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Sanatoriums and resorts 2022

Primorye, washed by the waters of the Sea of Japan and located in a zone of mild monsoon climate – the best place in the entire Far East of Russia for recreation and tourism. Picturesque beaches of the sea coast, majestic spurs of Sikhote-Alin, unique flora and fauna of Ussuri taiga, numerous sources of mineral waters and therapeutic mud, plenty of sunny days and clean air – these are the main recreational resources of the region, due to which, talking about recreation in Primorsky Krai, mean the best recreation in Russia east of the Urals.

Health resorts and spas Primorye are located in environmentally clean places – on the best lake and sea beaches of Primorye, as well as near the sources of curative mud, thermal and mineral waters. The most popular and popular resort area of Primorsky Krai is located in Khasansky district and includes wonderful beaches of Livadia, Nakhodka, Vityaz, Andreevka, Poseet, etc. “Khasanschina is undoubtedly the most attractive place for beach recreation in Primorsky Krai. Clean warm sea, picturesque seascapes, developed tourist infrastructure, numerous historical and natural monuments – recreational potential of Khasansky District is huge. Add to this the most valuable deposits of sulfide salts of Expedition Bay and therapeutic muds of Lake Khankai. It’s no coincidence that the first health resort in Primorsky Krai was created exactly here in 1997 (in the Expedition Bay).

Vladivostok’s city resort area on the Amur Bay’s coast is its pride. The picturesque sandy and pebbly beaches of the bay are the favourite recreation place of city’s locals and guests. Many health resorts in Vladivostok’s suburbs work on curative silt muds extracted from the Amur Bay’s bottom: ‘Amur Bay’, ‘Ocean Military’, ‘Sadgorod’, ‘Primorye’, ‘Moryak’, ‘Ocean’, ‘Stroitel’ and others. Today the Vladivostok resort area is ranked among the resorts of all-Russian significance. Therapeutic muds are also found near Nakhodka. On their basis is functioning sanatorium-preventorium “Zhemchuzhny”.

There are over 100 mineral water springs in Primorsky Krai, many of which are still waiting to be developed. The most developed mineral springs in Kirov district, where there is a unique in scale Shmakovskoe deposit of carbonaceous mineral waters (like Kislovodsk narzans). Shmakovka resort is located in the picturesque valley of the Ussuri River. Healing factors of the resort: warm and dry summer, sunny and windless winter, the richest taiga vegetation and Shmakovsky “narzan”. In Shmakovka today operate health centers: “Pearl” (400 beds), “Emerald” (500 beds), Shmakovsky Military District (500 beds) and sanatorium them. 50th anniversary of October (for 400 beds), and the resort “Shmakovka” itself is included in the “List of unique resorts of Russia. Of thermal mineral springs should be noted Chistovodnenskie, Gornovodnenskie, Goryachiy Klyuch, Sukhoy Klyuch, etc. On their basis sanatoria “Chistovodnoe”, “Gornovodnoe” work.

Sanatoriums and resorts of Primorye offer health improvement and recovery from many chronic diseases. In addition to balneo- and mud treatment, they use the most modern hardware methods and various types of therapy.

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Thousands of Russians have experienced the miraculous effects of the health resorts and spas of Primorye. Join their number – because health is more important than money, fame, career, etc.

Our site is the most complete selection of descriptions of health resorts Primorye, and managers of our company will readily answer all your questions about booking and availability of seats, the cost of tickets, travel options, etc.

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“Emerald” (Shmakovka), sanatorium.

Attention. Consolidation of buildings of sanatoriums “Izumrudny” and “Pearl” in a single complex “sanatorium” Izumrudny. Sanatorium “Emerald” takes on vacation and treatment throughout the year. We offer a variety of accommodation and treatment options. Specialized treatment programs. Treatment without accommodation. A wide range of medical services.

“Builder”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Stroitel” is located in the suburbs of Vladivostok, near the shore of the Amur Bay. Sanatorium “Stroitel” is rightly considered the flagship of health resorts of Primorye and a “trendsetter” in the implementation of the latest achievements of medicine.

“Adonis”, sanatorium-preventorium

Sanatorium-preventorium “Adonis” is located in the northern part of the Ussuri taiga in the village Vostok of Krasnoarmeisky district. Vostok village is also called “seaside Courchevel” for its wonderful ski slopes, crystal clear air and rich nature.

