All the beaches of Phuket, where to rest best

The 14 best beaches in Phuket – 2022: description and reviews

Collected in one article description and reviews of the 14 best beaches of Phuket – 2022. In the article you will find photos, videos and detailed information about the most suitable places to swim in Phuket.

Please note: the descriptions and reviews of the best beaches in Phuket in this article are for the high season. During the monsoon season, all beaches on the island will look different.

When planning a trip to the beach, you should also keep in mind the tides: during the latter, many of Phuket’s beaches look worse than usual. View hourly tide schedules here.

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Best Beaches Phuket – description and reviews

Karon Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Phuket – Karon – pleases guests with clean sand and well maintained coastline.

The beach is suitable for holidays with children or friends, there are both secluded corners and places for outdoor activities. The white sand makes a nice creaking sound, the sea remains clear even in the evening, but the road to the hotels takes a few minutes.

Holidaymakers on the beach is always a lot, but also the area is huge: Karon is one of the biggest beaches in Phuket. Here there are cafes, stores, massage parlors, entertainment. Provided infrastructure and for children, and the prices can not be called overpriced.

Patong Beach

Enough to study the reviews of tourists about Phuket to understand: Patong beach is a favorite place for young people and fans of thrills. Discos, parties, bars, music events – entertainment for all tastes.

Another thing is that you’ll have to pay more money for recreation, and accommodation in nearby hotels will be expensive.

The minus of Patong is the garbage on the beach – the numerous guests do not care about the cleanliness. But there is a great entrance to the sea, sandy bottom and a gentle slope of the shore. If you are vacationing alone or with friends, it is this beach will help realize the cherished dreams of an incredible vacation.

Video about Patong:

Kata Beach

If you’re looking for the best beach in Phuket for your vacation with children, you should choose Kata Beach, a sparsely populated place with a rich infrastructure. You’ll have no trouble finding a deck chair, and the gentle entry into the sea will delight little travelers. There is a diving club, bars and restaurants.

Fans of a quiet holiday come to Kata beach, wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle: at night here is usually quiet, nothing will disturb sleep.

The sand on the beach is white and fairly clean, and the water in the sea – azure and blue. By the way, the local scenery will please fans of beautiful photos: you can take a lot of pictures from your trip, the blessing of the surrounding nature allows it.

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Phuket's best beaches - description and reviews of Kata Beach

Kamala Beach

Some tourists consider Kamala Beach the best beach in Phuket because the hotels of this beach have direct access to the water. For this reason, this beach often gathers the elderly, seniors, and families with children.

Measured life goes on its course, there are always few tourists, and the sand remains clean throughout the high season.

Another feature of Kamala Beach – the incredible scenery. But the countless restaurants, bars and attractions here do not find. However, the food can be ordered, and the silence is considered an additional advantage.

Surin Beach

Rich tourists who have arrived in Thailand, the best beach in Phuket consider Surin – there everything is designed for discerning guests. There are shopping centers, fashionable hotels, stylish boutiques and beauty salons. Restaurants serve fine wines and excellent delicacies, organized on the shore of an incredible service.

Black Sea coast, photo journey

Entrance to the sea here is gentle, at the bottom can sometimes be found small stones. People are usually few – probably, they are scared off by the prices.

The landscape is charming beauty, and even more exotic add pine trees growing instead of palm trees – a rarity for the resort. Recreation at Surin Beach promises to be varied, with sports activities provided.

Nai Harn Beach

In the southern part of the island nestled one of the best beaches in Phuket – Nai Harn. It is the best because it has a gentle descent to the sea, crystal clear water, soft sand, no stones, and there are always few tourists, because these areas are far from the airport. There are a lot of hotels of different price categories, and the landscape will not leave indifferent even the picky.

The beach is also something to see during low season – the Royal Regatta is a unique showcase of yachts from around the world. Nayharn is suitable for recreation with family and friends. Entertainment on the beach a little: mainly sports, diving and sea adventures. The price of sun loungers – 100 baht.

Video about the beach Nai Harn:

Knighton Beach

When you want to enjoy a quiet holiday, away from the hustle and bustle, secluded under the shade of palm trees, go to the beach Nayton. There’s no action packed activities and infrastructure is limited to a few stores and restaurants.

