Andorra ski country

Ski resorts in Andorra

Ski resorts in Andorra

Andorra’s main attractions are its state-of-the-art ski resorts. It is during the winter season that the country’s population increases tenfold. We cannot say that Andorra has unique heights (the height of the ski slopes in the country does not exceed 2,600 meters) or a huge choice of resorts, but this small state has its trump card. Not counting the fact that a ski vacation can be combined with a wonderful duty-free shopping in Andorra.

Andorra captivates its many vacationers sincere friendliness, excellent and attentive service, the highest class of slopes. Special admiration evokes approach to the arrangement of the ski slopes. Sufficient amount of snow guns ensures sufficient snow cover thickness (0.4-3.0 m) even in the least snowy weather. Each slope must be thoroughly rolled with specialized equipment. The dangerous areas on the route are necessarily signaled by warning boards, and the dangerous areas themselves are protected with soft bumpers. Without exception, all tracks are marked, remotely, and directional signs.

In addition, Andorra has earned its popularity with excellent ski runs surrounded by pine forests, a large number of sunny days a year and reasonable prices for recreation, as the Iberian resorts in general are much cheaper than the alpine ones. Independent Principality of Andorra is the highest altitude country in Europe after Switzerland. Skiing season here lasts from December to May.

In Andorra there are two main ski areas: Grand Valira in the east and the Val Nord in the west. The Gran Valira area includes the resorts of Soldeu el Tarter, Pas de la Casa and Grau Roch. The most popular is Soldeu el Tarter (pictured), presents excellent skiing opportunities. The ski area has an area of 850 hectares and consists of two levels: the wooded slopes below and steep ski slopes above. The resorts of Pas de la Casa and Grau Roch are located at an altitude of two thousand meters on the border with France.

The Val Nord zone is formed by the resorts of Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalis. Pal Arinsal occupies an area of 707 hectares, on which there are 63 km of trails. Ordino Arcalis is located far away from the center of Andorra and is considered one of the most romantic ski places in the world thanks to its Romanesque churches and ancient castles surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Andorra’s ski resorts offer not only skiing on slopes of varying difficulty levels. There are skating rinks and thermal complexes with healing water. In addition, Andorra is one of the few tax-free zones in Europe, so shopping here is also very attractive. No wonder that Andorra is gaining popularity among Russian skiers and snowboarders – here you can combine great skiing and no less excellent, and most importantly inexpensive, shopping.

Ski resorts in Andorra

Pas de la Casa

The ski resort of Paz de la Casa is practically on the French border. It is the most popular resort with an elite and pampered public. That is why the cost of recreation is almost twice as high as in the other resorts of Andorra.

On the territory of the resort, on the pass Coll Blanc, which is 2,600 meters above sea level, there is a high-altitude restaurant. From the windows of the restaurant visitors can enjoy unforgettable views of the majestic mountain ranges. Especially for snowboarders in Pas de la Casa is equipped with a chute for downhill skiing with ramps of varying difficulty.

Skiing altitude in the resort of Paz de la Casa ranges from 1710 to 2640 m. This is why this resort is preferred by experienced skiers. Ski season starts in December and ends in April.

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The resort is equipped with: a telecab, rope tow elevators and chairlifts.

The total number of trails – 123, a total length of 210 km. Of these: 15 “green” slopes, 48 “blue” slopes, 38 “red” slopes, 22 “black” slopes and 1 snowboard park.

Soldeu and El Tarter.

Ski resorts in Andorra

Just 30 minutes from the capital of Andorra are two villages, linked by a single system of ski elevators and slopes, they represent a single comfortable resort for tourists. Ski resort of Soldeu and El Tarter can not boast the height of the slopes and steepness of slopes, but this place just captivates with its pristine beauty. Half of the slopes go through the picturesque forests.

This ski resort is perfect for the most diverse skiing public – from “green” beginners, to experienced extreme skiers.

The resort of Soldeu and El Tarter also has a high level of service and a variety of infrastructure – entertainment complexes, clubs, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds (“Snow Garden and Nursery”) and many others.

Skiing altitude in the resort of Soldeu and El Tarter ranges from 1710 to 2560 m. That is why this resort is perfect for all categories of skiers – from beginners to experienced skiers. Ski season starts in December and ends in April.

The resort is equipped with TV booths, rope tow elevators and chairlifts.

The total number of trails – 63, a total length of 90 km. Of these: 9 “green” slopes, 25 “blue” slopes, 18 “red” slopes, 11 “black” slopes, 1 jumping slope and 1 snowboard park.

Pal Arinsal

Ski resorts in Andorra

Although the two towns of Pal and Arinsal are 7 km apart, they are nevertheless one ski resort thanks to a common system of ski slopes.

