Amazing Air Adventures for Queenstown Holiday Makers

Amazing Air Adventures for Queenstown Holiday Makers post thumbnail image

If you plan to visit the Adventure Capital of New Zealand, you should not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy at least one attraction which will give you huge adrenaline rush. The air adventures offered in the local area are extremely popular with Queenstown holiday makers of various ages. Check out some of the top picks and decide which ones you would like to include in your activity list.


This is one of the top ways to get the best possible view of the local area. You will love the view which you see from 15,000 feet above the ground. The Remarkables Mountains and Lake Wakatipu look even more spectacular from above. You can enjoy this sport no matter when you go on a Queenstown holiday. This is a year-round sport even though it is dependent on the specific weather conditions.

There are several skydiving service providers to pick from. They all offer tandem dives with experienced professionals which are suitable for complete beginners. Most use the Glenorcy drop zone which is quite close to town. You can select from a variety of photo and video packages.

Paragliding and Hand Gliding

These sports are very similar to each other. They both involve gliding in the sky with the use of specially designed equipment. Paragliding is based on the use of a soft inflatable structure which the glider is attached to with the use of a specially designed harness. You will take a seated position. Hand gliding involves holding a metal frame which is attached to a flat triangular wing. Again, there is a harness which lets you hold your body horizontal position. Hand gliding is generally speedier in the same weather conditions. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature for longer, you can go for the other option.

Queenstown holiday makers can pick from several providers of paragliding and hand gliding adventures. All of them offer tandem gliding with an experienced professional. Many of the pros are local and national champions so you will be in good hands. You can choose to begin your adventure from the highest track in the Coronet Peak area. You can also opt for photos and videos of you to be taken.

Finally, you should know that these adventures take between one and five hours. Typically they involve transportation and a short course which will give you valuable insight. These attractions tend to be quite busy during the spring and summer so advance booking is recommended for Queenstown holiday makers.

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