In the north of Knighton is a large hotel complex Pullman Phuket Arcadia, which many tourists choose to vacation in Phuket.

The low season here is good for surfing – big waves are observed throughout the day. In the summertime, families with children come to the beach of Knighton in Phuket, because the small guests feel comfortable here thanks to the gentle entrance to the sea, soft sand and a wide coastal zone.

However, not without its shortcomings: the prices here are consistently high, find a budget accommodation option will not work.

Detailed video of Naithon beach:

Bang Tao Beach

The longest and by many accounts the best beach in Phuket – Bang Tao – attracts tourists with high incomes. It’s clean and sparsely populated with countless boutiques, restaurants, game centers, and bars to keep you entertained.

Sporting fun is also provided, but the big waves can be uncomfortable. But for fans of surfing the place is ideal, even held in the winter breathtaking shows surfers.

The distance to the airport – 22 km, the entrance to the sea is gentle, and the sand is sparkling white. This is the best beach in Phuket for people who are not used to saving money on vacation.

Watch video of Bang Tao:

Freedom Beach

Those who love solitude know that Freedom Beach is a unique place, lost in the jungle. Nature has framed the shore with dense forests, palm trees and exotic shrubs, you can admire the beach endlessly.

There are few tourists, so the beach Freedom is suitable for a romantic holiday, and the soft white sand will please even children.

Entertainment is almost no, although in walking distance arranged fashionable places Patong, the noise of which sometimes reaches here. Azure sea is ideal for swimming, even small waves can not interfere with a carefree holiday. Entrance to the beach is paid – 100 baht.

Stunning video of the beauty of Freedom Beach in Phuket:

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is located near the airport, but is considered one of the most deserted places, suitable for a secluded vacation. The infrastructure here is poor, with only a few cafes catering to guests.

On weekends, visitors come here to rest on the beach Mai Khao Thais. Entrance to the sea is uncomfortable and rather dangerous: the depths begin sharply and directly at the shore, so the children should not come to this beach. However, any shortcomings of this beach is compensated by the magnificent nature of Phuket, the description of which causes rave reviews.

A video about Mai Khao:

Rawai Beach

Think the beach is just a place to swim? Rawai will dispel any notion of a vacation spot. This land is a haven for fishermen, a port where boats and ships arrive. And even a picnic here is unlikely to succeed, but you can:

  • rent a house at the best prices;
  • see Thai life for yourself;
  • enjoy the extraordinary unspoiled beauty of nature;
  • walk along the deserted coast.
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On the beach live gypsies – a local attraction, which puts on beautiful festivals and performances. In their market you can buy inexpensive products, fish and souvenirs. There is no infrastructure on the beach, but excellent trade . To get to a good beach, it is convenient to rent a bike.

Video about the pros and cons of Rawai Beach:

Nai Yang Beach

Wild Nai Yang Beach may seem like one of the worst places, but only at first glance. It is enough to walk around the neighborhood to understand: on the abandoned territory, among the dirt and garbage, equipped with well-groomed areas with sun beds and restaurants. The price of recreation here is low, there are no waves – the bay is protected by reefs.

The entrance to the sea here can not be called smooth, so the beach is not suitable for everyone. But if you like swimming and diving, then this place is meant for you. There are always few tourists here, so no one muddies the water.

The best beaches in Phuket - Nai Yang

Tri Trang Beach

Another secluded spot is Tri Trang Beach, nestled south of Patong. Until recently it was known only to locals, but today the beach Tri Trang is becoming increasingly popular. There is no noise and bustle, the sandy strip is wide, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, and thanks to the gentle entrance to the sea at the beach will please children.

Many tourists in his reviews considered this beach the best in Phuket for the purity of the water, sandy bottom and a small number of tourists. Another huge plus of the beach Three Trang – the presence of showers with fresh water, where you can wash after bathing.

The disadvantage of this place – the tide, when the rocky seabed exposes and swim impossible: the water level is too low, and if you go further into the sea – the sandy bottom is replaced by coral. But at low tide, you can walk on the beach, admiring the beauties, collect shells, visit bars, relax in massage parlors and boutiques.