Undoubtedly, fans of extreme skiing will find the resort of Pal Arinsal a little “fresh”, however, beginner skiers will have a lot of pleasure from a comfortable riding on well-groomed slopes among the magnificent forests.

This resort is not inferior to other resorts in Andorra on the level of service and proximity to the capital gives a great opportunity vacationers between skiing cultural rest and enrich your outlook.

The ski altitude in the resort of Pal Arensal ranges from 1550 to 2560 m. Ski season starts in December and ends in April.

The resort is equipped with TV booths, rope tow elevators and chairlifts.

The total number of trails – 44, with a total length of 63 km. Of these: 7 “green” slopes, 16 “blue” slopes, 17 “red” slopes, 4 “black” slopes and 2 snowboard parks.


Ski resorts in Andorra

The great thing about this ski resort is that gentle slopes are interspersed with steep ones, there are “virgin” slopes, extreme “black” slopes and a difficult mogul slope.

Despite its small size, the Ordino-Arkalis ski resort has 7 bars and restaurants. The beauty of this resort is also that it is not too well-known, so its main visitors are native Andorra fans of snow activities. Perfect for a quiet family vacation.

Skiing altitude at the resort of Ordino-Arkalis ranges from 1,940 to 2,625 meters. Ski season starts in December and ends in April.

The resort is equipped with TV booths, rope tow elevators and chairlifts.

The total number of trails – 28, a total length of 30 km. Of these: 7 “green” slopes, 7 “blue” slopes, 10 “red” slopes, 2 “black” slopes and 2 slalom slopes.

Ski resorts in Andorra

Ski resorts in Andorra

Ski Andorra is one of the leading centers of winter sports in Europe, surpassing Austria in price policy and the height of the mountains slightly inferior to Spain. Ski resorts in the compact state, which borders with Spain and France, offer luxurious spa hotels and cozy budget chalets, and are served by nearly a hundred ski elevators and thousands of snow guns. Wonderful scenery and breathtaking ski slopes in Andorra, affordable prices and visa-free regime for citizens of the European Union, thermal springs and a duty-free zone – all this attracts more than 10 million tourists to Andorra in winter.

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We present you the best ski resorts in Andorra, and read all the details about ski holidays, ski passes and weather in the article.

Andorra Vallnord ski region

Vallnord is a relatively young ski region of Andorra, merging Ordino, Arcalis, Pal, Arinsal and La Massana. The latter is not connected by elevators to the general chain of ski resorts and is located only 9 km from the capital of the Principality. The territory of Wallnord borders Spain and is a chain of mountains with a beautiful forest landscape.

The “northern” direction of the ski slopes guarantees high stability of the snow cover, so the ski season in Andorra in Vallnord lasts from December to April. Groomed slopes conquer the hearts of both experienced riders and first-timers. Professionals will be delighted by the large altitude difference in Arinsala – 1010 m. For beginners we offer the services of 140 experienced instructors. The resort agglomeration is served by thirty elevators, and the total length of ski tracks is 89 km. Skipass in Andorra in Vallnord will cost tourists slightly cheaper than in Grandvalira, and its price is on average € 36.

Vallnord is not just about snowboarding and skiing. The picturesque surroundings of the region are everywhere pleasing to the eye. You can admire the scenery by snowshoeing, ski biking or taking a snowmobile ride.

For active leisure travelers go to La Massana. Two large sports centers offer athletics, fitness, tennis and squash, and a relaxation in the relaxation bar is perfect after a busy day.

The ski slopes in Andorra in Vallnord are 89 km long.

  • Black slopes – 7
  • Red slopes – 24
  • Blue runs – 24
  • Green slopes – 1
  • Slalom slopes – 6

The slopes of Andorra: VallnordAndorra Ski Map: Andorra Vallnord RegionSki resorts in Andorra: Vallnord ski slopes

Andorra ski resort Pal – Arinsal

The mountains in Andorra in the ski area of Pal-ArinsalPal-Arinsal ski area in Andorra

The ski resorts of Pal and Arinsal, close to the capital of Andorra, are well connected thanks to the ultra-modern Seturia ski elevator and the ski-bus, which runs regularly in the region. Pal is a small provincial town, where it is nice to relax with the family. Arinsal – a lively youth ski center of Andorra, famous throughout the area with an extravaganza of nightlife. The proximity of resort towns to Andorra la Vella (just over 10 km) allows tourists to make regular trips to the capital.

Intermediate skiers can test their skills on the easy ski slopes Andorra with a sharp altitude difference of 1010 m. Pal – Arinsal choose and experienced riders who master quite steep and treacherous slopes Andorra in Arinsal. For beginners perfectly suits the gentle and very comfortable skiing area at the foot of the Pal. And snowboarders will appreciate the opportunity to hone their skills on the halfpipe. The real drive on holiday in Andorra provides an extensive area for freeride and 24 km of groomed slopes. The total length of the slopes is 63 km, which is 41 slopes. 30 elevators serve the entire ski area of Andorra Pal Arinsal, and 4 of them are designed for children.

