Andorra ski resorts, location and prices

Rest at the best ski resorts in Andorra

Andorra ski resorts are not numerous. Due to the compact location it is possible to rest in a short period of time at different sites. In total there are 8 ski resorts on the territory of the state. Below I have described 5 complexes, some of them combine 2-3 small resorts.


Ski Resort Escaldes

Andorra’s largest ski resort, located in the vicinity of the capital. The total length of red, green, blue and black slopes is 281 km. The season at this site is the longest – until the end of April. There are tracks for cross-country skiing, sledging. Skating rink. Infrastructure is more than well developed: hotels, restaurants, SPAs, health centers and so on. For tourist groups staying in hotels in the area is organized free transport from the airport.

Hotels near “Escaldes”

In the village of Escaldes Engordan and the surrounding area it is easy to find a hotel or apartment at an affordable price with the most comfortable living conditions. Many have equipment rental shops, sell subscriptions. There are separate rooms for storage of ski equipment.

Apartments “Vitivola Ovac, Vivand. Apartment with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, designed to accommodate up to 8 people. A ski school. Cosmetic products are free of charge. In the surrounding area there are many attractions. The staff speaks 4 languages.

“Pleno centro de Escaldes”. The apartment has three bedrooms, living room. Parking available. Internet. Ski infrastructure: rental, school, ski-passes, luggage room. In addition, there is a tour desk. The point of sale of tickets for various events. Transfer (separate payment).

Apartments “Teulades”. The complex has apartments with 3 bedrooms, paid parking (10 euros / day). Internet is free. There is no storage room and rental unit. Nearby are the main attractions of the region.

“Vista Canillo. One- or two-bedroom apartments are available. A point of sale of season tickets, ski rentals. Parking is not available. Excursion bureau works. Employees speak 5 languages, including Russian.

Font Hotel. The hotel is located near the cable car of one of the units of the Escaldes resort. Rooms: single, double and triple. Parking, internet – are absent. Works rental, sale of season tickets. There is a possibility of approach to the hotel on skis. Storage chamber inventory.


Grandvalira ski resort

The second most popular and large-scale ski resort in Andorra is located in the Grandvalira region. The complex combines several resorts, some of which I will tell more about below. The total length of the tracks is 205 m. The altitude difference up to 850 meters. At this resort there is the longest track in the Pyrenees – 9.6 km. Elevators: rope tow elevators, chairlifts, gondolas, funiculars. Several hotels, restaurants, health complex. SPA salon.

Hotels near

In the Grandvalira region, uniting several small communities, a lot of comfortable hotels, apartments at an affordable price. Some have outlets for rent, sale of ski passes. Parking lots. Internet.

Hotel Cal Ruiz. A budget accommodation option in Paz de la Casa. To the nearest ski elevator – 300 meters. On the territory of the restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine, paid parking (from 1.50 euros / day). Mini-market. Internet. No ski infrastructure.

Dragobrat ski resort

“Les Neus. Rooms of categories: two, three, four-bed and family. Several popular ski resorts in the vicinity. Access to the hotel is open on skis. Luggage room for accessories. Ski school. No parking spaces are available.

Hermitage & Spa Sports Hotel. It is difficult to call the tourist complex a budget accommodation option, but I could not ignore it. Rooms of all categories are equipped with the latest technology. For companies of 8 people there are duplex apartments. The hotel is located on the territory of the ski resort “Grandvalira”, close to the elevators. Three restaurants. Ski school, equipment rental, luggage room. Fitness center, gym.

Hotel Bonavida. The hotel is located 50 meters from the elevator. Inexpensive, but comfortable accommodation near the ski resort. Rooms of 9 categories. On the territory of an outdoor free seasonal pool. Organized sale of ski passes, equipment rental, ski school. Children’s club. Excursion bureau.

“Alfa. The hotel complex is located in the center of one of the ski resort divisions. The rooms are in 5 categories. Despite its proximity to the elevators, the ski infrastructure is not developed. There is only a separate room for storage of equipment. Parking is paid.