In a few minutes you can get to Patong, famous for its nightlife and dizzying entertainment.

Video about Tri Trang:

Chalong Beach

Chalong is not suitable for swimming, it is very dirty. But the accommodation is inexpensive and the infrastructure is developed. Nearby there are shopping centers, amusement rides, fun activities are organized, and the beach can be a break from the bustle, taking a walk on a huge pier. Ships and yachts stop here, you can rent a house at a low price, and buying fresh seafood will not be your headache – the local population will provide fresh fish right to the table.

Detailed video about Chalong Bay:

What is the best beach in Phuket

Many tourists before going to Thailand are trying to determine which beach is the best in Phuket. Answering this question is not difficult if you know what kind of vacation you prefer.

  • For those who are not confused by the huge number of tourists and Thai vendors, but important hotels, restaurants and entertainment nearby – the best beach will be Patong, Karon, Kata Beach (description and reviews of them read above).
  • Good beaches in Phuket with clean white sand and blue water are Noi Harn, Mai Khao and Freedom beaches. It is beautiful there, good for swimming and sunbathing. These beaches are most reminiscent of “bounty”, for which many tourists and go to Thailand.
  • The best beaches in Phuket for recreation in Thailand with children – Kamala (central part), Kata and Kata Nui, Naiton, some tourists in their reviews and name Patong. There’s a good entrance to the sea, sandy bottom, shallow.
  • On what beach in Phuket is better to rest lovers of active recreation? Definitely Bang Tao: high waves, surfing and other entertainment will appeal to young and active tourists

Phuket map with beaches in Russian

On the Phuket beaches map below you can find all the places described in the article, along with reviews and short descriptions of them.

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Use the menu button in the upper left corner of the map to navigate.

A detailed map of Phuket in Russian on which we’ve marked all the sights, attractions and popular restaurants on the island will also be useful for you.

Useful Information

Have you been to this part of Thailand before? What is the best beach in Phuket according to your opinion? We’d love to hear your reviews and impressions of Phuket beaches in Thailand.

An overview of the top 15 beaches in Phuket.

Phuket's best beaches to relax on.

Going to Phuket and confused about the beaches? Or not the first time you decided to go to the island and want to try a new place? Let’s find out the best places to vacation in Phuket in 2022.

What is the best beach in Phuket? As always, it is impossible to give a definite answer – everything is so subjective. After all, some people care about privacy, and someone – the nightlife. So we will give a brief description of each and tell you who it suits best.

We have vacationed many times in Phuket and visited all the beaches on the island. All information in this review is based on our personal experience. For each beach we wrote a review and took pictures.

NB : The description is for high season only! In the rainy season it will be different.

Phuket Beaches:

All Phuket beaches on the map

Patong Beach

This is one of the most popular places to relax in Phuket. Patong has a lot of personality: it attracts crazy party-goers, quiet introverts, families with kids, and romantic couples. How they all get along? It’s simple: everyone finds his corner.

Most tourists in the reviews consider it the best beach in Phuket. Here go those who appreciate the comfort and accessibility of civilization, as well as love the nightlife. We ourselves have lived there three times. If you want peace and quiet, choose another resort or hotel away from the noisy center.

The infrastructure of the resort is very developed. A lot of markets, there is a large shopping center “Jangzeylon” with a hypermarket Big C, at every step of the cafe, restaurants and pubs. An uncountable number of hotels, hostels and resorts.

Patong is pretty clean – they clean it every day. Mulberry white sand and turquoise calm water, gentle entrance, lots of shade on the beach. No secluded areas, but you can go where there are fewer people.

Photos and reviews of Patong beach in Phuket 2022

Karon Beach

Karon seemed to us a mini-Patong: too, a lot of people, infrastructure, there is some kind of nightlife. Holidays mostly Russians, especially with children. Karon – the second most popular after Patong. Among the tourists a lot of those who consider it the best beach in Phuket. Suitable for everyone, except for lovers of privacy.

