian private guides can help you learn more about Abu Dhabi. On the project Experts.Tourister.Ru there are 4 registered Russian guides in Abu Dhabi.

    Abu Dhabi Top 20 Sightseeing Tours in Abu Dhabi with photos and descriptions

    We have selected the top 20 attractions of Abu Dhabi with descriptions and photos, which is worth seeing on vacation for two or with children. Gave some tips on planning a trip and what to see for sure. If you are a fan of excursions, the material we found an excellent overview program in Russian with fascinating guides who will most fully open the capital from a different angle. But, we also recommend you to take a walk on your own, the location map will help.

    The capital of the UAE is a luxurious city, which has grown over several decades. Sights of Abu Dhabi claim to be the best in the world. These are modern skyscrapers, pompous buildings, beautiful gardens and parks. Lovers of historical and cultural treasures will love it here. In the metropolis there are many museums that tell about the rich past of the country.

    Sheikh Zayd Mosque

    Sheikh Zayd Mosque

    The majestic building was erected in 2007. It is a symbol of the prosperity and power of an Arab sheikh. The building is characterized by a mixture of styles. There are architectural features common to Moorish, Persian and Arabian architecture.

    The carpet, which covers the floors inside the shrine, is considered the biggest in the world and has an impressive size: more than 5.5 thousand sq. m. You’ll be especially amazed by the white marble that sparkles in the sunlight. By the way, we advise you to visit it in the evening, the lighting makes the structure even more amazing. And by the way, we don’t recommend you to plan your trip on Friday before dinner, because there is Juma Namaz.

    The prayer rooms are illuminated by luxurious chandeliers. They are decorated with real Swarovski stones.

    The mosque is large in size: up to 40,000 people can pray here at the same time.

    It is the best in the top attractions of Abu Dhabi for tourists, which we recommend to visit in the first place.

    Al Bahar Towers.

    Al Bahar Towers

    Skyscrapers erected in the eastern part of the city. The style combines traditional features of Arabic architecture and ultra-modern design solutions.

    The walls of skyscrapers are represented by sliding panels in the form of umbrellas. They are able to come in motion under the influence of sunlight, the mechanism is constructed so that the offices of the building had a natural ventilation. And the panels have the ability to rotate relative to the sun, protecting workers from overheating.

    The building makes a lasting impression and was voted in 2012 as the best among architectural innovations.

    Etihad Towers.

    The Etihad Towers

    A complex consisting of 5 high-rises. Located on the waterfront of the bay. Tourists are attracted here by the opportunity to view the surrounding area and admire the sea.

    One of the skyscrapers is equipped with an observation deck, which is called the highest point of the city (300 m above sea level).

    Guests of the city are offered to stay in a local hotel. This is not a cheap treat. But you will not be disappointed: here the elite rests, all conditions for a comfortable stay.

    Aldar HQ

    Aldar HQ

    The unusual design of the skyscraper makes it unique in the world. It is made in the form of a shell resting on two concrete supports, and the frame consists of conventional iron beams. The building is rightly called a masterpiece of modern architecture and has already won several awards, one of which is the achievement of minimum energy consumption through natural light.

    It is 110 metres high and sits on an artificial island. Because of groundwater constraints it took three years from 2007 to 2010 to complete the project. The construction company Aldar has its office here.

    You can see a picture of the skyscraper in Abu Dhabi. This is a popular tourist spot and is rightly included in the top of interesting places. You will find the building in the Al Raha district.

    The skyscraper “Capital Gate”.

    Capital Gate

    This skyscraper is presented in the form of an inclined structure. It gives the impression that the tower is falling. The outer facades are finished with glass. The construction shines in the sun.

    Here the well-to-do inhabitants of the city settle down. There is a hotel for guests. The prestigious hotel is the most expensive in the world.

    The height of the construction is more than 160 meters and is included in the list of the tallest buildings in Abu Dhabi.

    The building is included in the Guinness Book of Records. The degree of inclination is greater than that of the famous Penza Tower.

    The information will be useful for tourists who gather information about what to see in Abu Dhabi from the sights with children, they will be interested to see such a miracle. A great option for instagram photo shoots, which is what tourists are actually doing here.

