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Reviews for Altai Resort 5

Beautiful grounds, good food in the restaurant, but the room was horrible. I had a lot of trips to different countries and cities. I traveled a lot of countries and cities. It was the most expensive room per night 63 000. And that money. Read more

Lived in the Altai Resort at the end of July 2022. First time in Altai, always heard unusual stories about this place, which is personified as a place of strengthPerhaps the Resort has the worst service/service of all. Read more

This place is awesome! We advise to visit the Chuysky tract and the Teletskoe lake! We recommend to drive on quad bikes from the hotel to the Karakol lakes. On the territory of the hotel chic this complex, a health center. Excellent animation for adults. Read more

We had a holiday with 5 adults and 3 children. The reason for our choice was the existence of a children’s club and the possibility of ordering a babysitter. Our 1,5 year old child was visited by a nice girl Dinara who is good with kids. Read more at .

We booked a junior suite hoping for quality and comfort. However, from the first day it became clear that the hotel room stock in the hotel, which claims to be 5 stars, in a disgusting state. Specifically want to note. Read more

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The first time we were at the hotel in May 2019 – at the opening of the hotel complex, after which we became frequent guests, because a piece of my heart remained here . Altai Rezert is a combination of perfect location. Read more

Incredibly picturesque place! The hotel is built of beams and absolutely seamlessly blends into the landscape of the valley, which it occupies entirely! Good Spa complex, delicious food. Cons : No insect netting on. Read more

Heard a lot about Altai Resort, so we decided to go to this wonderful place for the first time. Clean air, wonderful nature, we just loved it! Kind and friendly staff, all courteous and smiling. Read more

Location, services, and housekeeping. There is no boiled buckwheat or rice on the menu and sometimes the baby won’t eat complex salads. Read more

Good breakfast, nice location Disadvantages : Large area, very far to walk from the room to the restaurant, after the pool steamed in minus 20 you have to walk 15 minutes down the street. Not good cooking in. Read more

I stayed for a week, loved it, every day was something to do and interesting entertainment, skates, skis, snowmobiles, maral farm, restaurants, spa, fireplaces, and its own movie theater at the hotelIt was great. Read more

We had a family holiday and we were absolutely delighted, the staff were very polite, everything was clean everywhere, the food was very good, really “tasty”)). Clean air, comfort everywhere and in everything, excellent. Read more

The hotel is very well located near to our hotel and was extremely well located to spend a good time during our stay. Read more

Beautiful nature, good location and overall a great place to stay. Tasty food, good rooms. This is probably one of the top 3 places in Altai. Best to go with kids and company. Read more

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You can see alpine landscapes, cozy wooden chalets, picturesque roads, crystal clear rivers, and although I do not like all these comparisons “just like in Europe”, but it keeps coming back to me “Russian Switzerland”. Read more

Hello, I want to share my review of this hotel. Overall not bad. Area and food (except for breakfast) 5 points. The staff are not trained for a 5 star hotel, they are really students. Read more

Well built, but it is far away, and therefore everything is expensive and not up to 5-ratedRestaurants are expensive, but there is no alternative. It’s an hour and a half drive to Gorno-Altaisk for lunch. Horseback riding lesson 15000 rubles. Read more

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