Karon is long and wide. There is very little shade, you need to rent a sun lounger and an umbrella. The sand is similar to Patong – fine and creaky – but not as light. The water is clean when there are no waves. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but the sea is deep. There are battering currents, so be careful. Keep an eye on the children while swimming.

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Phuket reviews. Karon Beach. Phuket Karon Beach 2022

Kata Beach

Kata is almost the same as Karon. They even merged in our memories. Also a lot of Russians, similar sand, an island in the sea. Only along the coast stretched hotel, because of which there are only two exits to Kata Beach – in the north and south. Cafe-restaurants, respectively, also on the coast almost no. Suitable for couples with children, because the entrance to the sea is flat, and the depth increases gradually.

Phuket Kata Beach, Phuket Kata Beach 2022

Kata Noi Beach

A very nice little beach, flanked by picturesque stones. We remember the paradisiacal water and tranquil atmosphere. Quiet, few people. The downside – there is almost no shade, you have to rent an umbrella. Kata Noi we would call one of the best beaches in Phuket for a quiet and romantic holiday, as well as a holiday with children.

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The infrastructure is almost undeveloped: few stores, cafes and hotels. But it’s all there in Katha – it’s easy to get there. There are expensive and beautiful hotels on the coast.

The best beaches in Phuket for recreation with children

Kata Noi, the best beaches in Phuket

Nai Harn Beach

We believe that this is one of the best beaches in Phuket for a quiet, but not distant from civilization. It is beloved by Russians (as, however, almost all the beaches on the island) and families with children.

Small clean sand, gentle inlet, no waves. There is little shade, but there are umbrellas. Minimal infrastructure is: a toilet and shower, restaurants, cafes and macashnitsa. The nature is picturesque, beautiful views of the green hills. People come here especially from other places. Parking for bikes is large. Nearby is a lake with a temple and a shady park and windmills with a viewing platform.

reviews, best beaches in phuket

Ao Sane Beach.

This is a tiny but extremely cute boulder beach next to Nai Harn – you have to drive there a bit by bike past the Naiharn On The Rock hotel. There’s a restaurant where you can rent snorkeling and diving equipment, and a hotel. There are sun loungers and umbrellas. A good place to stay in Phuket!

Phuket island beaches

Ya Nui Beach

We loved it here! Almost idyllic scenery, not many people. The shade is thick, but there is not much of it. Janui attracted us with the clearest water in which the colorful fish are swimming, sandy isthmus and a rocky peninsula, where you can climb – which we did. The best beach to relax on Phuket, for those who are tired of the frantic pace of life.

The only downside – there are few areas in the sea, where there are no stones. There are usually floundering children. At low tide exposed stones and swim in the ponds of fish. Have coral slippers.

Of infrastructure – a couple of restaurants across the street, deep into the island – hotels. There are rentals of kayaks and snorkeling equipment.

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Phuket beaches photos reviews

Phuket beaches photos reviews

Rawai and Chalong

These are technical beaches, they do not swim. Very dirty and smelly. But they have cheap accommodation and food, which many longsteers take advantage of by renting a house with a bike and driving to other beaches.

Chalong Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is conventionally divided into three parts. In the south, up to the bridge, the road runs right up to the sea. There is tinny: boats, a lot of trash, dirty water, and no one swims. There are a few restaurants.

All the tourists are concentrated in the center and the north, behind the river: there are umbrellas and sun loungers, cafes, peddlers of food. There are a lot of people. The sand here is cleaned, the water is also clean. There are crashing waves, but in general the sea is quite calm (but not in the season, according to tourists, rough and dangerous).

The resort is comfortable for recreation and accommodation: there is a quiet beach, and a more or less developed infrastructure, and civilized Patong on the side. It is suitable for almost all categories of tourists.

The best beach on phuket

Surin Beach

A nice beach with fine yellow sand and very clear water. Rocky headlands around the edges form a cozy cove. Not much shade, but there are umbrellas. Quiet and calm. Suitable for everyone, except for lovers of nightlife.

