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The mattress is comfortable, the linen is white, and the towel is large. On the floor coating – it is possible to walk barefoot. There is a kitchen, equipped with everything necessary for cooking. The water pressure in the shower room is weak, but you can wash. There is a machine and dryer for laundry. A quiet place to relax.

I liked it very much! Stayed here both times in Saint Petersburg, everything is very cozy, friendly, no questions in terms of facilities, next time for sure))

I always wanted to stay in my room. Clean and quiet. With everything you need. And, importantly, for the money it more than pays for itself. The administrators are wonderful. Prosperity to this place.

Google is weird, for some reason took off one star, although I put the “five”. Correcting an oversight :))) Great hostel! Small, cozy, the girls at the front desk are great, always clean. A good kitchen with a stove and the necessary utensils. And the location, of course, is also an A. Location in the center of the city. Keep it up girls, I will stay at your place next year.

Hostel 4WEEKS is located in St. Petersburg, 1.9 km from the Chapel of St. Xenia the Blessed and 2.1 km from the Gazprom Arena stadium. Free Wi-Fi and free private parking are available at the hostel.

It says double room with a private bathroom, but it is not really private, because the shower room with a toilet for two double rooms.

My 5th business trip to Peter ended with an overnight stay in a capsule hotel that was unusual for me. For me it was the first introduction to the capsule system and I can say that it is cool! Great soundproofing, comfort, warmth, cleanliness made my night as comfortable as possible. But it’s a shame that there isn’t some kind of food at the hotel, so I had to get out of my “den” and walk to the nearest pizzeria TasteIt, by the way, it’s very even there.

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Very cozy place and the most hospitable girl-administrator. Clean, nice, great common area and restrooms with showers. In the common rooms except that a little stuffy + light, but the beds have curtains. Perfect for a one night stay. If the hotel assumes a separate room (did not have the opportunity to find out), then I recommend a place and for a long stay.

Hostel “Rubinstein” with free Wi-Fi, a common kitchen and a common lounge is conveniently located in the Central district of St. Petersburg, 600 meters from the Faberge Museum, 800 meters from Anna Akhmatova Museum and 1.9 km from the Palace Square.

We decided to celebrate our daughter’s birthday in St. Petersburg. We chose the Kinohostel by the reviews on the internet. Were completely delighted with the location of the hostel, which is located in the city center, the situation in the hostel itself, from the cleanliness and comfort, but especially pleased with the staff. During our stay we saw three administrators. Everyone was very polite and attentive. We gave our daughter a present in honor of her birthday.

I have no complaints about the hostel in terms of cleanliness, beauty, etc., but the proximity to the avenue kills sleep at the root, because from the street you can hear absolutely everything. Also in May it is hot in the room.

Cleanliness, order, tranquility. Near the room all the amenities. Coffee, tea and water for free. Prices don’t bite.

Great option who came to St. Petersburg on a tour of the city center near the subway and train station near stores 24 hours and not so expensive Prices vary with the influx of tourists and the season at weekends and holidays more expensive

I liked the hostel very much. Clean and neat. I lived in this hostel in the summer in a 6-bed room. It was quite crowded, the hostel was not empty, and not surprising. Very convenient location, a 10 minute walk from Nevsky. It was clean and comfortable, had a lot of bathrooms and showers. There is also a room for co-working. The kitchen has all the necessary appliances and a large refrigerator.

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Very polite administrators, a special thanks for that! Several showers and toilets. Everywhere is clean and the athmosphere is awesome! It was a pleasure to stay!

Great hostel! Clean! Cozy! Close to the center. And what’s nice, eco-style + separate waste collection.

Were in August 2020. Super hostel. The administrator Dima was great. Almost in the center. Everything is clean and comfortable. I had a lot of fun after my excursions. Such a pleasant memory ❤️❤️❤️ Missed you!!!

The Bookshelf Hostel on Zhukovskaya has become my second home for the past 2 weeks. Minimalistic, stylish interior made with taste, modern renovation of the room, cleanliness, warm, welcoming “hosts and residents of Narnia” and many other small details combine to create a home-like atmosphere of warmth and comfort, which is sometimes so lacking in an unfamiliar city.

Duration of stay half a month. Experience living in different hostels, so objectively and in great detail I will try to set forth all the pros, cons and nuances. PLUSES: There are a lot of them and they are quite substantial and weighty. – LOCATION. The center of the city, close to two metro stations, Nevsky Prospect and all the major attractions within walking distance. – PRICE. Was not in high season. And the price through.

