Aquafan Waterpark Italy, Riccione.

Review: Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) – We are really into Aquafan!

We love Aquafan in Riccione, not far from Rimini.

As I’ve written before, the city route system is clear and convenient. We bought a day ticket at a tabaceria kiosk, like this one.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

And set off in the early morning for Riccione. At the bus stop near our hotel in Viale Regina Elena we took bus line #11. We went to the terminal, there we changed the route number 58 (to know the numbers, please check on the Water Park site for the latest information). Here I want to warn – get on the stop on the opposite side of the square, ie leave at the end and a diagonal across a small square.

After a few minutes ride you will be on the square in front of the water park.

When buying tickets, all family visitors with children had a burning question, “How tall is the child?” If he is less than 1 meter tall, he gets in for free. Then our baby, like Seryozha from the same movie, proudly passed to the stadiometer. Of course he was supposed to get a ticket :)

All kids from 100 to 140 cm tall are on the children’s ticket, and above – on the adult ticket. The price of tickets to the water park during our visit was: adults – 24 €, children – 18 €.

Discounts in the afternoon, as well as for visitors over 65 years. That would have been my mommy to have fun :)

Only when we arrived, we learned that the water park gives the opportunity to visit it twice. That is, with purchased tickets you can go for free on another day in the next 3 months.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

But to do this you need to get a ticket with a photo. All this is done very quickly, at the entrance to the water park. We were photographed and given these funny tickets on the back. Children were especially pleased with the background on the dad’s ticket :)

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

By the way, the tickets show that they are also valid in the amusement park Oltremare and Imax movie theater, which are adjacent to the water park. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to see them on both visits. As we realized, they have an environmental education focus: performances with dolphins, birds of prey; showing movies about nature, ocean dwellers, and more.

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So, we had to go through inspection, change clothes and leave our belongings in the luggage room. Thanks to the travel forums, we knew that you could only use the luggage room if you had a document. The locals, as I understand it, had a driver’s license. We, on the other hand, took our dad’s passport + a small fee and we were given keys to two lockers. Rubber wristbands with keys we entrusted to our dad to wear.

About the search – it was pretty cursory. But some people had backpacks full of provisions. They had their drinks and stuff taken away. In general they seized everything, except for baby food.

And about the best part – actually about the water park. The Aquafan area is huge, over 90 thousand square meters. Rides for every taste. It is clearly shown in the water park brochure.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

My husband and eldest son rode all of them. Extreme funnel, spiral slides. And of course Kamikaze! Another ride ended with a steep descent: the scoreboard showed the result – the time of descent.

Men all as one wanted to set the best time of the day and break the record of the water park. They were not lazy to climb to the top of the slide and stand in line to get down.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

Another extreme attraction – a 130-meter descent from three Twist pipes. From these tubes topless girls flew out with squealing, followed by the top part of the swimsuit :) So watch out for your beach closet!

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

Next to this extreme is the only attraction that we rolled down with the whole family – Surfing Hill. It’s a gentle 200-meter descent on “doughnuts” – inflatable circles.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

The ride I liked best was Fiume lento, the “Lazy River. It’s pure drifting, total relaxation. The water carries you along the canal by itself. You swim under a waterfall and through a cave. But nothing extreme.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

Well, and an attraction that every hour brought all the visitors to the water park – the Ocean Wave Pool. At the beginning of each hour there was a signal to start the wave. The water in the pool began to move, imitating the surf, stronger and stronger. The waves were getting higher and higher, and the people were having more and more fun :)

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The photo at the top right is a fragment of the foam party. It turns out that the water park after a few hours after closing time, it starts working again. But in a different mode – there are night discos.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

In fact, the pool is free most of the time. People disperse as soon as the wave stops. And in it quietly swim pleasant aunts of such builds :)

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

These aunts are the face (and body :) of Aquafan. They are on all brochures, signs, and most importantly, on the stands with a rostometer.

There’s a disgruntled guy standing there saying “I’m growing, but they won’t let me go anywhere :(” – he was thinking about China, the Nandaihe Amusement Park :)

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

So it is. Almost all the rides are for those over 140 cm. So we (the youngest son and me for company) were left to watch the fun of those who were allowed to go this aunt.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

And they show us how much fun they’re having :(

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

One more try and you can’t come in here :(

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

“All right, all right, when I grow up, I’ll jump off all the slides!”

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

“It’s nice in the big pool!”

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

“But when there’s a wave, you can only go in with Daddy. And he wants to sunbathe on the lawn. “

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

I must say, the territory of the water park is all in greenery – trees, bushes, flowers. On the lawns around the pools, on the green soft grass sunbathe or rest in the shade.

Next to the adult attractions there are children’s areas – pools and playgrounds.

Without exception, all rides have instructors, who monitor the safety of visitors. Around the pool there are lifeguards.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

A lot of showers, such as these “watering holes” with very cold water – a refreshing shower.

Aquafan Waterpark (Riccione, Italy) photo

And another shower all visitors like – “cool mist”. This is a whole avenue of spray racks, through which the cold water disperses in the form of a light haze.

As you know, water “treatments”, sunbathing, fresh air contribute to the appetite.

There are quite a few cafes on the territory of the water park, from pizzerias to McDonald’s and kebabs. I don’t know about kebabs now, they said they were banned. But we with our unbridled appetite ate there too.

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The day at the water park passes quickly. And it is sheer joy not only for children, but also for adults – a tickle of nerves and excitement.