The sand is clean, but closer to the road becomes dirty. The “promenade” itself is terrible and shocked us: dirt, puddles, trash. Infrastructure is minimal, but there is everything you need: cheap food (food court across the street), toilet and shower, parking for bikes.

which beach is best in phuket

Bang Tao Beach

A giant beach in Phuket, the second longest after Mai Khao – it stretches about 7 km. Ban Tao is suitable for a quiet family vacation – we found it to be one of the most deserted. Along almost all the shore grows kazuarinovaya grove with palm trees, so the shade is, but in the afternoon almost gone.

In the south there is a developed infrastructure: sun beds, water entertainment, cafes and stores. A lot of hotels, clubs, bars. The sand is clean, the water is calm, but with suspended sediment. The center and the north are much less populated and developed. The central area – the most beautiful, well-groomed and respectable: there is a lagoon formed by a network of lakes. Around the lagoon are many expensive hotels and resorts. The north is almost deserted, but there are villas.

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Very disliked the area next to the Green Leaf restaurant (outside the beach, where the parking lot is) – such a dump! There are pigs and chickens digging in it. The stench is unbearable.

Phuket beaches reviews

Banana Beach

Small, beautiful and lost – this is how we would describe it. Banana Beach is unpopular with very few people. Suitable for lovers of solitude – it is peaceful and cozy. This is one of the best places to relax in Phuket!

There is no infrastructure, except for one cafe. There is little shade from the palm trees, and almost all the shady areas are occupied by mats and umbrellas. The descent to the beach is steep, through the jungle. There is no parking – everyone leaves their bikes and cars at the top, on the side of the road.

The sand is mostly yellow, but there are flecks of gray. There are boulders scattered along the beach. In the northern part there are rocks, there are tourists snorkeling.

The best beach on phuket

The best beach on phuket

Nai Thon Beach

Naiton Beach at the beginning of high season (mid-December) appeared before us completely deserted and serene. Waves lapped gently, a lone yacht swayed in the sea, a black dog ran strolling stiffly over the yellow sand. The rare holidaymakers hid under trees and palm trees. There was a sense of frozen time and some compacted space.

We were surprised when we read in the reviews that this is quite a popular beach in Phuket and many tourists go there. One of the best places to relax in Phuket, for couples with kids and wanting a carefree vacation in peace and quiet. There is almost no entertainment, as well as nightlife.

The sand is pretty clean, the water is calm and clear. But under the trees a lot of garbage, including that left by man. The infrastructure is poorly developed: a few hotels and restaurants, a couple of stores and massage parlors.

Phuket best beaches and hotels

Nai Yang Beach

We liked Nai Yang for its casuarina grove – it is part of a national park. Its length is only about 2 km, but it seamlessly passes into the Mai Khao. It is unusually quiet: there are almost no people, sun loungers and umbrellas are few. Across the road there are hotels, stores, taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Nai Yang is not far from the airport – about 1 km. The sand is clean, so is the water. There are seashells. At low tide exposes the coral reef. The beach is often hung out with the locals: have picnics, walk at low tide and enjoy the sunset.

Phuket photos of beaches

Mai Khao Beach

This is the famous beach with the planes! You feel childlike delight when such a machine flies over you. Mai Khao is very long (about 10 km) and is located near the airport. Suitable for lovers of privacy and admiration. You can take long walks alone. There are casuarina trees along the beach, but no shade in the afternoon.

We were pretty much alone on the beach – occasionally someone would come by to take pictures with the planes or just walk by.

The sand is yellow, the sea is pretty clean, but rough. Lesha tried to swim, but the depth starts immediately and because of the waves it is impossible to swim. Be careful.

Phuket photos of beaches

(Photo: lutz536 / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

Where to stay in Phuket

Our opinion: the beaches of Phuket are good, cool, beautiful – but rather boring and monotonous. There is no such a catchy as Rush Vem with the sea stars in Fukuoka, Monkey Beach in Penang, where the robber monkeys run around, or Paradise Beach in the Philippines, where it’s really paradise. Still, among the beaches of Phuket, we have identified the best for relaxation:

  • Kata Noi for the Maldives-like water;
  • Nai Harn for the sea, lake and shady park;
  • Janui for the picturesque rocky peninsula, hills and palm trees;
  • Mai Khao for the low-flying planes.

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