One of the villages, the lowest resort, Grandvalira. The total length of trails – 210 km. Elevators bugelny, gondola and chairlift type. The resort is small, with a ski school and fairly well developed tourist infrastructure. Height difference of more than 900 meters. The capital of Andorra is 7 km away. The village is popular with tourists who prefer to combine skiing with exciting excursions.

Hotels near the resort Encamp

In the village of Encamp and neighboring communities you can easily find a comfortable hotel or apartment at an affordable price. Some options have their own ski schools, rentals. Pass selling points.

“Mila. The hotel complex is located on the territory of the village. Guests have access to 7 categories of rooms. Paid parking. Restaurant. On request – dietary menu. Ski infrastructure: school, point of sale of ski passes, equipment rental.

Spa Hotel Guillem. The hotel with SPA complex is located 5 minutes from the elevator. On the territory of the pool, wellness center, beauty salon. Restaurant. Sales subscriptions. Storage chamber inventory. Payable parking (12,65 euros).

“Coray. From the hotel to the ski-runway of the ski resort – 250 m. The rooms are designed for 2 to 4 people. The cost of parking per day – 6 euros. A point of sale of ski passes. A separate room for storage of equipment.

“Univers. According to numerous reviews of tourists the hotel is considered the best option for accommodation. The price includes breakfasts and shuttle to the ski elevators. A restaurant with Catalan, French, Spanish cuisine. Rental center, school, storage room. Ski-lift passes sales.

“Paris”. Prior to the slopes of the resort 800 meters. The territory has an excellent infrastructure: a school, a rent, a point of sale of skipasses. Storage room. Access to the hotel on skis. Parking is expensive – 15 euros per day. In the restaurant you can order a dietary menu.

“Pas De La Casa/Grau Roch”

The two highest ski resorts that are part of the Grandvalira complex. The total length of the slopes is 100 km. 58 slopes are served by 33 rope tow elevators, chairlifts and gondola elevators. There is always a lot of snow. The instructors of the ski school speak different languages and have earned an excellent reputation. Infrastructure is almost perfectly developed: hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

Sheregesh ski resort, description and prices

Hotels near the resort

You can easily find a hotel, an apartment or a hotel in both townships at a moderate price, but at a comfortable price. Many options offer season tickets and rental services. Some provide separate storage facilities for equipment, free parking lots.

“Pic Mari. The hotel is only 150 meters from the ski slopes. Organized point of sale of ski passes, ski equipment. Storage room for equipment. Working bar, restaurant. A children’s or dietary menu is available on request. Rooms of 4 categories. The best option of accommodation close to the ski resort.

“Avanti. From the hotel to the elevator – 400 m. The rooms are two, three, four local and family type. The restaurant serves a continental breakfast every morning. Storage space for ski equipment is provided. Excursion bureau. Souvenir store.

“Cims Pas de La Casa. The hotel is within walking distance of the slopes. Large selection of rooms with accommodations from 1 to 8 people. There is a restaurant on site. Rental outlet. Point of sale of ski passes. Clothing care services paid for separately.

“Grau Roig. The hotel is the closest to the slopes – 10 meters. On the territory of the ideal ski and tourist infrastructure. The swimming pool, SPA-salon, massage room. Playgrounds and rooms for children. The school. Affordable prices.

“Casado. The hotel is considered the most budget accommodation option in Paz de la Casa. The cost of the room per day per person from 4430 rubles. Ski school, equipment rental point, the point of sale of ski passes. Restaurant, children’s buffet. Excursion bureau.


Two relatively small resorts Arinsal-Pal and Arcalis-Ordino merged into one complex. Today, Vallnord is one of the most popular, well-appointed ski resorts in Andorra. The total length of the tracks is 92 km. Elevators bugelny, chairlift and gondola type. There is much more snow on the northwestern side of the mountains. You can often go cross-country skiing there. You can buy ski passes for both resorts, or for each separately. I recommend the first option. It is much more profitable.