The tracks of this ski area in Andorra are particularly well-maintained. The north-facing slopes with numerous forest openings ensure a stable snow cover in the season. And the numerous cannons, of which there are more per 1 km than anywhere else, maintain the quality of the slopes.

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These ski resorts of Andorra have more than 20 hotel complexes. There are numerous drinking establishments and nightclubs, which often host parties of world famous DJs.

  • Green trails – 4
  • Blue trails – 16
  • Red trails – 16
  • Black slopes – 5

Andorra ski resort Ordino – Arcalis

Andorra ski resort Ordino - ArcalisAndorra Andorra Ordino - Arcalis ski area

Ordino Arcalis region is located in the northwest side of Andorra, the skiing season here lasts longer than in other resorts of the country. The highlands provide excellent conditions for winter holidays, and the ridges are full of interesting routes for skiers with intermediate skills. A few extra-complicated slopes, including 1 mogul and 2 black slopes, attract the attention of experienced skiers.

If the resort of Andorra Ordino is a cluster of hotels, the territory of Arcalis has 26 km of slopes with an altitude difference of 680 m, 26 km of freeride slopes and an excellent snow park for snowboarders with a springboard and a halfpipe. If the weather is right, there is also bordercross.

In addition to ski holidays in Andorra, Ordino offers tourists to spend time in the two urban sports center, where you can play active games, relax in the pool, visit the solarium and sit in a cozy bar with a warm friendly company. Restaurants, souvenir shops, a movie theater and a snow park are part of the après-ski program.

The lovers of culture and history will appreciate the historical monuments of the town that has been shaped through the ages: the Romanesque religious churches of Sant Martí de la Cordinada and Sant Cerni de Nagol, the churches of Sant Lawrence and Sant Sebrià, as well as the interesting exhibits in several museums.

  • Green trails – 6
  • Blue trails – 8
  • Red trails – 8
  • Black trails – 2

Slalom piste – 1

Andorra Grandvalira ski region

Andorra Ski Andorra: Grandvalira ski region

By Andorran standards, Grandvalira is considered the largest agglomeration of ski resorts that are in close proximity to France. The extremity of this region of ski Andorra is the town of Encamp, which has the most modern high-speed ski elevator in Andorra. It takes tourists from Pas de la Casa to Grau Reuch. There is a single ski pass for all resorts in the region.

Ski resorts in Grandvalira Andorra have 193 km of ski runs, some of which have evening lighting, several fun parks with ski jumps and boarder cross country courses for snowboarders and 65 elevators with a capacity of over 100 thousand people per hour. It offers excellent off-piste skiing opportunities.

Andorra’s ski slopes in this skiing area are maintained in excellent condition from December to April thanks to numerous snow cannons. Après-ski vacations are mostly spent in restaurants, pubs, and bars. In search of great entertainment vacationers go to the capital of the Principality, which is only 7 km from Encamp.

Grandvalira attracts everyone without exception: and beginners, who mastered the windless slopes of the lower slopes with an altitude difference of 1700-2000 m, and pros, conquering all 2500 m of the Pyrenees mountains of Andorra. Skipass for tourists will cost an average of €41 per day for adults, €36 for teenagers and €27 for young children.

  • Green slopes – 18
  • Blue trails – 38
  • Red trails – 32

Black slopes – 22

Andorra ski slopesSki Andorra in Grandvalira ski regionSki elevators in Andorra

Andorra ski resort Canillo

Best ski resorts in Andorra: CanilloThe Pyrenees in Andorra: Canillo ski area

The small town of Canillo, built during the Middle Ages, is located in a beautiful corner of the Iberian Mountains in Andorra and today is a famous tourist center and one of the best resorts in Andorra. Despite its modest size, Canillo has numerous hotel complexes. Here was built Andorra’s first five-star hotel Ski Plaza, located just a few tens of meters from the nearest ski elevator.

Canillo, Soldeu and El Tarter is a single ski area in Andorra, which is the center of mass tourism. With a transfer from Canillo you can get to the ski slopes of Andorra in the ski area of Pas de la Casa – Grau Roch. You can also take a funicular directly from the village to the Pic de la Portella, located at an altitude of 2,460 m.

Andorra ski resort Canillo attracts tourists with children. For children there is a kindergarten and special ski areas, and experienced instructors ski schools will be happy to help them learn the winter sport.

Off-ski recreation for most of the resort’s guests is at Palau de Gel, which is one of the symbols of the city. The après-ski program includes skating and hockey games during the day, discos and relaxation in the pool and sauna in the evening. If you want to spend your free time in Canillo, you can stroll through notable boutiques, check out an old church whose bell tower graces the city’s expanse, sit in a cozy bar or visit a museum with an impressive collection of motorcycles.