    Marina Mall

    If you don’t know what to do in Abu Dhabi, visit this mall, especially when the weather is bad, but even here we recommend bringing a warm windbreaker, the air conditioning inside is on full blast. You can take a virtual tour of the boutiques using Google Panorama:

    Guests are offered a lot of entertainment besides shopping.

    The mall has:

    • playgrounds for children;
    • an ice rink;
    • restaurants and cafes;
    • cinemas;
    • bowling.

    As for prices, the boutiques are expensive, you can buy things in other places much cheaper. We advise to go here first of all for the impressions of what you see, it’s very beautiful inside. On the upper floors there is an observation deck. The facility has its own website: www.marinamall.ae . Here you can find information about prices.

    Embankment Corniche


    The street stretches along the bay for 10 km. This is the perfect place for a promenade.

    It’s especially beautiful in the evening when they turn on the lights, which is when the locals like to spend time here with whole families. Tourists mostly rent bikes, the cost of renting $4.

    On the waterfront of Abu Dhabi created parks, gardens, equipped with jogging paths, running restaurants and clubs. You can lounge on the beach, but on weekends we recommend finding less popular spots.

    Park “Ferrari World”.

    Ferrari World

    Opened in 2012. Dedicated to the production of cars of the company “Ferrari”.

    If you do not know where to go in Abu Dhabi with children, arrange an excursion to this place, and for the whole day. The number of attractions is about 20. There is a children’s racing school, and there are rides for adults with good nerves. Teenagers like the carousel in the form of cars. Theatrical performances are attended with the little ones. First of all we recommend Flying Aces and Formula Rossa.

    • Tickets start at AED 230 for kids and AED 295 for adults.
    • The park is located on Yas Island.

    Yas Waterworld.

    Yas Waterworld

    Water park pool

    This is where all the tourists with children come. Such entertainment in Abu Dhabi is remembered for a long time.

    The complex occupies an area of 15 hectares. It is equipped with slides, pools, and rides.

    The theme of the park is connected with pearl extraction. The interiors are decorated in accordance with this theme. The fact is that natural stone used to be mined on the territory of the country. Guests are offered to try themselves as pearl fishers.

    • You will find the attraction on the island of Yas.

    Historical and Ethnographic Village

    Historical and Ethnographic Village


    If you do not know what to see in Abu Dhabi interesting, visit this place. The open-air ethnographic complex will tell you about the life, culture and traditions of the Bedouins, the indigenous people of the UAE.

    The project was implemented in the late 90s of the last century in order to preserve the local culture and attract young people and visitors to the state to study the historical heritage of the region.

    There are hotels on the territory of the village. Travelers are given the opportunity to stay in an unusual place.

    Located on Mussafa Street, the entrance for tourists is free, but you will have to pay for some services. Detailed information can be found at http://torath.gov.ae/.

    Falcon Hospital

    Falcon Hospital

    An unusual attraction in the city of Abu Dhabi.

    Falconry is the favorite pastime of the Arabian sheikhs. The bird is even considered a symbol of the country.

    The clinic organizes the treatment of falcons injured in the wild or in captivity. Visitors are allowed to observe the life of birds and there is a museum on the territory of the veterinary hospital. Collections tell about the intricacies of hunting with falcons.

    • For prices and hours of operation, visit the institution’s website at www.falconhospital.com .

    Car Museum

    Car Museum

    The collection is owned by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi and contains about 200 examples of cars from different eras. Everyone can see the collection. The information will be useful for tourists looking for what to see in Abu Dhabi on their own, especially by car. The attraction is far from Dubai, 150 km away. Therefore, we recommend to go here only when planning to visit a few more sites, such as mosques.

    It’s a shorter drive from Abu Dhabi, the site is located 45 km away from the city (Liwa Oasis).

    The pride of the collector is a vintage Rolls-Royce car. The car belonged to the royal family of Britain.

    The car – a house on wheels also deserves attention. It is decorated in accordance with the owner’s requests.

    Al Husn Fort.

    Al Husn

    The monument dates back to the 18th century. The fortress is considered to be the oldest building on the territory of the metropolis.

    The site will interest fans of historical sites. It is considered to be the center of the city, and it was from here that it began to grow and gain new constructions.

    It used to be the residence of the sheikh. Now it is a popular tourist spot.

