Aktash village on the map of the Altai Republic: in detail

Aktash village and attractions of the Altai Mountains

Aktash village, located at the intersection of Chuysky and Ulagan tracts, is the main base for the development of the “deep” Altai, which is rarely visited by ordinary tourists.

Aktash is a village in Ulagan District of the Republic of Altai, Russian Federation. Aktash lies at the 788th kilometer of the Chuysky tract, where the Ulagan tract begins, leading to the district center and then to the village of Balyktuyul in the east of the region. Aktash village is located on the southern slope of the Kurai range at the confluence of the rivers Chibitka and Menka.

How to get to the village

Aktash is located at the crossroads of the Chuysky and Ulagansky highways. Location on the main highway of the Republic of Altai (Chuysky tract) makes Aktash easily accessible – the access to this place is year-round, the quality of asphalt on the Chuysky tract in recent years does not cause complaints either. To get to the village on your own car, you need to move along the Chuysky Tract from Gorno-Altaisk, without turning off onto secondary roads. The village is located 350 kilometers from the capital of the republic – it takes about 5 hours of driving along the mountain road.

You can also get to Aktash by public transport. The village is connected to the capital of the region by a daily bus route Gorno-Altaisk – Aktash, departure at 10:40, arrival in Aktash at 19:06. The return morning bus Aktash – Gorno-Altaisk leaves at 07:30. Bus route Gorno-Altaisk – Ulagan runs through Aktash, departure from the republican capital on even days of the week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) at 07:15, arrival in Aktash tentatively at 16:00. The fare from Gorno-Altaisk to Aktash is about 400 RUR.

Aktash mine

Climate and weather in Aktash

Aktash is characterized by a continental climate: cool summers and rather harsh winters with little snow. Because of its location at an altitude of around 1,500 m above sea level, the climate in Aktash is more continental and has lower temperatures than in Gorno-Altaisk or Chemal. The average annual temperature in Aktash stays in the minus range and is -0.3 °C.

Humidification in Aktash is uneven – most of the precipitation falls in summer during thunderstorm showers, the least in winter, especially in February and March, when it averages only 7 mm.

January is the coldest month of the year, the average monthly temperature in January stays at -17,5 ° C, climatic spring comes in April, when the thermometer crosses the zero mark. July is the warmest month of the year with an average temperature of +16 ° C.

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Ai River

When to go

Tourist season in Aktash lasts less than in the low valleys of Altai. Most tourists come here from June, when the weather is comfortable and relatively warm. The season ends in September, when golden autumn reigns in the Altai. Beginning in October in the vicinity of the village begins the winter, lasting until April.

Lake Cheybekköl or Dead Lake

Population of the village

The population of Aktash is 2,400 people, most of the locals are Russians, but there are also local Altaians and Kazakhs. In the past, Aktash had the status of an urban-type settlement and was the center of mercury ore mining, one of the rare examples of an industrial settlement in Altai. With the closing of the mine in 1994, the population of Aktash decreased from 3500 inhabitants to the current figures and continues to decrease.

Aktash relay panorama

Where to live

As in other villages of the Altai Republic, places to stay in Aktash are of two types: recreation centers and mini-hotels, with the latter located in the village itself and the recreation centers located away within 10 kilometers of the village center. In total, you can find about a dozen places to stay in Aktashe:

  • hotels “Rasul”, “Avalon”, “Uyut”, “Aktash”;
  • “Lesnoy dvorik”, “Trout”, “Chuyskaya valley”, “Red fox”, “Red gate”, “Green Kolobok”, “Myons”, “Zlatogorye” and others.

The cost of hotel accommodation is slightly lower than that of the tourist bases. Single hotel room costs from 600 RUR per day and double room from 800 RUR. Tourist bases mostly offer cabins for 3, 4 and 6 people and a 3-bed room costs from 1800 RUR, 4-bed room – from 2500 RUR. Generally, you will have to evaluate the price from 500 to 700 RUR per person per night regardless of room capacity.

Near the Aktash rock on the Zilim river

On the Zilim river

Where and what to eat

Since Aktash is becoming more and more popular among tourists, and because of its location right on the Chuysky Tract, there is no shortage of places to eat in the village. Before entering the village on the highway there are cafes “M52” and “Asia MIX”, in the village itself there is a cafe “Uch-Sumer” and an ordinary canteen. Prices in local cafes are very moderate – an average lunch will cost about 300 RUR. To tell the truth, you don’t expect any special culinary delights – these are usual fast-food places with dishes of Russian and European cuisine, so you will not be able to try local dishes in Aktash. For more interesting cuisine it is better to go to the cafe “Silver Key”, which is located on the Chuisky Tract, 6 kilometers from the village.

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Memorial in the village


There is no internal transport in Aktash, so you have to move around either on foot or by private vehicle. If you need to get to the sights located in the vicinity of Aktash, and you do not have a personal car, the only way is to use hitchhiking. Locals are happy to give you a ride on the highway, especially for tourists going into the mountains. Most drivers give free rides, but you should expect that sometimes you have to pay extra for the service.