“Amur Bay”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Amur Bay” specializes in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system and a number of other diseases. “Amur Bay” is among the top five sanatoriums in Russia.

“White Swan”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Belyi Lebed” is located on the deposit of therapeutic mud on the island of Russky. Sanatorium “White Swan” has all possibilities for combining health-improving procedures with a wonderful vacation at the sea.

“Volna”, sanatorium

Sanatorium-resort “Volna” is located on the coast of the bay of Nakhodka. General therapeutic profile sanatorium.

“Voskhod health resort

Sanatorium-Preventorium “Voskhod” is located in a taiga village. The sanatorium provides prevention and treatment of diseases of general therapeutic profile.

“Gornovodnoe, recreational boarding house

Medical and recreational boarding house “Gornovodnoe” was created on the base of former hospital, medical profile (diseases of digestive organs) is preserved. The boarding house “Gornovodnoe” is built near a spring with healing water, in the middle of the taiga of Olginsky district.

“Evgenyevskaya”, hospital for rehabilitation treatment

“Zhemchuzhina”, sanatorium

The sanatorium “Zhemchuzhina” is located in the Primorsky Krai, at Shmakovka health resort, 340 km from Vladivostok. The sanatorium is multidisciplinary. The sanatorium treats patients with diseases of the digestive system, respiration, peripheral nervous system and a number of related diseases, but the “pearl” of our sanatorium is that for 15 years in the conditions of the sanatorium is carried out treatment of patients with diseases of the vision. The sanatorium is located in a very favorable climatic and geographical conditions in the area, where all types of recreational and recreational systems.

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“Zhemchuzhny” (Nakhodka Sea Commercial Port), sanatorium

“Zvezda”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Zvezda” is located in Bolshoi Kamen, and is one of the divisions of the plant “Zvezda”. It provides treatment and prevention of general therapeutic diseases.

“Zolotoy Bereg”, Sanatorium-Preventorium

Sanatorium-preventorium “Gold Coast” is located on the shore of Lazurnaya Bay of the Ussuri Bay of the Sea of Japan, in an ecologically clean area protected from northern winds, with a moderate monsoon climate. The proximity of the sea, high insolation, clean tonic air are favorable for treatment and recreation. Departmental subordination – Federal Tax Service. Medical profile – diseases of musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, digestive organs, nervous system, cardiovascular system, gynecology, psychotherapeutic rehabilitation. Duration of the tour varies by request.

“Integral”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Integral” is located in Vladivostok and is a treatment and prevention facility of the Far Eastern Federal University. Sanatorium “Integral” renders curative-rehabilitation and health-improving services to students and lecturers of the institute without discontinuing their studies and work. The sanatorium specializes in treating diseases of the respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, digestion, kidneys, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, removal of the toxic effects of radio- and chemotherapy in cancer patients.

“Kuldur”, sanatorium

Kuldur sanatorium is located in the spa resort Kuldur in the valley of the river of the same name at an altitude of 365 meters above sea level. One of the oldest health resorts in the Far East. The main therapeutic factor of the resort is its natural nitrogen-siliceous thermal waters.

“Nachiki Sanatorium

Recreation base “Nachiki” invites all residents and guests of Kamchatka! Large outdoor pool with thermal healing water, a hotel with comfortable rooms, a cafe with a variety of cuisine and everything you need for a picnic!

“Nezabudka”, sanatorium

Sanatorium-preventorium “Nezabudka” is located in one of the well-appointed hostels of Vladivostok State Medical University. In 1988, the sanatorium “Nezabudka” was awarded the gold medal of the VDNH as the best preventive clinic of medical schools of the country.

“Novy Mir”, hotel complex

Novy Mir” hotel complex offers accommodation in rooms from 2 to 5 people, rooms of “Standard”, “Semi Suite” and “Suite” categories.

“Ocean”, medical center

“Ocean” (Military sanatorium of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation)

Military sanatorium “Okeansky” is one of the oldest military health resorts in the Far East.

