The Best of Argao, Cebu

When I was still staying in Cebu City, I got to roam around, not just in Cebu City itself, but also in Cebu Province. That included the Monastery of Mama Mary in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu and other parts of Cebu Province. Though I have just passed by in Argao, Cebu, which is approximately just 68 kilometers away from Cebu City, it is one of the towns in Cebu Province which is highly-visited by tourists from the country and abroad. Simply because it is well-known for Tableya, the Cebuano name of Unsweetened Chocolate Rounds from Cacao plant.

Pardon me if I can’t show you images of the Argao’s Tableya or the Unsweetened Chocolate Rounds from Cacao plant, but rest assured it is really the best Tableya I’ve ever tasted. And it is also one of the best of Argao, Cebu. But I am just wondering if they also do coffee beans which we can process using a bunn coffee pots? Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted once I got an information about that stuff.

Moreover, aside from the previously mentioned best of Argao, Cebu, the town is also known for the tasty Torta. Torta, according to Wikipedia, refers to a sponge cake made with flour, egg yolks, milk, and salt. It resembles a large cupcake.

I will just show you images here, my images rather, as soon as I get one.

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