    Abu Dhabi Zoo

    Abu Dhabi Zoo

    It was founded in the middle of the last century. The site is on the list of places to go in Abu Dhabi with children, especially pre-school age.

    The largest zoological garden in the Middle East receives guests all year round. You can watch the life of lions, gazelles, elephants, tigers and other exotic animals. You can ride elephants and pet some species, such as donkeys.

    Of interest is the area where the animals of the Arabian Desert have been settled. The cost is only 100 dirhams for a family of three tourists. There is a rope park for active entertainment.

    • The institution has an official website: www.emiratesparkzooandresort.com . Here you can find information on tickets and schedules.

    Mangrove Reserve

    Mangrove Reserve

    The protected area is a popular tourist spot. Guests are offered boat rides and enjoy the beauty of the oasis. Many travel agencies offer familiarization tours of the surrounding area from this place, in principle, it is, put a tick in your guidebook for a mandatory visit to natural places.

    Movement by car on the territory of the reserve is prohibited.

    Flamingos and black herons take a fancy to this place of paradise. Here you can calmly watch these rare birds. The park got its name from the name of trees – mangroves. They grow right in the shallow, salty water. The best thing to see in Abu Dhabi to appreciate the beauty of the region.

    Emirates Palace Hotel

    Emirates Palace

    Hotels in Abu Dhabi by the Bay

    A veritable palace in Abu Dhabi. The building came here as if from a fairy tale. It is not easy to get inside. Only guests or those guests who came with a tour guide can enter here.

    The hotel hall is decorated with a huge model, showing the periods of development of the metropolis.

    The hotel is conveniently located in the center of the city on the first line, which is why many tourists with a lot of money like to stay here. From here you can easily reach the main attractions and the hotel shuttle will take you to any destination.

    Those wishing to stay at the hotel should take care of booking a room in advance, places are sold out as early as two to three months. The cost of the cheapest room per night will be “only” 23 thousand rubles.

    Qasr Al-Watan Palace

    Qasr Al Wathan Palace

    There are several cultural sites under the roof of the palace, including a museum and a library. It is a modern building, opened recently.

    Visitors learn about the history of the formation of the state, where the UAE is, and what role it plays at the global level.

    Of interest is the unusual collection of gifts received by sheikhs in different times of reign. The complex also houses a collection of significant archaeological finds.

    The library of the palace contains more than fifty thousand books, among which there are ancient manuscripts.

    If you want to visit the building, you can use the services of a guide. The guide will tell about the stages of construction, the details of the interiors, will tell a lot of curious facts.

    Louvre Museum

    Louvre in UAE

    It is considered a branch of the famous French museum. But in fact, it is not quite so. Just the famous “Louvre” supports the “namesake”. For this, the state pays annually to the assisting country almost a billion euros.

    It keeps the paintings of famous artists. Many of the works of art supplied to the exhibition France, but some masterpieces of Emirates have acquired on their own. Of interest among them is the work of Picasso, previously unknown to art historians.

    There are also rare examples of books: samples of Bibles, Korans and manuscripts. The institution was opened in 2017. For more information, visit http://louvreabudhabi.ae . The information will be useful for travelers who do not know what to visit in Abu Dhabi from cultural places.

    Yas Island

    Yas Island

    If you don’t know what to do in Abu Dhabi, go to Yas Island. This man-made island has become a popular tourist area. The best entertainment is concentrated here. Both adults and children will enjoy the visit.

    More than 40 billion dollars were spent on the project. Since its opening, the island has been visited by more than 30 million people.

    Now come here not only for entertainment, here are buying real estate wealthy citizens of the world. Residential buildings continue to be built.

    On the territory of Yas placed luxury hotels, which are included in the list of the most expensive hotels on the planet.

    Saadiyat Beach

    White Sand Beach in UAE

    The best beach in the Emirates. Located on the island of the same name. It is a strip of snow-white sand, which stretches along the bay. All conditions for comfortable recreation are created here. Among the visitors of the beach there are world celebrities.

    • Nearby are built hotels, guests of the region can stay in the immediate vicinity of the beach area.

    Abu Dhabi sights on the map

    Abu Dhabi hotels.

    Here is a quick video review of the sights

    A visit to the UAE and the city of Abu Dhabi allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and wealth, to feel the role of the sheikh, and enjoy the best of what the hospitable state offers to its guests.

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