In Soldeu, at a distance of 100 to 800 meters from the elevators you can easily find a suitable hotel or apartment at reasonable prices. Almost all facilities have lockers. Some options offer season-ticket sales, equipment rentals. Instructors.

“Roc. To the elevator 500 m. This is the cheapest, but at the same time very comfortable accommodation option at the resort. Cozy single and double rooms will suit single travelers or couples. The restaurant serves European, Spanish cuisine. A ski school and a point of sale for season tickets. Storage room for accessories.

“Austria”. The hotel is 800 m from the elevators. There is a restaurant, bar. The possibility of organizing dietary meals. The rooms are designed for 2 to 4 people. Ski school, rental center, season ticket sales. Room for storage of skis.

Gora Sobolinaya ski resort, photo and description

Apartments “Glaç Soldeu” . The complex is located 2.5 km from the town of Soldeu. The apartments comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. There is everything you need for a relaxing vacation. If necessary, a shuttle service to the airport can be organized. Car rentals are available.

“Antic. The hotel is located near the Ordino section of the ski resort Vallnord. On site: school, rentals, season ticket sales. Vending machines, restaurant. Parking is free. Additional popular services: event ticket sales, shuttle service.

“Sucarà. Rooms are decorated in a simple style. A little over 2 km from the resort. No ski pass rental or sales point. A luggage room. Business center. Restaurant with local, Spanish, international, Portuguese cuisine. Toiletries are free of charge.

Holidays in Andorra ski resorts will be remembered for a long time with quality slopes, quality of all additional services. Attentive staff and unique scenery. Have a great, safe skiing!

8 best ski resorts in Andorra

Andorra ski resorts


Let’s talk about the 8 best ski resorts in Andorra. After all, here, in the Pyrenees Mountains, go lovers of winter recreation, who have already toured all the Alps and other prestigious regions in Europe.

This direction is among the less popular, as a miniature principality is quite difficult to compete with such countries as Austria, Germany, France, etc. But going deep into the Pyrenees, you will not regret, because in addition to snowy slopes you will get a lot of pleasure from shopping, thermal springs, beautiful scenery and a high level of service in local hotels.

The advantages of resorts Andorra

Skiing and other winter activities are very popular today. And in Europe there are enough resorts that can satisfy the needs of tourists. But to choose a vacation in Andorra is worth it for the sake of these advantages:

  • compared to the Alps, the weather in the Pyrenees is characterized by a large number of sunny days per year and a pleasant climate;
  • even in winter, the temperature is often above zero;
  • due to the small territory of the Principality it is easy to combine different types of recreation – sightseeing, medical, active;
  • it is one of the safest countries in the world;
  • nature will delight you with the view of snow-covered mountains and blooming valleys in the lowlands at the same time of the year;
  • downhill courses are of the highest quality and great variety, their capacity reaches 160 thousand people per hour;
  • Andorra resorts annually occupy the best positions in the world rankings;
  • at the same time, prices for services and accommodation are often lower than in the Alps.

Weather features

To understand when it is better to take trips to ski resorts in the Pyrenees, you should consider the climatic features. So, the ski season usually begins in December and lasts until March . But every year the situation changes depending on the specific weather conditions. So, in 2016 and a year later, there was enough snow on the slopes already in November, but last season the slopes had to be opened in January, as the weather was surprisingly warm.

Pinzolo is an Italian ski resort in the Dolomite Alps

Usually in winter in the Pyrenees there is enough rainfall in spite of the mild climate and high reading of the thermometer column. The tops of the mountains in December are already covered with 50 mm of snow, and by the end of winter precipitation reaches 80-90 mm.

Best resorts

There are many villages in Andorra that offer accommodation and ski equipment rentals. But to compare their level of development and prices, it is enough to highlight two extensive resort areas. These are Grandvalira and Vallnord. Each is located near the capital of Andorra la Vella. You can reach any of the villages in just a few minutes.

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We list the most popular destinations, which often deserve rave reviews from tourists. But you need to consider the difference in the regions for skiing. For example, Grandvalira has higher prices, but the peaks are slightly lower, and all the slopes and descents cover a variety of contingent and level of tourists.