PS: The water park is open from 10 hours, closed at 18 hours.

At the weekend they say a lot of visitors: Italians go with their large families, young people – in groups. We were in June, on weekdays – queues for rides and pandemonium were not observed.

Also – I recommend 1. take a picture after passing through a “cool fog” – you’ll see what the northerners look like in winter :) 2. to try fresh fruit with ice cream in the cafe of the water park – just like that, not the other way around. It’s so delicious!

A trip with children to Aquafan Italian water park

Aquafan is a famous water park in Riccione, Italy, which has managed to gain a prominent place among Italian amusement parks since 1987.

This happened largely due to the presence of many attractions here, as well as the performance of a large number of celebrities. Various unpredictable shows and other surprises attract more and more visitors to the place every year.

Water park attractions

Aquafan offers a wide variety of water attractions designed to lure visitors of all ages and preferences. Fearless teenagers and adults looking for some adrenaline rush are sure to slide down the famous water slide “Kamikaze” with two slides, each 90 m long, at 65 km/h. Those who are not afraid of heights can try the high slides (200 m) and the equally long River Run, from which visitors descend aboard very fast inflatable boats. There are options for the more thrill-seekers. Among them is Twist, a hilarious 130-meter drop with three transparent tubes that spiral toward each other and carry visitors at 60 kilometers per hour. The park is also famous for the 21-meter tube Speedriul. Halfway down it turns into an open traffic circle leading visitors down another tube at 70 km/h.

Aquafan also has a special children’s area called Cartoon Network beach, whose staff is ready to entertain children of all ages by engaging them in fun and safe games.

One of the attractions located in this part of the park is Noah’s Ark. Children can safely climb it and explore the dozens of cute animals on board, then slide down one of the four blue slides right into the kiddie pool.

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The Elephant Pool is very popular with young children as it is only 50 cm deep and has three small slides coming out of the pink elephant’s belly. Finally, the water park has a children’s beach “Antarctica” where the little ones can play and have fun under the watchful eye of a polar bear.

Pools and slides

Even those who decide to go to Aquafan to spend a quiet day enjoying the sun and swimming can choose a leisurely activity. For example, climb on a rubber boat and let the river’s gentle currents slowly guide it into the large central pool known as “The Wave” (small waves are artificially created there every hour). Another option is to simply relax in the large Poseidon tubs.

Twice a day in the “Wave” pool is an entertaining performance. During it, dancers and speakers entice swimmers with a wild and energetic dance inspired by the biggest musical hits of the summer.

Athletes and men will be happy to hear that Aquafan also has a soccer field where they can play friendly matches. Those who are tired of lying in the sun can stroll along the green and shady paths of the park. Here visitors enjoy the flowers and scents of more than 10,000 plants, from exotic palms to various flowers and typical local olive trees.

Aquafan consists of 3 km of slopes, 90 km of tubes, 700 beach umbrellas and 3,000 sun loungers. And, of course, more than 8000 cubic meters of water. It is not only a traditional water park, equipped with water baths, pools with artificial waves and other amenities. It is the perfect place for young people looking for good music as well as the most interesting and trendy entertainment.

Twenty years after its opening, Aquafan is still popular with tourists who come to relax in Riccione. The atmosphere in the park promotes fun, as it is a DJ venue with a large lounge area with entertainment and excellent service. Aquafan also organizes interesting events such as “IKE”, an international kissing contest or “Ipod Fan” (a private area where guests can share music, files and songs thanks to renting equipment and buying accessories). In just 100 days a year Aquafan in Riccione is visited by more than 500 thousand water lovers.

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The park additionally provides guests with two hundred safe deposit boxes and one thousand lockers to keep things as safe as possible. To store your valuables you have to pay 5 EUR.

Aquafan opens every year in the first days of June and closes on the second Sunday of September. During this period the Aquafan is open every day from 10:00 to 18:30. Evening shows and concerts are held in a night club until late at night.

Prices for rest in the water park

Hours of operation: Aquafan is open every day from June 8 to September 15 from 10:00 to 18:30.

Ticket prices: Full price: 28 EUR (valid for two days) Discount (100 cm to 140 cm in height): 20 EUR (valid for two days) Over 65: 25 EUR (valid for two days) Afternoon ticket (available from 15:00): 16 EUR Children under 100 cm in height: free

Ticket prices for groups: Mixed groups: 19 EUR per person Minimum of 25 people. Admission is free for children up to 100 cm in height, group leader/organizer and bus driver. Reservations at least one day in advance are required.

Ticket prices for schools and summer camps: Children: 16 EUR Parents/Companions: 19 EUR Minimum 25 pers. Admission is free for coaches and one teacher for every 10 students. Reservations are required in writing with the name of the school/summer camp on letterhead.

Ticket prices for church groups: Children 1 meter high to 17 years old: 16 EUR Adults: 19 EUR Minimum 25 people. Admission is free for coaches and children up to 1 meter in height. Reservations are required in writing with the name of the church group or sports association on letterhead.

Ticket prices for people with disabilities: Disability (100% disability): free of charge Accompanying person: 20 EUR Person with visual impairment: free of charge Accompanying person: 20 EUR Deaf mute adult: 20 EUR Deaf mute from 100 cm to 140 cm in height: 16 EUR

Season tickets: Pass for visitors over 21 years old: 60 EUR Under-21 season ticket: 50 EUR Season ticket + parking: 90 EUR

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