“Primorye” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, sanatorium

Primorye” sanatorium is situated in one kilometer from the shore of Amur Bay, 22 km from Vladivostok. The territory of the sanatorium is surrounded from the south and east by the spurs of Sikhote-Alin, and from the west and north it is bounded by the sea. There is a surprisingly rich vegetation and beautiful mountainous terrain. Near the sanatorium there is a beautiful sandy beach and shallow sea with gradually increasing depth.

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“Progress”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Progress” is located in the city of Arsenyev, is a subdivision of the plant “Progress”. It has a general therapeutic profile, successfully combining treatment with active recreation.

“Rodnik”, children’s sanatorium

Children’s sanatorium “Rodnik” is located in the village of Gribnoe on the banks of the Chernigovka River. It specializes in the treatment of general therapeutic diseases. The territory of the sanatorium “Rodnik” is buried in the rich seaside vegetation, among which there are such rare species as yew, ginseng, Amur velvet, aralia, eleuterococus, lemongrass. The mineral springs found here contain a large number of silver ions and useful salts.

“Romashka”, sanatorium UGPI

The Romashka Sanatorium is located in the city of Ussuriysk and is a therapeutic and preventive institution of the Ussuriysk Pedagogical Institute. The “Romashka” sanatorium provides therapeutic and prophylactic services to students and teachers of the institute without discontinuing their studies and work.

“Sakharny Klyuch”, sanatorium

Sakharny Klyuch sanatorium is located in a wooded area on the coast of the Amur Bay, in the resort area of Vladivostok. Sanatorium “Sugar Key” specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues, the nervous system, respiratory organs, circulatory system.

“Sokol”, military rest home

Sokol Military Rest Home of the Pacific Fleet is located on the picturesque coast of Uglovaya Bay in the Amur Bay, 25 kilometers from Vladivostok.

“Teply Klyuch, Vodolechebnitsa

Situated in the picturesque corner of Terneisky District, the Vodolechebnitsa “Teply Klyuch” offers mineral water therapy. You can bathe in a spring, helping to get rid of diseases of joints, spine, the consequences of injuries and diseases of the nervous system, gynecological and urological diseases, burns, restore the metabolism in the body.

“Fluorite”, sanatorium JSC YAGOK

Fluorite” sanatorium of Yaroslavl Mining and Ore Mining Combine is located in the village of Yaroslavsky, 150 km from Vladivostok and 50 km from Ussuriisk. The sanatorium “Fluorite” specializes in general therapeutic treatment.

“Chaika”, children’s sanatorium

Children’s sanatorium “Chaika” is located in a picturesque corner of the Dalnegorsk city district – on the shore of Mirror Lake, not far from the sea.

“Chistovodnoe”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Chistovodnoe” is located in the middle of the deaf mountain taiga in the village of the same name. It is exceptionally clean air, rich vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Sanatorium “Chistovodnoe” specializes in the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as neurological and gynecological diseases.

“Shmakovsky Military”, sanatorium

Sanatorium “Shmakovsky Military” is located at the resort of federal importance Shmakovka. The main therapeutic factor of the sanatorium “Shmakovsky Military” is the famous Shmakovskaya mineral water, which cures many chronic diseases. The sanatorium provides all kinds of laboratory and functional diagnostics, X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopic examinations.

Sanatorium im. 50 years of October State Bank of Russia

Sanatorium named after. The sanatorium named after the 50th anniversary of October State Bank of Russia is located in the valley of the Ussuri River. Near the sanatorium is Lebyazhie Lake, where in mid-July lotus blooms. Also near the health resort of the State Bank of Russia are narcotic springs and a viewing platform “Sopka Love.

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Sanatorium-Preventorium “Zheleznodorozhnik”.

Sanatorium “Zheleznodorozhnik” JSC “Russian Railways” is located in the suburbs of the city of Khabarovsk, 15 km from the airport, 12 km from the bus station. Period of work: all year round.

Sanatorium-preventorium them. Gorky Sanatorium

Recreation center named after Gorky. Gorky Sanatorium is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the Ussuri River, which is part of the climatic zone of the famous resort “Shmakovka. On the territory of the sanatorium has its own well of mineral water “Narzan”, which makes it possible to take therapeutic baths.