In Vallnord, the cost of the same vacation will be lower, but the resorts belonging to this region are newer and are in the development stage. Here often come those who wish to find secluded quiet corners of nature. There are no large crowds of people and you can find completely free sections of the track.

Grandvalira area

This area is characterized by a highly developed infrastructure for tourists. You can choose from a variety of ski elevators, discos, fitness centers, restaurants, coffee shops, duty free stores, nightclubs, and bars for young people. This region combines several famous resorts.

Grau Rozh.

Grau Rouge


It is the highest populated point in Andorra. It is equipped with the most dangerous and really extreme trails for the most experienced and daring. If you want to test your strength and stamina you will not find a better place in Europe.




One of the most popular resorts in Andorra, where for a relatively low cost you can get a lot of fun, and not just from skiing on the slopes. Families with children and beginner skiers often come here, as the resort has a good ski school.

Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa


Has remained the largest village in the area for many years and receives the most tourists. The local slopes are up to 100 km long and cover the highest points in the Pyrenees. In addition to the usual slopes, there are “black slopes” for the extreme, there is a snow park, as well as a ski garden for the youngest guests. Very popular tours for New Year in this village.

El Tarter

El Tarter


A relatively young resort, under development, but already able to offer a lot of entertainment for all tastes. And the proximity to the village of Soldeu gives an advantage in the choice of suitable slopes and favorite elevators. Nearby are also open and other interesting facilities – boarder tracks, freestyle park and snowpark.




One of the best ski resorts in Andorra. Organized in such a way that families are comfortable here. So, for example, a kindergarten is open for the little ones, and for older children and beginner skiers there is a school with instructors. In addition to the various pistes, the village also organized ice hockey, night discos on ice, indoor pools, saunas, solariums, squash courts, gyms, lounges, etc.

Ski resort Bakuriani in Georgia: slopes, weather, accommodation


Another resort on the slopes of the Pyrenees, which deserves special attention. A trip here will leave only pleasant memories of a winter vacation. Elevators will take skiers to any height you like. You can choose the level of difficulty of the slopes, from beginners to the most dangerous and difficult. Besides that, there is a lot of interesting things to do in the town – billiard rooms, restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, massage parlors, and so on. This resort is chosen not only by skiers, but also by snowboarders, because they have separate slopes and special equipment.


This region is the closest to the capital, as it is literally five kilometers from Andorra la Vella. And although this ski area covers a smaller area, the slopes are at a slightly higher altitude than in Grandvalira. Elevators operate at only 60% of the capacity of the “neighbors.


Arinsal Pal


In fact, consists of two villages at once, connected by a common piste and located 7 km from each other. Despite being considered a young resort, it has a good highly developed infrastructure. The lower part of the resort consists of wide pistes of medium and beginner level, and the upper part is for professional and sports skiers. The altitude of the resort reaches 1950 m above the sea level, and the difference in the slopes is 1000 m.


Ordino Arcalis


Considered the most picturesque region, as the mountain peaks are surrounded by beautiful nature. The main difference between this resort and all the others is the possibility to descend not only on a well-groomed and landscaped track, but also outside of it. And this is a challenge even for the most daring and experienced professionals. Small number of people and secluded routes give the feeling of freedom. There’s also a snowpark and halfpipe for snowboarders and areas for other winter sports.


To understand why Andorra, for all its pros, is not becoming as popular as alpine ski resorts in Europe, we need to highlight the significant disadvantages of this destination:

  1. Getting to the remote and lost in the mountains of the principality is quite difficult. As the country has no airports and railroad, you can get here only with a few transfers in other states.
  2. When traveling by car, especially in winter, you must be prepared for a dangerous mountain serpentine and slippery roads. The roads here are not of high quality, and during the season also create huge “traffic jams”.
  3. Even transport within the region runs rarely, the logistics are poorly developed. Despite the proximity of towns and cities, buses connect only the largest of them and travel 2-3 times a day.
  4. A gradual increase in the price of services.

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