This hostel visited back in December, liked it from beginning to end. At the entrance you have to take off your shoes, then you understand why, because the hostel is always clean. At the counter in the common room are welcomed great administrators. I do not remember the names, but all without exception wonderful kind and in difficult situations, can really help or support! There is a locker for belongings that is locked and only one has access.

I am thrilled with this hotel! First time staying in a capsule hotel. The “capsule” itself is not as small as I thought it would be. It is very comfortable inside and it slept well. The hotel is very classy, nice views from all windows. The managers, nice guys, are very nice and keep order. The hotel is very quiet and clean. The common room is very nice too. Soft background music – pleasantly surprised by the playlist :) played my favorite Drake.

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Nice hostel. It is clean, very comfortable, and has a nice interior. Well located workspace: a lot of outlets and seats (sofas and racks like bars). The bathrooms are excellent, freshly made, nothing leaks or smells. The pod material is good, but the mattresses could have been better, although I got a good night’s sleep. There are quite roomy safe lockers with coded locks. Of the minuses: noisy ventilation.

The hostel itself isn’t bad. Nice design, clean, quite comfortable pods, pleasant administrators. However, it’s good to stay in this place for four days maximum, longer would be in tension. The food in the kitchen area is inconvenient, except for an omelette in the microwave. The cupboards are small, suitable only for storing small things.

Hostels in St. Petersburg

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Friends Hostel on Sennoy, Saint-Petersburg

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Druzia na Dostoevskogo, St. Petersburg

DOM Hostel, Saint-Petersburg

Friends on Liteiny, St. Petersburg

Star sky Hostel, Saint Petersburg

Friends on Nevsky, St. Petersburg

VGosti, Hostel, St. Petersburg

Strawberry Duck, St Petersburg

Cameo Hostel, Saint-Petersburg

Bed&Bike Hostel, Saint-Petersburg

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Mishanya Hostel, Saint-Petersburg

Laika Hotel & Hostel, St. Petersburg

Petya & Wolf Hostel, Saint Petersburg

Maestro Hostel, Saint-Petersburg

Kino Hostel at Vyborgskaya, Saint-Petersburg

Mini-Mani Hostel on Krylova Street, Saint Petersburg

Inexpensive hostels in St. Petersburg without intermediaries – real reviews, contacts, phones, best prices, discounts. The site features all hostels and economy class hotels in St. Petersburg.

Our online booking site draws your attention to inexpensive but comfortable hostels in St. Petersburg. Men’s, women’s and mixed rooms for 2, 4, 6 or 8 beds are always in high demand among students, athletes, numerous tourists and just people who know how to count money.

In addition to facilities with the status of “hostel”, this page shows contacts of hotels in St. Petersburg economy class, which have rooms with the cost of living less than 1500 rubles per day.

Why, indeed, to pay extra money if they can be spent on entertainment and leisure – visiting museums and excursions, delicious lunches and dinners somewhere in a cozy restaurant or right on the Neva embankment. And in St. Petersburg really is something to see – numerous museums and palaces, sports and exhibition centers, monuments, beautiful fountains and much more.

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Especially for you, we have collected dozens of hostels and cheap hotels in St. Petersburg. Just near Nevsky Prospect, there are about 30 properties, and after all, there are also sleeping areas, which is easy to reach by subway. As a rule, hostels in the city center are located in old buildings. But in all premises good repair is made, furniture and appliances are periodically renewed. Some places attract clients by nice patios with tables, awnings, and barbecues. In the cold season the guests gather in spacious halls with cozy upholstered furniture and TV and billiard tables. It is a good style to have a wired Internet connection or free Wi-Fi.

It is noteworthy that many hostels and inexpensive hotels in St. Petersburg offer rooms with breakfast or equip kitchens with a necessary set of dishes and appliances, including microwave ovens, electric kettles and coffee makers for guests.

To find a suitable offer, you can contact our managers by phone or use a search filter by entering the required parameters;

  • the price of the room;
  • number of guests; – number of guests staying at the hotel; – neighborhood or subway station;
  • the area or the metro station
  • distance to the center;;
  • type and category of the hotel;
  • check-in and check-out dates.

At your service – instant confirmation of your booking via e-mail or SMS, room search in the category “Recommended by”.

Don’t worry – we work for free.

See descriptions and photos of rooms, hotels location on the map, read real reviews and make a reservation.

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