  • Green Lanes – 3
  • Blue tracks – 1

Black trails – 1

Andorra ski area Pas de la Casa – Grau Roch

Skiing in Andorra: Pas de la Casa Ski Andorra: Grau Roch

Pas de la Casa – Grau Roch – this is the largest, busiest and most respectable ski region of the country, characterized by a higher price level than other ski resorts in Andorra. It also has a number of advantages.

  • Pas de la Casa – Grau Roch offers gentle slopes suitable for first timers and impressive slalom and freeride slopes, which together make up a skiing area with over 100 km of slopes.
  • The highest point of the Pyrenees Mountains of Andorra in this area is 2,640 m and delights with its spectacular views.
  • Numerous snow cannons installed on the slopes of this ski resort of Andorra provide groomed and perfect skiing conditions from November to the end of April.
  • Even during the high ski season in Andorra, there is little chance of congestion on the slopes. The vast expanses of Paz de la Casa are so vast that every tourist is guaranteed complete comfort during their vacation and skiing.

There are 30 elevators in Andorra in the Paz de la Casa – Grau Roch area so there are no lines at the ski stations. The resort attracts snowboarders thanks to its fun parks, bordercross and halfpipe pistes. Beginners can learn how to ski in Andorra with 180 instructors from local sports schools. For professionals there are high-speed slopes away from the main piste network.

The variety of entertainment in this ski resort in Andorra is unparalleled. There is a sports center with a fitness room, jacuzzi and sauna, a snow park, night clubs and stores with a wide range of ski equipment. Worthy of note are the high-altitude restaurants Coll Blanc and Llac de Pessons, whose panoramic windows offer views of the beauty of the valleys of Andorra and France.

  • Green Lanes – 3
  • Blue pistes – 3
  • Red trails – 5
  • Black slopes – 4

Encamp Ski Resort

Winter Holiday in Andorra: EncampBudget holidays in Andorra Encampment

Andorra’s ski resort Encamp, located near Pas de la Casa and Grau Roch, is known as one of the most inexpensive in Europe. The ski areas are a little removed from the city center. In addition to presentable hotels Encamp has a large number of hostels, which offer accommodation at affordable prices.

The Soldeu – El Tarter and Paz da la Casa – Grau Reuch regions can be reached in just fifteen minutes by Funicamp cable car. A good location of the resort allows holidaymakers to regularly travel to the capital of Andorra la Vella, which is located 7 km from Encamp.

This ski resort of Andorra has established itself as a holiday destination for families with children. There are crèches, ski training courses, and a variety of fun activities for the little ones. There is a sports complex, numerous restaurants and a museum.

  • Green slopes – 1
  • Blue runs – 4
  • Red trails – 3

Black slopes – 4

Soldeu – El Tarter

Ski Andorra: ski area around Andorra Soldeu - El TarterWinter holidays in Andorra: après-ski in Soldeu - El Tarter

Andorra ski resorts Soldeu and El Tarter are located 17 km from the capital of Andorra. They are separated by only three kilometers and share a single ski area. Ski holidays in Andorra in the region is chosen by young people who prefer not only the steep slopes, but also a noisy bars and discos resorts.

In addition to the dizzying slopes, and it is 11 black slopes, in Soldeu – El Tarter has a lot of great slopes for beginners and those who are confident on skis. The main center of tourism in the ski area of Soldeu – El Tarter is Espiolets, a large plateau with well-kept and comfortable slopes. There is a Bababoom Circus for the youngest skiers and a halfpipe for snowboarders.

88 km of pistes, abundantly covered with snow thanks to 380 snow cannons, allow you to enjoy a variety of landscapes and experiment with skiing styles. The area of Andorra ski resorts is so vast that every day you can discover a new ski route. The highest point of the resort is 2560 m. It is from there begins and the longest piste of the region. The altitude difference is 850 m, and 64 funiculars serve the mountain chain of the skiing area.

Soldeu is a small, lively resort in Andorra with a rousing energy of tourist life. El Tarter, on the other hand, is a peaceful, cozy village that is passionately loved by older couples and families with children. For the little ones, the resort provides a daycare center, which also offers individual babysitting services, and a ski school.

Soldeu – El Tarter offers a rich après-ski program. This ski area of Andorra has about four dozen restaurants and cafes offering a variety of cuisine, as well as a modern wellness center. But perhaps the main attraction of the resort remains shopping. In the boutiques of famous sports brands you can buy quality sports equipment at bargain prices, as well as various accessories, souvenirs and drinks.

El Tarter

  • Green Lanes – 3
  • Blue trails – 7
  • Red trails – 5
  • Black slopes – 4
  • Elevators – 11


  • Green trails – 6
  • Blue pistes – 14
  • Red trails – 5
  • Black slopes – 7
  • Elevators – 16

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