If you want, you can hire a car and driver right in the village. The most common car here is UAZ, which is best suited for local roads. If you rent a car with a driver, it will cost from 3000 to 5000 RUR per day.

Kuperlya karst bridge

Attractions of the village

The village itself cannot boast of any attractions. Having been established only after World War II as a mining town, it has simply had no time to see any sights for its short life. Exaggeratedly, only two Orthodox churches and a mosque, built in the 90s, may be classified as such. As everywhere else in Altai, interesting places and places of interest are connected with the magnificent nature of the Altai Mountains.

A few kilometers from Aktash, the most famous natural object of the village is the Geyser Lake, also known as the Blue Lake. The peculiarity of the lake is conveyed in its name – at the bottom there are several mud volcanoes, which during eruption bring a bluish silt to the surface of the lake. Because of this small lake with a diameter of about 30 meters looks very unusual – at the edges of it there is transparent water, and in the center of the water surface is colored bright blue. Such play of colors gives the lake a mysterious and somewhat witch-like appearance. To get to Geyser Lake you should stop on the Chuysky highway near “Myony” base and walk about 500 meters to the East from the highway. You should wear rubber boots when approaching the lake, because the path leads through the swampy terrain.

There are several waterfalls in the vicinity of Aktash, but the most impressive and easily accessible of them is the Shirlak waterfall 27 kilometers from the village. Shirlak is located on the Chuysky highway and runs down from the boma, as they call the steep cliffs in Altai. The height of the waterfall is 25 meters. In all its beauty, you can see the waterfall in the spring and after summer showers, when it fills with water. During drought, it almost dries up. The waterfall also has an unofficial name, and it is, of course, “The Maiden’s Tears” with the standard legend. There are other waterfalls not far from Shirlak: Upper Karasu, two Ular waterfalls and others.

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At 500 meters from Shirlak in the flow of the Chui River there is Behemoth Threshold, one of the most difficult rapids in the lower reaches of the river, which has the fifth category of complexity (during the flood – the sixth). The threshold consists of 7 steps and has a length of about 400 meters. Behemoth is used for sports passing on rafts, catamarans and kayaks.

In 44 kilometers from Aktash there is the most famous rock in the vicinity – White Bom, several kilometers long and 150 meters high. There is Big Belobomsk cave with the total length of 140 meters in the rock. Near the rock is a monument to the “Drivers of the Chuysky tract”, which is a truck and SUV, first passed on the tract in the distant 1930s. If you climb up the slope in this place, you can see a section of the old Chuysky tract, laid in the XIX century.

The Ulaganskiy tract, connecting Aktash with the district center, passes through the Red Gate, an artificially cut passage in the rocks of the Kurai ridge. To lay the route, the narrow passage between the rocky ledges was enlarged by a blast, and then a spectacular gateway was formed. The red color of the rocks is due to the presence of cinnabar, a mercury ore, in the rock. The red gate is located 7 kilometers from Aktash and leads to the Chibitka river valley. Near the Red Gate there is a “dead” lake Cheybekkel, which is not inhabited by fish because of mercury ores, and a beautiful lake Uzunkel.

Red Gate

Tips for a tourist

Aktash village is the border between the developed tourist part of Altai and the highlands, which are rarely visited by tourists. You may start your hiking trip from Aktash to the most protected parts of Altai: you can go to the Kuraiskaya and Chuyskaya steppe along the Chuisky path, to the Katu-Yaryk pass and to the Chulyshman valley along the Ulagan path. If you wish, you can even get from Aktash to the Teletskoye Lake by an unpaved road, laid by a tractor in the late 80s.

Near Aktash, there is an abandoned mine where the mercury ore cinnabar was once mined. Now the mine and the nearby mining and processing plant are abandoned, the passage to them is closed and guarded. However, if desired, it is possible to negotiate with the guards and for a small sum of money to visit the mine. But you should understand that this area is considered an environmental disaster area and can be dangerous for visitors.

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For those who move around Aktash by hitchhiking, there is a little hitchhiker’s tip. Both locals and guests of Altai are much more likely to pick up a person with a tourist backpack than a hitchhiker without luggage on the road. Because of its beauty and mystique, Altai attracts many different people, including those who are commonly called geeks. The locals don’t like different Rerihans and other informals, whose main feature is the lack of tourist luggage. Therefore, for the fastest hitchhiking is best suited classic tourist backpack on the back.

As everywhere else in Altai Mountains you are to observe elementary safety measures: to have comfortable shoes for hiking, spare clothes, to be equipped with medicines against insects, to avoid hiking on high grass etc.


Aktash itself is not the most interesting place, but as the crossroads of two roads it is an ideal base for exploring the most remote parts of the Altai. All signs of civilization are still here: hotels, cafes, a post office and a Sberbank branch. In addition, in the vicinity of this village there are many amazing and beautiful natural sites, a visit to which will leave an indelible impression.

Public cadastral map of Aktash as of 05.09.2022

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Only plots that have been surveyed are shown on the map (i.e. the exact coordinates of the corners have been measured).

  1. land surveying was not done at all
  2. land survey was made long time ago (before 2006)
  3. surveying was made recently (1-2 months ago)
  4. technical errors in registration of the boundary plan
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