Health resorts of Primorsky Krai


The date of birth of the recreation center “Sokol” – 1944. From the south and east resort area is protected by spurs of the Sikhote-Alin Ridge, covered with mixed forests.


Military sanatorium “Okeansky” is one of the oldest military health resorts in the Far East. It was founded in 1933 and is located in a picturesque corner of the Japanese .


In an amazingly beautiful area – in an ancient picturesque park on the high bank of the Far East Ussuri River, 340 km northwest of .


The health resort is located on the mineral water deposit Gornovodnoe, long used as a drinking spring for treating patients with diseases .


Primorye is the eastern frontier of Russia, home to Amur tigers and Far Eastern leopards. It is a well-known fact that there are six .




Gold Coast


In the seaside area near Lake Khanka, among the hills covered with coniferous trees, in a unique natural environment is located the Emerald Resort .

Health resorts in Primorsky Krai on the map:

Prices for 2022 with treatment

Sanatorium Price for 1 day / 1 adult Tour price 12 days Waters
Adonis 1900 rub. 22800 rubles
Rodnik 400 rubles 4800 rub.
Svetloyarovka 1111 rubles 13332 rubles
Ocean Pool
Shmakovsky 1300 rubles 15600 rub. Ussuri river
Gornovodnoe 2400 rubles 28800 rubles
Sea breeze 6600 rubles 79200 rubles
Builder 1000 rubles. 12000 rub. Pool Sea of Japan Amur Bay
Gold Coast 1380 rubles 16560 rubles Sea of Japan Pool
Emerald 1310 rubles 15720 rub. Ussuri river
Far Eastern Federal University Pool
Sugar Key 480 rbl. 5760 rub. Pool
Vita 640 rubles 7680 rubles Pool
Sailor 490 rubles 5880 rubles Pool
Rainbow 570 rubles 6840 rub. Pool
Ocean 850 rub. 10200 rub. Pool
Average cost of a day of stay with treatment and food (all inclusive) is about 1460 rubles. The cheapest offer is 400 rubles, and the most expensive is 6600 rubles.
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The main therapeutic areas in the health resorts of Primorsky region:

  • General therapeutic profile
  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal system

The Primorsky Territory is a unique region of the Russian Federation, bordering two foreign states at once. On the southwest with North Korea, on the west with China. Therefore, many citizens of these countries can be found in this area.

The landscape is quite diverse: in the west, flat terrain and lowlands prevail, while in the eastern and central parts of the region, on the contrary, mountains dominate, such as Mount Sikhote Alin. Along the entire border with China, there are also mountains. The highest point of the area is Mount Anik, almost 2 kilometers high.

There are many reservoirs, rivers and lakes in the area. The largest river is the Ussuri, which begins on the slopes of Mount Snezhnaya. The border with the People’s Republic of China runs along the region’s largest lake, the Khanka. Primorsky Krai includes several islands, such as Russky, Putyanina, and Askold. Almost the entire area of the region is covered with impenetrable spruce-fir and pine-spruce forests.


The climate is harsh and rigid, with little precipitation in the winter, and most days are sunny but cold due to ocean influence. Summers, on the contrary, are warm with constant rainfall. Up to 90% of annual precipitation can fall during the summer months. Spring is unstable with constant temperature swings and the autumn is drier and sunnier, gradually turning into a dry winter.

The coastal climate is very different from the central regions, with warmer weather and less severe winters with frequent thaws.


Sanatoriums in their recreational courses apply standard treatment methods for Russian resorts. Water treatment, mud treatment and drinking regime. Some of the therapeutic resorts specialize in rehabilitation of people who have undergone craniocerebral injuries, with impaired cerebral blood circulation. There are unique recovery programmes designed for such patients.

Patients suffering from diseases of cardio-vascular system, musculoskeletal apparatus, and nervous system are also accepted for treatment. The basic recovery course is supplemented with various massages, spa procedures, and therapeutic physical training. Diets for weight reduction and diabetes treatment have been worked out.


Located on the border of Asian countries, the region absorbed a part of the Eastern culture. Therefore the region is attractive for those who are interested in the culture of the East.

The main sights of the area are archeological and historical monuments. These are the remains of ancient settlements, villages and camps. Also developed speleological tourism, as in Primorsky Krai there are many caves of interest to speleologists.

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