Atomium in Brussels, How to get there and opening hours

Atomium in Brussels

Atomium in Brussels

The futuristic Atomium building is a symbol of modern Brussels. It is one of the most recognizable architectural objects of the city on a par with the Grand Place. The construction implies not only the XX century with its revolutionary discoveries, but also the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The monument was erected for the World’s Fair, which was hosted by Brussels in 1958. The author of the Atomium was the architect André Waterkein.

Like the Eiffel Tower, the Atomium was only supposed to be a temporary structure, but was so beloved by tourists and citizens that Brussels authorities decided to keep the object permanently.

Atomium at night

The structure is a fragment of the crystal lattice of iron, depicted with precision but magnified billions of times. The outside of the Atomium was originally covered with aluminum, but, during the 2006 restoration, it was protected with a stainless steel shell. There are a total of 9 spheres-atoms in the structure, in which the exposition spaces are located. The diameter of each atom is 18 meters. The total height of the structure is 102 meters, and weighs almost 2.5 tons. Spheres atoms are communicated with each other by corridor pipes (length of each – 23 meters), a total of 20. Inside the tubes are stairs or escalators, as well as a high-speed elevator (the middle tube).

Prices at the Atomium in Belgium

Ticket prices at the Atomium depend on the age of visitors, their social status and the composition of the group.

Individual visit:

  • Adult ticket – 16 euros.
  • Older people (over 65) – 14 euros.
  • Teenagers (up to 17 years), students – 8,50 euros.
  • Free of charge for children under 115cm, disabled people and bus drivers.

Inside the connecting pipes

Group visits (more than 20 people in a group):

  • Adult ticket – 14 euros.
  • Older people (over 65) – 12 euros.
  • Teenagers (up to 17 years), students – 6,50 euros.
  • Free of charge for children under 115cm, disabled people and bus drivers.
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If you plan to visit the planetarium or the park “Mini-Europa”, it is better to buy a combined ticket. You can find out the prices for combined tickets on the Atomium’s official website.

Participation in the Kids’ sphere with overnight stay – 35 euros for a child and accompanying adult.

opening hours

The Atomium is open Monday through Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00. At 5:30 p.m. the ticket office closes. Atomium hours change on holidays:

  • Dec. 24 and 31: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (box office closes at 3:15 p.m.).
  • December 25 and January 1: from 12:00 to 18:00 (ticket office closes at 17:30).

The greatest number of tourists visit the Atomium from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 16:00. At other times, usually a little less tourists. On the official site of the Atomium of Belgium, the administration recommends visiting the site in the evening (after 16:00) or at lunch (12:30-14:00).

Atomium in Brussels

What to see inside

Six spheres are available to visit:

  • The observation deck in the upper atom. A 360 degree panorama view of Brussels allows you to see the capital of Belgium from above. On each side all objects are signed on information boards. A restaurant and toilet are also located here. An elevator takes guests to the site in just 25 seconds.
  • Belgium Taste restaurant. Here you can taste national Belgian cuisine, including fresh seafood. The restaurant has a panoramic view of Brussels. Tourists in reviews about the Atomium advise to visit the restaurant in the evening, when Brussels is brightly illuminated.
  • Hotel. The mini-hotel is represented by the capsule bedrooms inside the sphere. The bedrooms are suspended at a height of 3 meters, each of them has a staircase.
  • The exposition devoted to the World Exhibition of 1958. The exhibition tells the story of scientific achievements in the field of atomic energy – those achievements which are used for peaceful purposes. There is an exhibit devoted to the way of life of the 1950s with household appliances, books and posters of those years. At the exhibition one can see photos of Atomium of those years and drawings of its projects. There are temporary exhibitions in some areas. Check the program of exhibitions before your trip – often exhibiting works by eminent Belgians and artists from other countries.
  • Kids’ sphere. The Kids’ sphere project is designed for children from 6 to 12 years old. Children are invited to spend the night at the Atomium. The program starts at 17:30, and ends at 10:00 the next day. The program includes: watching a movie, dinner and overnight stay in sleeping pods. In the morning, children are served breakfast and told about the Atomium from a scientific point of view. Participation in the Kids’ sphere with overnight stay is 35 euros per child and accompanying adult.
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Panoramic view from Atomium observation deck

How to get to the Atomium in Brussels

In the area where the Atomium is located, there is also a miniature park “Mini-Europa”. Many tourists prefer to combine visits to the two sites. The distance from the center of Brussels is 7 km. Getting there is easy both by public transport and by car.

