Akçay in Turkey and the sights of the resort

What is in the Turkish resort town Akcay

Akçay resort, Turkey, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, is little known among Russian tourists who prefer to rest on the Mediterranean coast.

In Akçay prefer to rest the Turks themselves, especially the inhabitants of Istanbul and Izmir, located nearby. For those who want peace and quiet and the absence of crowds of foreigners, Akçay is the exclusive offer on the market of Turkish resorts.

Geography and prices of the resort

Akçay is located on the coast of the Gulf of Edremiti on the Aegean Sea in western Turkey at Balıkesir. Akçay is located in the suburbs of the much larger city of Edremit, known since ancient times. The bay of Edremit, nicknamed the “Olive Riviera” because of its shores covered with olive trees, is a major resort area, in which Akçay plays a major role.

Despite the fact that the Aegean coast is characterized by high prices for accommodation and services, Akçay is a resort with democratic prices. There are dozens of hotels in Akchai and its suburbs. The prices for accommodation range from 1000-1500 rubles for a double room with a shared bathroom to 6500 rubles for a double room with a sea view per night in a hotel with a swimming pool and half board.

Average price for hotel accommodation in Akchaya during the high season is 3500 rubles per night in a double room of comfort class.

Weather and water temperature

Another important advantage of recreation at the resort is the climate of the Gulf of Edremit. The dry and warm climate of the Aegean coast is much easier to bear children and older tourists than the hot and humid climate of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Therefore, the Aegean coast and Akçay in particular is a center of family tourism. The average temperature in July and August is +32 ° C, the monthly rainfall during the holiday season does not exceed 8-9 mm. The water temperature in the summer is about +25 °C.

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All beaches in Akchai are sandy and wide (up to 50 meters). The town is surrounded by olive groves, bushes of eucalyptus and conifers, so the air in the resort is considered particularly healthy for any tourist. Near the town there are healing springs of Gure. All the local tap water is taken from the mountain springs, so you can drink it from the tap.

How to get to the spa town

Getting to the resort is a non-trivial task, which, in many ways, stops foreign tourists. The base for access to Akçay is Edremit, located 8 km from the resort. Edremit/Korfes Airport is 9 kilometers from Edremit and 18 from Acchai. The airport receives flights from Istanbul:

  • From Sabiha Gokcen Airport – flight costs from 1150 RUR;
  • From Ataturk airport – price from 2800RUR.

There are also flights from Ankara.

Due to the large distance between the resort and Istanbul (about 400 km) travel by car between the cities is not so common. By personal or rented car to get the easiest way through the Asian part of Turkey. The way passes:

  • E 80 Istanbul – Izmit to the Osmangazi Bridge in the Bay of Izmit;
  • On highway E 881 Izmit – Cesme from the bridge to the city Balikesir;
  • Along the Balıkesir – Edremit highway, the distance will be about 90 km.

You can get to Akçay from Istanbul by bus. Istanbul-Akçay buses leave Istanbul twice a day at a cost of 800-1,200 rubles, travel time is about 9 hours, and the route includes the ferry Eceabat-Canakkale across the Dardanelles. The second option is to take the Istanbul – Bursa bus (400 – 1100 RUB) and change to the Bursa – Akçay bus (650 – 900 RUB). This option is a little bit more expensive, but despite the change it is faster – travel time including waiting at the Bursa train station will be about 8 hours.

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Attractions of Akchay

The resort itself, because of its young age, cannot boast of special attractions that attract tourists. The only unusual place near the town is Kazhdagi National Park, located north of Akchai. Jeep tours to waterfalls, lakes or to the top of Sarykyz Mountain are organized in Kazhdagi. The cost of the tour starts at 750 rubles. There is an old legend connected with the Sarykyz mountain, about a girl named Sarykyz, who gifted the town and its surroundings with fresh water from the mountain springs. The statue of Sarykyz is installed on the Akchay embankment and represents a figure of a girl with a jug in her hands and swans accompanying her.

The coast of the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Edremit in particular was densely populated in ancient times, many of the structures of that time have survived to this day. To visit the ancient ruins you have to leave Akchai and go to the sights on your own or as part of an organized tour.

The main sights are:

  • Excavations of the famous ancient city of Troy. A trip there includes a visit to the museum of excavation and the ruins themselves with the sanctuaries, the palace complex and the altar of the temple of Athena. The ruins of Troy are located 90 km from Accaya.
  • The ruins of ancient Greek polis Assos are located 50 km from Acchai. Tourists can see the ruins of the temple of Athens, the acropolis of the city with the preserved fragments of city walls, the gymnasium, which is 2200 years old, the theater of III century BC, and the Greek baths with 26 halls.
  • The ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo are situated 75 km away from the resort in the village of Gulpinar.
  • The ruins of ancient Greek polis Antandros are located 15 km west of Akchai. Here you can visit the ruins of a Roman villa from the 4th century AD with the second largest mosaics in all of Turkey.
  • The nearby town of Edremit preserves the medieval mosque of Kursunlu, built in the early 13th century, and has a history museum with a large collection of antique and medieval artifacts.
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The easiest way to get to Edremit is by suburban bus, trips to the ancient sites of the coast can be made independently by intercity buses. Organized excursions take the whole day and cost 750 to 1500 rubles, depending on the destination.

Sightseeing in Turkey Akcay.

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