From the Grand Place (stop ‘Beurs’) to the Atomium there is a direct streetcar number 3. Go to the stop “Esplanade”, then walk about 1 km. Also, nearby is the stop “Heizel” to which the streetcar number 7.

The nearest subway station “Heizel” is a 10 minute walk away. Atomium is clearly visible at the exit of the subway, it is difficult to get lost. The station is reached by trains of the blue subway line number 6.

A diagram of the walking route from Heizel metro station to the Atomium:

You can also get to the site by cab. The trip from the city center by car does not take more than 15 minutes. You can order a cab in Brussels via Uber app.

Atomium on Google Maps, view from boulevard Saintener:

Atomium in Brussels

The Atomium in Brussels is a unique and unusual, modern landmark symbolizing the beginning of the atomic age and the safe use of atomic energy. The shiny molecule attracts the eyes of many visitors and surprises them with its unusual shape. This monument, built in the second half of the last century, is also called a symbol of world peace.

The Atomium in Brussels: a historical sketch

Atomium in Brussels

The strange and intricate construction was erected in 1958 and was timed to coincide with the opening of the World’s Fair. The futuristic construction was designed by architect André Waterkein with the assistance of Michel Polakow. The unusual monument became a symbol of the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. The Amonium became another European structure built for a few days but so beloved by locals and visitors that it has remained in its place to this day. Today, this strange-looking monument is a symbol of the state’s modernity and endless faith in the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

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The Atomium

The futuristic monument is a huge molecule, an atom of iron, enlarged more than 165 times. Its height is 102 meters, and its weight exceeds 2,400 tons. The monument consists of nine silvery spheres, each with a diameter of 18 meters, connected to each other by dense, no less shiny tubes. Each of the molecules has a different purpose, so the modern Atomium has become one of the most popular shopping, entertainment and educational centers in the Belgian capital. Thus, only six spheres are available to the public, in which are located: – an observation deck – a restaurant – stores – an atomic energy museum, as well as an exhibition presenting the peculiarities of life and everyday life in the 1950s. – sleeping rooms, from which you can watch the Brussels at night.

Atomium in Brussels for everyone

In addition, in the spheres of an unusual monument, temporary exhibitions are often held, when you visit them, you can learn a lot of new and interesting information about scientific progress.

The Atomium

You can move between the atoms with the help of special elevators, escalators and corridors. By the way, one of the tubes of the Atomium is the fastest elevator in Europe, which can deliver visitors from the base of the monument to the upper platform in just 20 seconds. During the day the stainless steel construction shimmers beautifully in the sunlight, while at night it shines with colorful illumination, making it one of the most attractive sights in the city.

The Atomium: open hours

The Atomium in Brussels for you

You can enjoy the external beauty of the futuristic building at any time, but you can walk through its spheres and corridors only during opening hours: daily from 10 to 18.00. Remember that the ticket offices close half an hour before closing time.

Ticket price for the Atomium in Brussels

The cost of visiting the unusual cultural monument, symbolizing the peace and development of mankind, for adults is 11 euros, for pensioners, teenagers (12-18 years) and students – 8 euros, and for children from 6 to 11 years – 6 euros. Children under 6 years do not need a separate ticket. In addition, at the ticket offices of the monument are sold combined tickets to visit not only the Atomium, but also the nearby park of Mini-Europe. Such passes cost 23 euros for adults, and 20 euros for children, seniors and students.

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